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Tineco S5 VS Hizero F803

Wet and dry vacuums like Tineco S5 Vs Hizero F803 are highly convenient because they are vacuuming while mopping. The appliance is perfect for users with primarily hard flooring or thin carpet, which need a convenient cleaning tool that they can use every day. These wet and dry vacuums are very similar based on their capabilities, but they are not identical. If you wonder which vacuum will work better, let’s see what they offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why do You Need a Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • What are Tineco S5 and Hizero F803
  • How is the Design of Tineco S5 and Hizero F803
  • How are the Cleaning Mechanism of Tineco S5 and Hizero F803
  • How is the Performance of Tineco S5 and Hizero F803
  • What else Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 can offer
  • How is the Maintenance of Tineco S5 and Hizero F803
  • Tineco S5 Vs Hizero F803

Wet and Dry Vacuum for Hard Flooring

Vacuum cleaners are very convenient, and you can use them for almost any surface in the house. However, there are types of vacuum cleaners that may work better for your application because not everyone has the same terrain or variety of surfaces in the house. A wet and dry stick vacuum can be an excellent choice for those with primarily hard floors like tile, wood, or laminated flooring. As the name suggests, the vacuum will work as a dry and wet mess, which means it can suck water.

Is wet and dry vacuum worth it? Yes, we think a wet and dry vacuum is worth investment, especially if you are a parent or pet owner like dogs, cats, and rabbits. Our pets often create a mess in the house, and this appliance will both handle the dry and spill in no time. They are very similar to carpet washer but is less powerful and often light. They are coming in a stick or upright style with two tanks.

The top tank contains a clean water solution, and the other is to keep the dirty water. While some wet and dry vacuums can be used on carpet, they are not as potent as carpet washers nor force cleaning water strong enough to clean the surface. Additionally, the clean water tank is usually tiny to work on carpet, so they will only suck the visible debris and dampen it. If your house has primarily soft flooring, we recommend buying a carpet washer and vice versa, a wet and dry vacuum for hard flooring.

 Tineco S5Hizero F803
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Product Dimensions26.3 x 13 x 11.5 inches 12 x 8 x 48 inches
Shipping Weight17.37 pounds 8.5 pounds

About Tineco S5 and Hizero F803

There are many good vacuum cleaners, depending on what you mostly have in the house. Of course, we can have several vacuums to optimize the cleaning routine. If you are here, we assume that a wet and dry vacuum will work best because you have mostly hard flooring. The vacuums are very convenient and for those who have never used this before they may look a bit confusing but we think they are a brilliant solution for quick and effective cleaning.

If Dyson is extremely popular with its stick vacuums, the wet and dry vacuums are dominated by more affordable alternatives like Tineco and Hizero. Both are Chinese brands with attractive solutions for users who want to get a convenient appliance to help their everyday cleaning process. Some of their popular options are Tineco S5 and Hizero F803. These vacuums are ideal if you often have to deal with spills or stains and want to clean the flooring optimally.

The S5 is a new variant of the S3, which is also a highly rated wet and dry vacuum. What is the difference between Tineco S3 and S5? The new vacuum comes with a bigger battery, a higher suction, and a larger tank, so it is better for those with a larger house and has plenty of hard flooring. Can you use the Tineco S5 and Hizero F830 on the carpet? These vacuums are optimized to work with water, so you will leave the carpet damp.

If this is not an issue for your type of carpet, then we can vacuum the surface with these two. Does the Hizero leave your floor wet? It is damp rather than wet, but the hard floor is water-resistant, so we can open the window or turn the fan on, and they will dry in no time. What makes the Tineco S5 and Hizero F830 attractive is the innovative system that differentiates them from similar wet and dry vacuums.

Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 Design

They are stylish like most modern upright vacuums, and we think the Hizero is probably among the most aesthetically attractive vacuums we have ever seen. However, the unit’s height is not adjustable like the S5, making it less ideal if you have a smaller body or shorter. When first coming into the box, the Tineco S5 and Hizero F830 will need some light assembly, and this is very simple. The two are cordless upright vacuums and are rechargeable with the included dock.

The dock is made of plastic, and there is a roller brush compartment where you can store the roller when not in use. The vacuums have internal tanks containing clean and dirty water in separate containers. You can see the water tanks of S5 from the front while F803 is visible from the back and accessible from the rear. The upright vacuums have a flat dock, so we must spare some space on the flooring. Read also: Tineco S5 Vs Bissell CrossWave X7 here.

Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 Cleaning Mechanism

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Tineco S5 and Hizero F830 can offer, starting from the cleaning mechanism. How does a wet and dry vacuum work? In most cases, the vacuum will dispense clean water, whether it is just plain water or a cleaning mixture. Usually, your vacuum will send a sample of their solution, or you can use third-party solutions. The water is wetting the roller brush or foam, and it spins to clean the surface.

