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Tineco S3 VS Dreame H11

Vacuum cleaners are highly convenient, but Tineco S3 Vs Dreame H11 are much better because they can simultaneously do dry and wet vacuums. These vacuums are versatile for your daily cleaning prices, especially for users with primarily hard flooring in their house or apartment. The vacuums are pretty similar as well with some differences and if you want to know what, let’s take a look at the products here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner
  • What are Tineco S3 and Dreame H11
  • How is the Design of Tineco S3 and Dreame H11
  • How is the Battery Life of Tineco S3 and Dreame H11
  • How are the Cleaning Performance of Tineco S3 and Dreame H11
  • What are the Features of Tineco S3 and Dreame H11
  • How is the Experience with Tineco S3 and Dreame H11
  • Tineco S3 Vs Dreame H11

Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

House chores are not something we usually enjoy doing, but they are a must. Living in a dirty house is uncomfortable and unhealthy, especially if you also have another health issue. The vacuum cleaner should be enough to maintain the inside of the house and make it free of small dust or debris. We recommend investing in a very convenient appliance because it will significantly help our daily lives. Some of these vacuum cleaners are useful to clean the car with additional accessories.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, most people will probably ask what the best vacuum cleaner to buy, but each person may have different preferences and house layouts to consider. The best vacuum cleaner will match the house flooring or what type of application we will be using them for. For example, if you have mostly hard floors, options like Tineco iFloor Breeze Vs S3 will come in handy. They double as wet and dry vacuum, meaning we can vacuum while mopping simultaneously.

On the other hand, some people may have thick carpets or mostly covered flooring in their house. Wet and dry vacuums are usually challenging to use in such terrain, so it is best to use a regular upright or canister vacuum. The upright vacuum usually has a beating brush to help agitate the surface and remove as much dirt from the carpet as possible. If your house has high traffic or pets, having a carpet washer can be a wise investment.

 Tineco S3 Dreame H11
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Product Dimensions11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches 12 x 11 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight17.64 pounds 19.51 pounds

About Tineco S3 and Dreame H11

The choice often varies, so it is wise to consider your application, especially with some concerns in the house, such as moving the vacuum often or wanting something more automatic. One of the most popular vacuum cleaners today is Tineco, and if you are not familiar yet with this brand, they are coming from the same company that made DEEBOT robot vacuums. Ecovac is manufacturing Tineco, and they have many attractive options to look forward to.

Their vacuum cleaners are primarily high-end, smart vacuums with a lower price range. Is Tineco vacuum any good? Yes, they are even better than similar alternatives, depending on the model and features. Many of their vacuums come with good suction power, but the best thing is they also carry wet and dry vacuum combo appliances. The Tineco S3, for example, is one of the highly-rated models from the company. Besides Tineco, we also have Dreame, a similar Chinese brand.

Who makes Dreame vacuum cleaners? Xiaomi is the company behind this home appliance brand. The company seems to back the brand to expand the business and product collection. Known for their affordable and reliable smartphones, it appears that Dreame vacuums are also carrying the same qualities. One of them is Dreame H11 which is currently highly praised for its convenience and performance. Both Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 are wet and dry vacuums, perfect for users with primarily hard flooring in their house.

Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 Design

The vacuums are made mostly of plastic, but they seem durable enough for typical daily application. These vacuums are measured about 43 inches from the bottom to handle, and since we are going to push it at an angle, the height should match adults just fine. The two have transparent tanks or canisters to let you see the dirt and capacity. The S3 tank will take up to 0.6- liters- of clean water and 0.5-liter of dirty water.

As for Dreame H11, there are two models in the collection; the standard and Max variant, which seem to carry higher specs than its original version. This vacuum also has two tanks to separate the clean and dirty water. The clean water tank will hold up to 0.9-liter clean water and 0.5-liter dirty water. Both Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 use internal, rechargeable battery, which is non-removable and non-replaceable by users. If it is damaged, we will likely need to replace the whole appliance.

Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 Battery

How to charge the Tineco S3 and Dreame H11? Both vacuums will come with their charging dock. Note that the vacuum may leak when there is water on the tank, so this charging dock is handy for keeping your floor safe. The docks are very similar; surprisingly, even the same roller brush slot is detachable from the dock to keep the roller. There is a pin to charge your vacuum and a port to the wall power.

How long does the Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 battery last? It will vary based on your cleaning application because the vacuums also have different suction modes; the stronger the suction, the faster they will need to charge. Both vacuums are claimed to last for up to 35 minutes per charge with continuous application. But, in real life, this number will vary too, such as 25 minutes if you use them in the higher cleaning mode.

Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 Performance 

Because we are talking about a vacuum cleaner, the most crucial part of Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 will be their performance. Note that these are wet and dry vacuum optimized with water application, so they are ideal and best for hard flooring. Both of them are very useful and reliable that we found it is even easier to clean the floor this way. Formerly we vacuumed and then mopped the floor, but it is more convenient to do both simultaneously.

Can you use Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 without water? Yes, ideally, the two will dispense water with a solution as you press the cleaning button, and to dry vacuum, we can skip filling the clean water so they will only suck the dry mess without wetting the floor. Performance-wise we are impressed by how excellent the result is. Thanks to the suction and high clearance, they can take care of large chunks of cereal, crackers, and even noodles.

Wet messes such as grape juice, wine, coffee, tea, milk, or condiments are also not an issue for them. The water flow is not manually adjustable, so the vacuum will automatically control the amount of water when their clean water tanks are filled.

Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 Features

Next is for the features side, and this is also very interesting because Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 are intelligent vacuums. There is a small display at the top of the clean water tank. These vacuums interestingly use a very identical design despite coming from different brands. The display has a round LED light that shows cleaning status on S3 and H11 Max. The H11 original only shows the battery status in the middle and some notifications.

The suction is adjustable depending on the mess or dirt we want to take care of. The display also shows maintenance information for when the vacuum needs some attention, such as an empty water tank or when the brush roll has some troubles. Another similarly exciting feature is self-cleaning. This self-cleaning will flush the brush roll and internal suction path of Tineco S3 and Dreame H11, so we are left with fewer things to do.

Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 Experience

Lastly, the overall experience with Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 is surprisingly too similar, almost identical. They are straightforward to use and highly convenient. The vacuums can work on a hard floor and some thin carpets if you don’t mind leaving them a bit damp. They are not for area rugs because there is no beater brush, so they won’t be adequate to clean the surface. The cleaning process afterward is simple too. We use the self-cleaning button and remove the water tank to wash it under the sink.

Tineco S3 Vs Dreame H11

The Tineco S3 and Dreame H11 are some of the best wet and dry vacuums we can buy today. They are surprisingly pretty much the same as each other. Suction power seems to be the same, and they can take care of the same type of mess as well. Wet mess and larger chunks are usually not an issue, but dried stains can be challenging because we need more passes to remove them properly. The display of S3 shows the cleaning status and connects to your smartphone for wireless control.

The Tineco S3 is not a robot vacuum, so the app is only helpful to show the status of your vacuum cleaners, such as the cleaning status, water amount, and battery level. The app seems capable of adjusting some settings on the vacuum and casting the notification panel to your smartphone.

- Featuring iLoop smart sensor technology, FLOOR ONE S3 detects wet/dry messes on sealed hard floors and intelligently adjusts suction power and water flow for completely clean results. Floors dry quickly and streak free.
- Self-propelled and Time-saving. FLOOR ONE S3 vacuums AND washes your sealed hard floors in one smart step for an optimal clean in less time.It moves quite quickly!
- Cordless, lightweight and easy to use, FLOOR ONE S3 extends runtime up to 35 min with intelligently optimized suction and battery power.
- 5-in-1 self-cleaning system keeps your hands clean, system fresh and your home odor-free.
- VACUUM AND SCRUB QUICKLY and QUIETLY-Vacuum, wash, mop, and dry your floors in in one go. The powerful, yet quiet, motor lets you tackle all your floor chores at once without disturbing children or pets. (Noise output < 76 tbd)
- MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING-Built lightweight to easily clean pet hair, wet messes, dry messes, kitchen spills, or dried on stains—upstairs, downstairs, or wherever the mess may be. Powerful suction and mopping quickly eliminate dirt and debris from hardwood floors, sealed wood floors, laminates, vinyl floors, tile floors, and more.
- TWO-TANK DESIGN-Separate clean and dirty water tanks ensure you’re always cleaning with a clean brush. Large capacity tanks (0.7L clean water and 0.4L dirty water) let you clean longer without emptying or refilling.
- AUTOMATED SELF-CLEANING - Automatically clean the brush with the press of a button to keep your hands dirt-free. Parts can be disassembled and cleaned separately to keep everything organized, clean, and odor-free.


There is no wrong option between the Tineco S3 and Dreame H11. Performance-wise they are excellent, but we will recommend the Tineco S3 if you want the added convenience from their smartphone app, but if you prefer the larger clean water tank, we will recommend the H11 from Dreame.


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