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Tineco S5 VS Bissell CrossWave

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is crucial to ensuring our house is always clean. Those with hard flooring may want to try the Tineco S5 Vs Bissell CrossWave 2-in-1 vacuums that can mop too. These vacuums effectively take dry messes and mop the floor to improve the cleaning performance. They are also straightforward to use, and if you wonder which model to invest in, let’s look at the products below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is a Good Vacuum Cleaner
  • What are Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave
  • How are the Unit of Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave
  • How is the Performance of Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave
  • What are the Features in Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave
  • How is the Battery Life of Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave
  • Tineco S5 Vs Bissell CrossWave

Buying a Good Vacuum Cleaner

As adults, we have to deal with house chores and make sure that our house is always clean. Living in a clean and well-maintained place is comfortable and ideal for your health, especially if there is a person in the house who has health issues like allergies. The primary tool you want to have is a vacuum cleaner, and a good vacuum cleaner should be able to remove small particles from the flooring or surface effectively. They don’t need to be expensive but have to be reliable.

What is a good vacuum cleaner? A good vacuum cleaner must produce good suction power to capture all debris and small particles from your floor or surfaces in the house. The strong suction is ideal for cleaning the carpet where the surface is difficult to reach and conceal the dust or debris. Tineco Pure One S11 Vs Dyson V15 are some of the best options if strong suction and intelligent features are what you want from the vacuum cleaner.

A good vacuum cleaner must be easy to use because it is a waste to have powerful suction if we can’t operate the unit properly, such as being too heavy or too large to cover the corner and areas below your furniture. If you have this issue with previous vacuum or similar concerns, choosing stick or cordless vacuums is excellent. They are light and small enough to handle corners and areas below the table or your sofa.

 Tineco S5 Bissell CrossWave
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Product Dimensions26.3 x 13 x 11.5 inches 10.5 x 12 x 46 inches
Shipping Weight17.37 pounds 11.02 pounds

About Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave

If you have decided what type of vacuum to buy, it is time to see what the market offers because there are so many of them out there, and it can get quite confusing to choose one. We recommend getting the most popular models, such as Dyson vacuums if budget is never concerned. Still, if their vacuums are too expensive, we can try the alternatives such as Tineco and Bissell. These brands are always the best when offering affordable and reliable vacuums.

These Dyson alternatives are great to save the budget but still get a good product that lasts for years. Depending on the type of flooring or what you want from the vacuum, the Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave are two perfect options if your house primarily has a hard vacuum. The reason why is because they are 2-in-1 solutions which means the vacuum can help both deals with dry and wet messes. They are ideal for making your flooring clean and shiny every day.

Can you use Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave as a dry vacuum? Yes, for Tineco and No for Bissell. Both are designed to be used with water and will dispense water when in their upright mode. The suction of these vacuums is not strong enough like typical carpet vacuums, so they are less suitable for those who also want to use the unit on thick carpets. But, it seems Tineco comes with a handheld attachment that transforms the unit into a regular dry vacuum.

Performance-wise the Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave are impressive as a complete solution and will be an ideal solution for your hard flooring. They can vacuum and mop simultaneously, and you don’t need to spill some cereals or ketchup on the floor to use them. We can clean like usual with any of these solutions. We think they are handy if you have kids or pets in the house because it is much easier to maintain the hard flooring with a 2-in-1 vacuum.

Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave Unit

The Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave are stick vacuums, but CrossWave is a corded model, so you need to mind how long the cord is when using the unit across the room. It comes with a decent 25 feet long cable, so it may not be an issue for most people. But, being cordless makes S5 a better choice, especially if you have multi-floor houses or have separate rooms to use the vacuum on. This vacuum comes with a built-in battery, and it is non-removable but rechargeable.

The charging dock is similar to what you get from stick cordless vacuums like Dreame H11. It is plastic and is mounted on a floor with a pin connector to match your vacuum; the unit will be upright while charging. This charging dock also has a brush roller slot to store the vacuum’s roller or brush. Because Tineco S5 and Bissell Crosswave are wet vacuums, they come with a cleaning solution, and using other solutions may damage the machine.

Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave Performance

Now for the most important, we want to look at the performance. Both companies mentioned that Tineco S5 and Bissell Crosswave are designed for wet vacuum or water use, so their best performance will be using water and solution. There is no information about the suction power, but they are both very reliable. If your type of mess is coffee, juice, water, milk, tea, and similar liquid, they won’t be a challenge for these vacuums because they are effortless to clean.