The vacuum suction captures the debris and water collected by the brush to the suction channel and creates an effective cleaning mechanism. The roller is slightly different on these vacuums because Hizero uses a soft polymer roller combined with standard stiff bristles. On the other hand, Tineco only uses one roller, which is very soft, like mopping cloth, so that it won’t damage the flooring.

Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 Performance

Next for the performance, both Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 are very effective. We are a bit worried because the clearance of their cleaning head is too short. But, they are working well on hard flooring by removing dust and debris, embedded stains, and large messes such as spilled noodles or cereals. The suction power seems lower than a typical dry vacuum, but the water and roller help clean better by loosening and scrubbing the surface.

If you find a stubborn stain or want to focus on a specific area with more mess to take care of, both vacuums have a few cleaning modes. We run S5 on Auto-mode most of the time to save battery, but for the F803, you can change between mode one and mode two. As for the S5, there is Max mode here to increase performance but note that it will drain the battery faster. Overall the two are ideal for owners with children or pets who will often mop the floor.

Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 Features

There are also some notable features we want to mention, and one of them is the iLoop sensor which comes with Tineco S5. This vacuum sensor is helpful to detect the surface of your flooring. When there is more to clean up, it will automatically increase the cleaning power and lower it again when there is no noticeable dirt to detect. On Hizero, the cleaning mode is chosen manually depending on the user’s preference. What we found unique is that you can make Hizero stand and do a straight line cleaning.

This vacuum can stand on its own and move straight, so it is almost like a robot vacuum but far less capable. In addition, Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 have LED panels to show some information, such as the cleaning mode when the vacuum is operating. If you want to use a smartphone app, S5 can be connected to Wi-Fi and adjusted from the phone.

Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 Maintenance

Lastly, the user will need to empty the dirty water tank after each cleaning for maintenance. What’s different between Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 is that less dirt will get into the Hizero’s tank because a separate panel collects it for you. It is accessed from the cleaning head, just like when opening the roller brush. This way, there is less to filter and make it easier for users to clean up. But, S5 has brush self-cleaning to ease some maintenance effort.

Tineco S5 Vs Hizero F803

Both Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 are ideal wet and dry vacuums for parents, pet owners, or anyone who wants convenience. The main differences between Tineco S5 and Hizero F803 are the brush roll system and features. Performance-wise we think they will be great for handling typical dirt such as embedded dust, spills, or hairs. But, the dual roller system of F803 is more effective to ease the maintenance as it prevents the large debris from getting into the dirty tank.

- SMART VACUUM & MOP TWO-IN-ONE – Clean wet or dry messes and tackle tough and sticky messes on hard floors with ease. Featuring Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, it automatically adjusts suction, water flow, and brush roller speed to clean any and all messes.
- CUTTING-EDGE CLEANING PERFORMANCE – The exclusive FLOOR ONE S5 brush roller is designed to glide closely against baseboards and clean hard-to-reach corners. Your floors become completely dry and streak-free in minutes.
- A MAJOR UPGRADE – The clean water tank is 30% larger than the last gen FLOOR ONE, allowing you to clean larger areas without interruption. The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, so you’re always cleaning with fresh water and solution.
- EASY MAINTENANCE – Never touch a dirty roller again. The hands-free, self-cleaning function automatically flushes the inner tubing and brush roller, for fast, mess-free maintenance. The pet hair strainer makes pet hair removal quick and easy for homes with pets. The 3-in-1 docking station stores and charges the unit for utmost convenience.
- ALL IN ONE CLEANING FUNCTION: Integrates sweeping, mopping, drying, and self-cleaning in one convenient cord-free appliance. Edison Award 2021 winner. MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: Safe and effective for use on tile, sealed wood floors, laminate and more.
- REAL-TIME SELF-CLEANING SYSTEM: Through the unique built-in water flow system, the contact surface of cleaning roller against floor is always cleaning with fresh water. No secondary cleaning procedure needed! Easy maintenance by simply discarding the solid trash tray and emptying waste water tank makes cleaning with HIZERO easy and convenient.
- SOLID-LIQUID WASTE CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM: Divides solid from liquid waste for easy disposal and to avoid clogging drains. POLYMER CLEANING ROLLER: Efficiently cleans wet and dry messes with ease, the polymer roller provides quick and easy collection of messes from spilled drinks to cookie crumbs.
- EXTREMELY LOW-NOISE: HIZERO offers the lowest noise level in current market at less than 60db. EXTREMELY LONG RUNNING TIME: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery. Up to 60mins run time. It takes 3-4hrs to fully charge.


For the cleaning performance, these vacuums are very reliable. The S5 is not cheap, and Hizero F803 is even more expensive, so with similar advantages, we will recommend Tineco S5 that you can buy for a more reasonable price and still work well for daily cleaning.





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