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Shark SV1106 vs SV1107

It is important to pick a vacuum cleaner that suit your need and able to give the best benefit for your house, moreover, if you have a limited budget to spend, then the price point will be a major thing to consider as well. Shark have numerous affordable units in their catalogue for you to choose without scarifying the performance such as Shark SV1106 vs SV1107. If you are also interested on both of them, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Shark SV1106 and SV1107
– What Shark SV1106 and SV1107 Look Like
– What Shark SV1106 and SV1107 can offer to you
– Shark SV1106 vs SV1107

Vacuum Cleaner Types
Thanks to the invention of vacuum cleaner, we don’t need to swipe our house again when they are getting dirty. Vacuum is not only rely on suction power since if you want to get the best performance, you will need a brush roll as well to help agitate the dust especially when cleaning soft flooring. Not all vacuum are with motorized brush since canister are usually have no wiring into their hose to move any brush there.

However, upright or stick vacuum are commonly come with the moving brush since they are built in a single line of body. These two types of vacuums are similar to each other but upright is bulkier and heavier than stick while also having cable as the power connection. At the other side, stick vacuum are smaller and slimmer in design operated using a battery that you can recharge when runs out of power. This model have both benefit and drawback too since they can’t provide long cleaning time.

Depend on the model and manufacturers or price, each cordless vacuums may able to operate as long as a few hours or as fast as a few minutes. This is also one of important point of a vacuum cleaner since the amount of cleaning rely on the battery, so if you are having a wider house or cleaning areas, you probably won’t be able to complete the cleaning in one day due to the short battery life and the charging time.

However, manufacturer should already think about this problem, so if you are living in a standard sized house and don’t do full cleaning in a day, most cordless vacuums should be able to give a decent performance.

About Shark SV1106 and SV1107
When we are talking about affordable vacuum, the best option in the market is probably Shark with their huge collection of vacuum cleaners in various models and types to meet the user preference, so they can find their favorite item in the catalogue. What makes it hard to pick is the amount of collection itself since they are too many, moreover, they can be very similar to each other both from the design and features, so we as user often stuck with several options at once.

Among those that are coming with an affordable price below $100, Shark SV1106 and SV1107 are two great option to go because not only able to give you a powerful suction to take all of those debris and dust in your floor, these two are coming with an easy to maneuver body, so you can include less effort when cleaning with either of them. These two are indeed very similar to each other but just like the name state, it seems that SV1107 is a higher model of the other.

Shark SV1106 and SV1107 Design
From the outer appearance, both models are having the same design and look but thankfully, Shark decide to use different color on the newer model since even though the overall body doesn’t change, now the vacuum is on red instead of white, so we can easily tell them apart. They are made with mainly plastic material which is why they can be so light when handled weighing around 7.5 pounds. Since they are non-lift model, you will not get any tools on the package only the battery and charger.

The charging dock is very useful to store the vacuum in an upright position while you don’t need to connect the unit itself to the power source directly for more convenience. There is very limited indicator you can find on these vacuums and it is mainly operated with the power button only. This button will also tell you the battery level when charging or full.

Shark SV1106 and SV1107 Features
The best thing about Shark vacuum is even though they are affordable is they still offer a dependable suction power which is good enough for everyday use. Of course those power is not the best you can get in the market but considering the price, they actually can produce more than decent result. Many users are very satisfied with these vacuums due to their ability to takes dust and debris from their floor effectively without requiring much effort.

Since they are cordless, it means that they are using battery to make the vacuum work and this is an important point when you prefer a cordless vacuum since the amount of time they are allowed to operate will depend on the battery. For those who hope to see Li-Ion here well, unfortunately Shark still use Nimh battery for these two vacuums, so in term of power, they will probably not going to last very long as more expensive units. Read also: Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 here.

This part is also what separate SV1106 and SV1107 the most because even though they are coming with the same battery, the company claimed that the latter can produce longer power than the other. Charging time may still the same but if the older unit can stay around 15 minutes, this model is even better with around 21 minutes of operation. However, just like any other appliance or device powered with battery, the amount of time may vary depend on the usage.

If other low cost upright or stick vacuums are only coming with single speed on their brush roll, thankfully, both of SV1106 and SV1107 is not since they have 2 speed option that you can adjust depend on your need or the type of flooring you want to clean. This speed level can be adjusted through the power button located at the head of the unit; to use the high setting, press the button lightly once and press it again when you want to move to a lower speed.

The high speed is great when you are cleaning soft flooring or carpet since the brush movement will agitate the dust that is embedded in your carpet to make it looser and easier to clean. At the other hand, the slow speed setting is good when you are moving to hard floor area, so the brush won’t damage any type of hard floor you are having. The company also design the button to be easy to use by placing it on the cleaning head, so you can reach it with your foot if you don’t want to bend over.

As it has been mentioned earlier, the amount of time you can get from one fully charged battery will also affected by these speed options and if you use the faster setting, expect to runs out of battery faster as well. Another good thing from SV1106 and SV1107 is the dust bin capacity because compared to many other stick or cordless vacuums out there, they can contain quite more even though not as much as the company’s corded upright vacuums.

The benefit by having a big dust bin capacity is now you don’t have to clean them often but when they are reaching the Max Fill line or start to lose the suction power, you will need to clean it immediately. They use an easy emptying system, so you don’t have to do much effort on dealing with the dust or debris from this compartment. In term of noise, these vacuums are not quiet but are fairly less noisy than many other similar units for increased comfort.

When we are talking about vacuum, filter is always an important thing to check on to, moreover if you are having an allergy with dust. As an affordable units, SV1106 and SV1107 are only coming with one level of filtering and the bag less design making them not that suitable for people with some illness. This filter is placed before the motor near the dust bin and is washable, so you don’t need to change it when getting dirty.

This is also what the company’s mean by the vacuums are having zero maintenance cost. Washing filter is recommended whenever you feel the vacuum lose it suction power and prefer to wash it with lukewarm water until clean and completely air dry it before next use.

Now, let’s compare Shark SV1106 with SV1107. As it has been mentioned earlier, the difference between them is on the battery life because SV1107 is coming with better battery that makes it able to perform in a longer period compare to the older model. This upgrade will make you do more cleaning and of course less charging time.

Shark SV1106 vs SV1107

NameShark SV1106Shark SV1107
Features- Rechargeable cordless convenience. Provides premium pet hair pickup throughout the home. Charges in 4 hours and doubles as a storage dock- Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Cordless Convenience - Swivel Steering - Ergonomic Handle - Large Capacity Dust Cup

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally dependable as a vacuum cleaner due to the power and features. However, if you don’t mind about spending a little bit more, we will recommend you to pick Shark SV1107 with better battery.

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