Some more concentrated spills like ketchup or other condiments are not an issue for the two. The real challenge is when it comes to dried stains, whether it is dirt from your pet’s feet, the chocolate candy that your toddler drops, or older stains from coffee, wine, and similar pigmented liquid. This type of dirt will require few passes and more rigorous scrubbing to take off entirely but is not impossible to do.

You can also CrossWave for area rugs, and some people use them on the carpeted floor to shampoo and quickly dry the surface. It will leave the rug damp but not too wet and dry quickly. On the other hand, S5 can also be used on the rug, but the company didn’t recommend it. It is technically possible if you don’t mind leaving the surface damp.

Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave Features

Next, we also want to mention some features available on Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave that will be useful for the cleaning process. First, CrossWave has Hard Floor and Rug options. You can choose the cleaning mode based on the flooring. The Rug mode is recommended for cleaning dry mess or challenging to clean stains because it activates the multi-surface brush; the vacuum comes with a multi-surface brush and area rug brush roll to match the application.

On the other hand, this Tineco S5 comes with intelligent features and a display. This display will show the status of the vacuum and related information. The most exciting part is the iLoop sensor that you can find on many Tineco vacuums. This sensor is dirt-based, so it detects the amount of dirt on your flooring and adjusts the water flow with an ideal brush setting; the LED around the display will turn red as it detects dirt and blue when it is not.

This mode is automatically applied when first using the vacuum, but you can also decide to use its Max mode. Max mode will drain the battery faster, so it is best for spot cleaning, while the Auto mode is excellent for preserving the power. Another exciting feature is a self-cleaning function available on both Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave. This function flushes the brush and internal components for easier maintenance. The dirty water tank can be cleaned with a brush too.

Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave Battery Life

Lastly, for the battery, since only Tineco S5 uses this system, it is not an issue for CrossWave. With CrossWave, the limitation is power cord length and the amount of clean water in which they are similarly carrying 0.8 liters in the canister. The S5 is rated for a limited time or a maximum of 35 minutes, and this is when they are used in Auto mode with minimum serious dirt to take care of. The Max model will shorten its battery life for less than 30 minutes; we usually get around 28 minutes with this mode.

Tineco S5 Vs Bissell CrossWave

Both Tineco S5 and Bissell CrossWave are good vacuums, but they are also different. The S5 is a cordless stick vacuum with smart features. Performance-wise they are very similar and reliable for light to dried stain. The CrossWave can be used as rug vacuums, but S5 has a hand attachment that can be used for cleaning above the floor, such as sofa or furniture. The S5 also has smart and automatic cleaning adjustments to make the unit more fascinating.

- SMART VACUUM & MOP TWO-IN-ONE – Clean wet or dry messes and tackle tough and sticky messes on hard floors with ease. Featuring Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, it automatically adjusts suction, water flow, and brush roller speed to clean any and all messes.
- CUTTING-EDGE CLEANING PERFORMANCE – The exclusive FLOOR ONE S5 brush roller is designed to glide closely against baseboards and clean hard-to-reach corners. Your floors become completely dry and streak-free in minutes.
- A MAJOR UPGRADE – The clean water tank is 30% larger than the last gen FLOOR ONE, allowing you to clean larger areas without interruption. The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, so you’re always cleaning with fresh water and solution.
- EASY MAINTENANCE – Never touch a dirty roller again. The hands-free, self-cleaning function automatically flushes the inner tubing and brush roller, for fast, mess-free maintenance. The pet hair strainer makes pet hair removal quick and easy for homes with pets. The 3-in-1 docking station stores and charges the unit for utmost convenience.
- Vacuum & Wash Simultaneously! BISSELL CrossWave Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner cleans better than a sponge mop and bucket, and in less time.*
- Multi-Surface Cleaning. Safe and effective for use on tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, area rugs, and more.
- Two-Tank Technology. Keeps clean water and formula separate from dirty water and dry debris, so you always clean everyday messes with fresh solution!
- Dual-Action Multi-Surface Brush Roll. The innovative microfiber and nylon brush rotates at 3000 RMP, while also mopping and picking up dry debris at same time.


The decision is all yours because if you are not interested in any modern features and only need a hard floor or wet rug vacuum, the CrossWave is half the price of S5. But, if you want to have an innovative and effective hard floor vacuum, the S5 is an interesting choice to try.


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