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Tineco A10 vs Dyson V10

Vacuum cleaner has been used to help us clean our house since long time ago but due to technology advances, we can get better and better items each year such as Tineco A10 vs Dyson V10. Both of them are two popular vacuums from their respective brands and come with a dependable power to take all those dirt and dust in our flooring. If you are also eyeing these two, go check what they can offer to you in our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Why using vacuum cleaner
– What are Tineco A10 and Dyson V10
– What Tineco A10 and Dyson V10 Look Like
– What Tineco A10 and Dyson V10 can offer to you
– Tineco A10 vs Dyson V10

Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning our house is a very important task that we need to do from time to time regularly to keep them clean and make sure they are comfortable enough to be a living space. Of course we don’t want to live in a dirty house with piled up dust and garbage since they are not only will cause uncomfortable feeling but will also affect the people living in it, moreover, if someone in your house is allergy to dust or having related health problem.

This is why we have to clean them properly and make sure there are less things can affect our family’s health. There are several methods to clean our house such as sweeping the floor, dusting our upholstery and wiping them with wet cloth or washing them once in a while to remove any embedded dirt that can’t be taken by our vacuum or broom. However, most people are no longer use broom to sweep their flooring since we have vacuum which is more effective.

Compared to manually sweeping our floor, using a vacuum cleaner will be much more convenient since we only have to do minimal movement back and forth around the area we want to clean without the need to gather the dust or dirt we have accumulated because vacuum have canister or compartment to keep them. Vacuuming also minimize the chance of smaller dust to be blown away by sweeping motion and ends up on another surfaces, making the cleaning process ends up quickly.

However, if you also have soft flooring or carpet and rug areas in your house, vacuuming only may not enough because we will need to clean those carpet with water from time to time to remove any stain or dust that are accumulated in their deeper parts. If you don’t want to wash them by hand, it is good to pick a carpet cleaner like Bissell 3624 vs Rug Doctor since they are much more convenient to use and effective to clean your soft flooring.

About Tineco A10
Due the huge amount of option available in the market, it is not surprising that sometime we can get confused when in the middle of looking for the right product for our need and if you are also considering several options, it is probably better to ask for a recommendation or listen to what other people’s favorite are. Among those many options, if you want to get a powerful vacuum without spending too much then, you may want to take a look at Tineco A10.

We are sure most people never heard of this brand’s name before since they are a new name in the market but they are actually made by Ecovacs which is more well-known with their high-tech robot vacuums. While this name is not used to market robot vacuum, they are used to offer a more affordable options of expensive vacuums out there and you will be pleased to see how cheap we can get this Tineco A10.

Tineco A10 Design
If you ever look at Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner then you will also familiar with the design of Tineco A10 since they are quite identical, differentiated only with the color scheme or options. This is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner with a small dirt compartment located near the handle and for the weight itself, they are light enough to be used as a handheld vacuum. It comes with 2000mAh battery that we can detach from the body claimed to last for as long as 25 minutes.

Tineco A10 Features
The first thing we need to check when looking for a vacuum cleaner is the power they come with because this will affect their suction and most users must want to have the one that can take more dirt and have a powerful suction to help us finish the task quickly. In this part, Tineco A10 is coming with a high 110 watt of power or equal with 20 KPA when used in max mode to provide an effective cleaning performance.

This will let us finish the chore quickly since we only need to pass the area few time or once if they are not too dirty. Like some similar vacuums out there, Tineco A10 can be used in Max mode which means we have two cleaning modes available in this unit; regular mode and max mode. Regular mode will be enough for everyday cleaning while the max mode is great when you want to perform deep cleaning once or twice a week depend on your need.

What we need to keep in mind is this will also affect the battery life since max mode draw more power from the battery so they will drain them faster as well and when used in this mode, Tineco A10 is claimed to be only working for up to 7 minutes. Another thing we love from this machine is the ease of use due to the light body weighing only 2.87 pounds, making them easy to maneuver and with the accessories, we can use them to clean different surfaces.

About Dyson V10
Since there are so many other options out there it is good to look around first before deciding which one you want to purchase. If you like Tineco A10 but wonder how this item compare to the more expensive, initial model they are seem to base on then you will need to check Dyson V10 which is also among those vacuums loved by many users due to their versatility and power in term of cleaning and ability to effectively taking all the dust and dirt in your house.

Dyson V10  is claimed to provide the highest satisfaction in stick vacuums and it is not surprising since Dyson is well-known for their high quality products. This models especially featured with long lasting battery, more powerful cleaner head and bigger dust bin for wider cleaning area.

Dyson V10 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, this is a cordless vacuum cleaner and if you ever use any previous V model, this one seems to have its various section positioned in completely different manner than its other model in V line. The prominent thing is the dust bin that are moved to be fully in aligned place with the attachment and handle which making it a bit hard to empty them since we have to remove the attachment first.

Dyson V10 Features
What’s always loved from almost all Dyson vacuum cleaner is their suction power and this is also what’s happening with Dyson V10 cordless vacuum because this model is featured with a new digital motor and 14-cyclone array so they can deliver a good suction that will benefit your house. When compared to the more affordable option Tineco A10, somehow this model seem to generate more power in the regular mode but when tested in their max mode, both vacuums are identically powerful.

This mean, Dyson V10 also comes with 2 cleaning modes we can access but in term of power they are different mainly on regular mode. Since this vacuum is cordless, we are going to depend on the battery and what we love from Dyson is they are generally long lasting than competitors. For this model itself, they are claimed to deliver up to 45 minutes cleaning in their regular cleaning mode while if you pick the max mode, the vacuum can only last up to 7 minutes, the same with Tineco A10.

On versatility side, Dyson V10 is also come with their own attachment but as you may already know, those are pretty standard and very useful for everyday cleaning. One of them is Soft Roller Cleaner Head which is used commonly to take bigger pieces or debris like your pet kibble, cereal, cat litter and similar debris. If you want to clean upholstery, there is also Mini Motorized Tool we can attach on the vacuum and do above floor cleaning more conveniently.

Now, let’s compare Tineco A10 with Dyson V10. Both of these vacuums are identical to each other on the design side but after Dyson change their look, we can easily tell them apart. From the design side, Tineco have smaller dust compartment and they are placed below the machine while Dyson put their bin in a line with their attachment and they are also bigger. In versatility both are the same but when used in regular mode, Dyson will perform better and longer compared to Tineco.

Tineco A10 vs Dyson V10

- 350W Digital Motor: ultra-quiet powerful suction up to 110-watt,which is 4 times than ordinary DC motor cordless vacuums, lift embedded dirt with ease.
- 2.87lbs Lightweight Main Body: light weight perfect for heavy work from floor to ceiling.
- The most powerful suction of any cord-free vacuum. Tested to ASTM F558, against cord-free stick market
- Up to 60 minutes' run time when using a non-motorized tool , Voltage - 21.6 Volts

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different taste and preference. However, if the reason why you are here is to look for an affordable option of a powerful vacuum, then we will recommend you to pick Tineco A10 since this model is cheaper yet still dependable and can work effectively.

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