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Tineco iFloor Breeze VS S3

Nothing can beat the convenience of a vacuum cleaner. You can even find hybrid solutions like Tineco iFloor Breeze Vs S3 wet and dry vacuum cleaners which are ideal for compact homes and multi-surface flooring. The two have similar functions and also abilities but are not identical. For those wondering which model to go for, here are the things you want to know about the vacuums.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are Stick Vacuum Worth to Buy
  • What are Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3
  • How are the Unit of Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3
  • How are the Cleaning Performance of Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3
  • What are the Features in Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3
  • How is the Experience with Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3
  • Tineco iFloor Breeze Vs S3

Stick Vacuum

Apparently, the house is always messy, and this is normal when people live under the roof. It is something that we need to take care of daily and even more necessary with the increasing number of people or even pets in the house. Just give it a quick vacuum and mop when necessary, and we are usually good to go. But, to do it as effortlessly as possible we will need a good appliance. The vacuum cleaner is the most convenient to rely on.

They can be a full-size upright vacuum, canister, stick, or even robot vacuums like Samsung VR9000 Vs Roomba 980. A stick vacuum can be a great solution if you want an easy-to-use and reliable vacuum. They are typically slimmer and lighter than your full-size upright, so it is easier to run them when needed. They are also lightweight and ideal for homes with small children or pets since we usually need to clean the flooring more often.

Are stick vacuums worth it? Absolutely, they are very reliable in power suction to take care of the flooring. Most vacuums will be more effective for hard floors like tile or laminated wood, but they can work well on carpet surfaces as well. Stick vacuums are also cordless, which is why they are more convenient to use and carry around, especially if you have a multi-level home. But, since they work based on battery, we need always to remember to charge them after the cleaning process.

 Tineco iFloor BreezeTineco S3
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Product Dimensions11.26 x 10.87 x 43.31 inches 11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches
Shipping Weight15.77 pounds 17.64 pounds

About Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3

There are plenty of good vacuums, including the stick vacuum, one of them is Tineco. We assume many people are not familiar with this brand yet because they are pretty new. Compared to classic names like Dyson and Shark, this brand may sound alien to many. But, you will know the company behind it because Ecovacs make Tineco. This is one of the most popular brands of robot vacuum cleaners in the market that makes Deebot; an alternative to many expensive similar vacuums.

Tineco itself follows the step to offer more affordable solutions to general consumers. When you are making a product, it is to set it apart from the competitors, and for Tineco, it is through the high-end features but low cost. Is Tineco a Chinese brand? Yes, Ecovacs, making the product, is based in Suzhou, China. They currently have plenty of modern and compact vacuum cleaners, mostly stick vacuums. They also made smart hairdryers and accessories for the home cleaning solution.

When it comes to cleaning, we want something easy to use and convenient, and these sound like a perfect job for Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3. These vacuum cleaners are probably some of the best if you have primarily hard flooring in the house. Does it mean they are not suitable for carpeted surfaces? No, they will be helpful on the carpet, but the additional features on these stick vacuums will be more valuable if you have many hard flooring.

A wet vacuum is an additional feature we love the most from Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3. It works like an electric mop but can also suck the wet mess. These models are optimized for wet vacuuming, so they are best for users with prominent hard flooring in their house. You can use the S3 without water in its compartment, but the manufacturer suggests always having water in the tank, so it is probably wise to follow the instructions.

Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 Vacuum

Like most vacuum cleaners, the Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 are hard plastic and very light. Compared to typical upright models, we are surprised at how lightweight the stick vacuums are. The S3 will be around 9.9 lbs with all the components attached and without water. The iFloor Breze is also approximately 9.2 lbs with all the equipment put together and should be less than 12 lbs with the water included. Another great thing about stick vacuums is that they are cordless.

We often have to go back and change the plug to another one nearby when using the upright vacuum, but it is never an issue with Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3. What to note is that the battery will have a certain capacity. This capacity will vary from the user’s side based on how hard the vacuum has to work their motor. What we love the most from S3 is probably this battery indicator which tells you exactly the juice left in the battery.

Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 Performance 

Because we are talking about vacuum cleaners, it is natural to be curious about how they work. We understand why this type of vacuum has been trendy lately in a real-world application. It feels like you are vacuuming and mopping at once. Usually, we have to vacuum and then mop using an electric mop or manually wipe the floor with a wet cloth. But, the Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 can do both at once. It is recommended to dry vacuum first, yet this appliance can do it simultaneously.

