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Worx Trivac vs Toro Ultra

When the fall is coming, it means you have to deal with the fallen leaves in your yard again. For many years, leaf blower are used by many people to clean the debris or dry leaves because this is one of the easiest way compared to swiping them manually. Among those many leaf blowers out there, Worx Trivac vs Toro Ultra are very popular because of their dependability and performance. If you are also currently considering both of them, check our article below to see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Leaf Blower
– What are Worx Trivac and Toro Ultra
– What Worx Trivac and Toro Ultra Look Like
– What Worx Trivac and Toro Ultra can offer to you
– Worx Trivac vs Toro Ultra

Leaf Blower
For those living in a house, dealing with dry leaves from the trees near you is a common thing and this is probably included in your house cleaning routine. Fall may made the weather calmer than when it is summer but they also bring the additional work and you are going to do more cleaning at least until winter finish. Some people may prefer the manual way to clean the dry leaves such as using fan rake, claws for leaves and garden claw.

But, all of them are manual tool which means you have to use physical power more or more energy to complete the task. To ease the problem, many people are using leaf blower instead because it is easier to use and won’t consume too much energy. However, this tool is not without a drawback since it is using a pressure of air dispense from the machine, you are going to need more precision when working with it to make sure you don’t scatter them everywhere.

About Worx Trivac
Just like with other things, you will need to consider several needs before purchasing a product and this is also apply to leaf blower. One of the most popular leaf blower in the market now is Worx Trivac which is manufactured by lawn and garden equipment and power tool manufacturer Positec Tool Corporation. This company is based in Suzhou, China but they has a North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. This blower, just like its name is claimed to offer 3 functions in one tool.

Those functions are mulch, blow, and vacuum with a good rating from many of its user; it seems like this tool is one of the best you can get out there. This tool is offering a set of ability to help you dealing with the common jobs around the house with just one tool. You may use the tool for blowing the debris in your sidewalks, driveways and gutters or if you want, you can suck up big piles of leaves or mulching them if you don’t want to throw them. Read our previous article on: Bissell 9595A vs 1330 here.

Worx Trivac Design
From the outside, Worx Trivac looks like any other leaf blower and there is nothing special happening on the outside. As you can see, this blower is coming with a leaf bag when you want to vacuum them instead of blowing them and you can easily attach or detach it when needed. The handle is comfortable enough to hold but it might be too small for those with bigger build. To change the tool mode easily, you can use the lever above the leaf bag.

Worx Trivac Features
Worx Trivac in our article today is the GW500, so please notice that the information we are saying here is only for the model and other model may also have different features or capabilities as well as power. When looking for something, we often ask about the power of the tool since this will decide whether it will give us the desired result or not and for this model itself, the leaf blower is using 120V, 12 A power which is powerful enough to deal with most common jobs.

This much power is probably not the highest you can get in the market but is still powerful enough to provide a dependable performance whether it is for blowing the debris or dry leaves in your garden or lawn. As it has been mentioned earlier, this blower is also able to act as vacuum if you don’t want those leaves and debris still in your lawn and with the bag included, this one can take up to 1.5 bushels of dry leaves and debris.

When you see the bag design, you will probably asking how to clean the leaves after it is inside the bag, well, there is a zipper on this bag and you can use it for easy debris removal directly into your trash bin, so you don’t have to touch them. To give you a good cleaning ability, Worx Trivac is having 350 cm vacuum capacity which should be enough to take those leaves into the bag. Attach and detaching bag is made even easier with the holding frame for more convenience.

When you want to change the model of this leaf blower into vacuum mode, there is a lever above the mentioned bag holding frame which you can easily access with the other hand while operating the tool. What makes Worx Trivac is even better is the variable speed control located below the blower hose which is operated by rotating it downward to increase the speed and the opposite when you want to decrease the blower speed.

About Toro Ultra
It is always good to have another option when looking for something because then we can compare them to see which item offer the best benefit and in a lower price. When it comes to leaf blower, it is hard not to mention the popular item available and just like Worx Trivac, Toro Ultra is also loved by many of its users because not only it can offer a good power to collect and blow the debris or dry leaves in your yard, it is also fairly affordable.

Toro actually have several different leaf blower in their catalogue and two of them are Ultra and Ultra Plus, both of them are very similar to each other but the latter is claimed to be upgraded on few sides to increase the performance and of course it is also more expensive. This leaf blower offer both power and versatility you will need to do yard clean-up chores in one tool without the high price.

Toro Ultra Design
Toro Ultra looks slim and light from the outside but when you try handling it, the unit is not flimsy at all and it is actually very comfortable to carry around while operated. The unit comes with multiple tubes for each uses; the longer is for removing debris from your house, the smaller is for moving the debris into a piles and the smallest is for removing suborn leaves or removing them from cracks. It is also coming with extension cord storage hook to keep things neat.

Toro Ultra Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, Toro Ultra is offering 3 functions in one tool. This leaf blower is coming with a powerful blow power rated at 250 mph which means it can dispense such a powerful air speed, power suction and shredding. This much power is sure making the tool versatile enough to do several jobs around the house without lacking of performance. The tool’s hose types also help maximizing this power for each of their specific use.

Toro Ultra is coming with a vacuum bag to contain the leaves and debris that you can easily attach and detach as needed while since the bag has zipper, cleaning process becomes easier now. Changing mode from blower and vacuum is just as easy and you can even adjust the speed conveniently using the knob located at the top of the unit. The only complaint about this knob is it can get very sensitive and sometimes you may accidentally increase or lower the speed while trying to do the opposite.

The mentioned easy mode changing is indeed operated without a tool but, it is also not too convenience either since you will need to release its latch that located below the unit to convert from the blower mode to a vacuum mode. What this machine is boasting is beside the power of course is their metal impeller which claimed to be bigger than their previous model to improve their mulching power.

Toro Ultra will also reduce the mulched debris up to 88% to less than ½-inch but it may depend on the material and type of debris you are dealing with. The last useful feature from this leave blower is the built-in cord lock which is used to help you keep the cord attached to the blower properly.

Now, let’s compare Worx Trivac with Toro Ultra. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two leaf blowers is in power because Toro is able to give more powerful power suction and air speed than Worx. However, Worx offer an easier changing mode function than Toro that will need a little more effort to do.

Worx Trivac vs Toro Ultra

NameWorx TrivacToro Ultra
Features- WORX electric blower and vacuum can blow away debris then easily change to vacuuming in seconds - WORX blower and vacuum makes an efficient alternative to gasoline-powered tools- Toro Ultra 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder makes completing yard work fun and easy - Move a substantial volume of leaves and debris with ease with air speeds up to 235 mph and air volume up to 390 cfm

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option depend on your preference but if we are to choose after considering the features and price, we will recommend you to pick Toro Ultra because not only it is more powerful, the leaf blower is also more affordable.

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