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Tineco Pure One S11 VS Pure One X

Stick vacuums such as Tineco Pure One S11 Vs Pure One X are very convenient if your house is primarily hard flooring and thin carpets. These vacuums effectively clean the surface and are very light to handle. While similarly capable, they are slightly different so let’s see below which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Buying an Ideal Vacuum Cleaner
  • What are Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X
  • How are the Unit of Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X
  • How is the Suction Power of Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X
  • How is the Performance of Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X
  • What are the Features in Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X
  • How is the Battery Life of Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X
  • Tineco Pure One S11 Vs Pure One X

Vacuum Cleaner Types

Everyone is familiar with a vacuum cleaner because most of us use it to maintain the house. As you may already know, there are several types of vacuum cleaners, and not every option can work ideally in your home. The most popular is probably upright, and canister vacuums, but stick vacuums are more convenient for modern houses or apartments because they are lighter and easier to use. If you don’t have much to take care of, we can go fantastic with a robot vacuum.

Robot vacuums are highly convenient, thanks to automation. But, if you often have to deal with spilled drink, sauce, cereal, or the dog’s footprint after they play in the backyard, then a wet and dry vacuum such as Tineco S5 Vs Bissell CrosssWave will be a perfect choice. What is a wet and dry vacuum? Wet and dry vacuums are very similar to regular vacuums, but instead of just dry mess, they will be able to handle the wet spilled or stain as well.

If you have mixed flooring and only need help cleaning dust and larger debris, the stick vacuum is an excellent alternative to the traditional upright and canister vacuums. Stick vacuums are lighter and usually work based on battery, making them highly portable that you can carry and use on almost any surface in the house. Being lighter also makes them easier to hold and move. Many of us are already feel tired just by looking at the big and bulky upright vacuum even before moving it.

 Tineco Pure One S11Tineco Pure One X
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Product Dimensions11.4 x 8.3 x 43.5 inches 44 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches
Shipping Weight11.46 pounds 11.24 pounds

About Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X

The most important will be their suction power when it comes to vacuum cleaners because it translates into a more effective cleaning process. The vacuum doesn’t have to be expensive, but they have to be reliable. Make sure you can use them effortlessly, too, because some vacuums are more straightforward or have a better system. For those interested in an intelligent vacuum, Tineco is an excellent choice to consider your next favorite vacuum. This is often said as the alternative of Dyson due to its performance and price.

Tineco is a Chinese vacuum brand from the manufacturer of DEEBOT as ECOVACS makes them. The brand currently covers a wide range of stick vacuums ideal for modern houses and owners who need a compact yet powerful suction comes in a handy appliance. Some of the most promising options from this company are Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X, which come from the same line and offer a very similar set of features. However, the S11 is a higher model and carries a higher suction rate.

Many users seem to be wondering whether the Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X can be used on carpet, and the answer is yes, they are convenient and versatile multi-floor vacuum cleaners. You can use them on tile floors, laminated floors, wooden flooring, and carpeted surface. Performance-wise they are reliable but not the same. Besides the difference in suction, One X also lacks some features that you can find on the One S11 that make it less sophisticated.

However, we also think the price point of One X is lovely and currently less than $250. The suction is good, all basic features are included, and it is just as convenient as the One S11. But, if you often use the vacuum on carpet or need a more reliable suction, we recommend adding more and spending for the One S11. The suction rate is noticeably stronger, making the vacuum more effective, especially on soft floorings.

Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X Unit

Both Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X are cordless stick vacuums, so there is no cord to worry about here except for the one connected to the charging base. The charging base is attached to a wall, very slim, and they look the same as well. When it first comes from the box, your vacuum needs to be assembled. The main housing has a handle and dirt cup, a long stick hose, and the cleaning head. For the Pure One X, we only get one multi-surface cleaning head.

With One Pure S11, we get another cleaning head with a soft roller brush. In addition, you will also get a mini power-brush for use in handheld mode to clean furniture or narrow place and a few other small non-powered brushed. The battery is removable for these vacuums, and you can buy an additional battery to prolong the cleaning time. We love that the charger has the option to charge the battery out of the vacuum so you can charge two batteries simultaneously. This feature is only available for the S11 because the top part of One X doesn’t have the extra connector.

Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X Suction Power

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X can offer, starting from the suction level. Brands like Dyson are highly praised for their incredibly high suction level, making them an effective solution for carpet and overall cleaning. But, the price is not something everyone is willing to pay. Tineco is much more affordable and reliable even though the suction is less powerful than typical high-end Dyson. This One S11 is rated at 130W in suction while the little brother is 80W.

Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X Performance

The Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X are very well performing across the surface in the application. The hard floor is the easiest to work with because they are the best in this area. Small debris like rice grain, beans, or cereals is not an issue. However, for large debris like cereals, the smooth roller of S11 seems to work better. The multi-surface is convenient, but it sometimes scatters the significant bits, especially when you have plenty to clean.

Both vacuums clean the surface well on the hard floor, and we don’t see a noticeable difference in performance. The multi-surface cleaning head will work best for the carpeted floor because it will help brush the fabric for more effective cleaning. The regular sand and debris are not an issue with their Auto mode. You may experience difficulties pushing the vacuum on their Max mode because we struggle a bit, especially on thicker carpets.

Additionally, if you have long hair or pets with thick coats at home and often shed, the fiber is highly likely to get tangled on the roller. Suction levels from these vacuums will completely clean them, but the roller will need some help after.

Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X Feature

Next, we also want to mention the innovative feature of the iLoop sensor. Both Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X are coming with this smart sensor that will detect if the flooring has much debris or mess to work with. The vacuum will automatically adjust the suction level to preserve battery life. This is useful for daily cleaning, but if you need some serious spot cleaning, we can choose the mode manually to Max level, increasing suction and depleting the juice faster.

What’s not available on the One X is the basic LED display located on the motor. The Pure On S11 has a display that will show mostly maintenance information, such as when there is blockage or tangled roller. It is also larger, and the rim will turn red when it detects dirt and blue in normal mode. They have an app connected to the vacuum, which has interesting features, such as a wide range of suction levels and cleaning data.

Tineco Pure One S11 and Pure One X Battery Life

Lastly, for the battery life, note that the amount of cleaning time will vary based on the suction level, so the higher the suction, the faster they will need to recharge. The battery will need 2-3 hours to charge, and one full charge usually can last from 20-30 minutes. Tineco claimed these vacuums would last for 40 and 70 minutes, but this is probably at the lowest suction and for daily use they often last for less than half an hour.

Tineco Pure One S11 Vs Pure One X

You can find so many different vacuums from Tineco’s collection, and these two are some of the most affordable yet powerful to consider. The suction difference is prominent in the paper, but they seem to work very similarly in real life. The main difference is that you can charge two batteries simultaneously using an S11 wall charger and receive more cleaning heads with the purchase. Its LED panel improves the look, but both models get important features like iLoop and Wi-Fi.

- Featuring iLoop Smart Sensor technology, PURE ONE S11 detects hidden dust and debris and auto-adjusts suction power in real time, for up to 2X longer runtime and complete cleaning confidence.
- High performance, ultra-quiet digital motor delivers 130W of strong suction. Clean quietly with less disturbance to family and pets.
- Up to 40 minutes runtime, PURE ONE S11 is perfect for uninterrupted whole house cleaning.
- Cordless and lightweight, PURE ONE S11 easily converts to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments to clean stairs, cars, furniture and more.
- EXTENDED RUN TIME – Innovative design and advanced battery performance deliver up to 70 minutes (*Based on test results from TINECO lab)run time on a single charge; uniquely powerful suction with conveniently quiet operation suitable for use around children and pets.
- SMART TECHNOLOGY – iLoop Smart Sensor technology automatically detects debris and messes, and adjusts suction power for optimal cleaning and best battery performance; eco-friendly, washable HEPA filter.
- ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT – No cord, no hassles moving around, up or down stairs, anywhere; only 2.8 lbs., easy to lift and maneuver; converts to an even smaller hand vac size that's perfect for chores, around the house, vehicles, and more.
- LOW NOISE – Advanced, brushless motor design is engineered for ultra-quiet operation; precision air channel design and noise reduction features suppress operating noise to as low as 70dB, without affecting performance.


We don’t see any bad option here, but One X is arguably more attractive. It is cheaper and can offer the same performance as the higher model. The suction power is adequate for hard and carpeted flooring with an intelligent sensor. It has decent battery life too, which is why we will recommend this variant.



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