They are perfect for hard flooring with minimal carpet surface. The suction power is decent as well. We have seen the vacuums work well at picking up spilled juice milk with cereal, ketchup, and other condiments. They can pick up spilled noodle soup as well. The clearance is pretty tall on Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3, so they can take larger mess more effectively without dirtying the vacuuming head. Wet mess is not an issue for them, but cleaning a dried stain can be a hassle.

We found that you need to increase the pass like double or triple it with the same speed to scrub dried stain like coffee from off the floor. It is expected but still very satisfying, and if you choose to move the vacuum slowly, it is more effective this way. We also found that while the floor doesn’t dry instantly when you clean dried stains, they leave very little water on the surface and dry quickly, especially in an open room.

Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 Features

Next, we want to talk about the features that you can find on Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 to ease the job. As we mentioned above, the S3 carries one of our favorite features: a battery monitor. Usually, some appliances will only tell if the battery is dying or completely depleted, but S3 has a monitor to show you the exact percentage like your car’s fuel gauge. This vacuum is also richer because it is smart; there is a sensor to detect dirt.

This feature lets the vacuum detect when there is a concentration or mess on the floor, increasing the water amount and suction to clean the flooring properly. The iFloor Breeze also has a battery indicator light, but it only tells you when the battery is low, depleted, charging, complete, or the cleaning mode such as Regular and Max mode. In addition, the S3 is featuring with a voice assistant and smart app connection.

Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 Experience

Lastly is for the overall experience with Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 in general. The cleaning performance of both vacuums is excellent, and they are perfect for hard flooring with some thin carpet if you want to compromise. There is no option to control the water flow, so it is hard for those with several rugs who wish to use the same appliance. The cleaning or maintenance processes for Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 are also pretty similar.

We found that some wet and dry vacuums are more difficult to clean completely, especially if you mix dry and wet mess. Much fine dust is stuck in some crook, so washing it under running water and probably with a brush is necessary. The Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 have an automatic cleaner that runs the motor to help us remove some dirt on the brush roll and internal parts. It is not perfect but will ease the job when dealing with a larger mess like cereal, noodles, or spaghetti spills.

Tineco iFloor Breeze Vs S3

Both Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 are good wet and dry vacuum combos. The S3 is noticeably richer in features, but they are equally effective in cleaning the flooring performance-wise. The S3 comes with more features and is smarter. It has a sensor to sense dirt on the floor and fire the higher mode. It also has a battery level monitor to tell you the exact power left and can be connected to a smartphone. But, for self-cleaning, both vacuums come with the necessary feature.

- The Tineco iFloor Breeze floor washer vacuums and mops hard floors at the same time. A more compact version of our iFloor 3, iFloor Breeze is easy to store in small spaces but doesn't compromise on cleaning performance.
- Lightweight, cordless, and powerful, the iFloor Breeze removes tough, sticky messes from floors. This 2-in-1 powerful floor washer leaves less water on floors than competitors, so floors get cleaner, dry faster, and look their best.
- With up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, iFloor Breeze makes the perfect cleaning partner for smaller homes or homes with fewer rooms with hard flooring.
- While other floor cleaning methods move and push dirt around, iFloor Breeze’s dual tank technology always cleans floors with clean water. Dirty water collects in a separate tank without wringing, rinsing, or sending disposable mop pads to the landfill.
- Featuring iLoop smart sensor technology, FLOOR ONE S3 detects wet/dry messes on sealed hard floors and intelligently adjusts suction power and water flow for completely clean results. Floors dry quickly and streak free.
- Self-propelled and Time-saving. FLOOR ONE S3 vacuums AND washes your sealed hard floors in one smart step for an optimal clean in less time.It moves quite quickly!
- Cordless, lightweight and easy to use, FLOOR ONE S3 extends runtime up to 35 min with intelligently optimized suction and battery power.
- 5-in-1 self-cleaning system keeps your hands clean, system fresh and your home odor-free.


There is no wrong option because Tineco iFloor Breeze and S3 are ideal for hard flooring. We recommend the Tineco S3 because it is reliable in cleaning and has valuable features. It is also easy to care for or maintain the vacuum for its automatic internal cleaning system.

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