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Shark SV1100 vs SV1106

Almost everybody own a vacuum cleaner nowadays and it is one of the most important house care appliance that you will need if you want to free your house from dirt and small debris easily. Shark as a well-known appliances manufacturer offer numerous products in their catalogue that has similarities to one another such as Shark SV1100 vs SV1106. If you are also confused about which item will suit you the best, go check our article below to see if they have any difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Shark SV1100 and SV1106
– What Shark SV1100 and SV1106 Look Like
– What Shark SV1100 and SV1106 can offer to you
– Shark SV1100 vs SV1106

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner has been around for quite some time now and still being used even until these days because apparently we still have no other options available to replace the affectivity of a vacuum cleaner. Just like many other appliance, there are several types of vacuum cleaner available today and even though they are serving the same function, each one of them may able to perform better in some types of surfaces or areas, so some users may also own one or more vacuums in their house.

The most traditional type of vacuum cleaner is upright and this model is also one of the most popular used by many users. This is because upright vacuum is combining both suction power and motoric brush to agitate the dirt so they will become looser and easier to pick. Some more expensive canister vacuums may also have motoric brush, so it depends on the type and model as well as the manufacturer whether they want to put the technology or not.

About Shark SV1100 and SV1106
Even though upright vacuum is seen to be more effective to clean carpet because of the motorized brush, many of them are only useful when it comes to cleaning floor since the heavy body can’t be lifted to clean other areas. But, there are manufacturer like Shark that not only offer a vacuum with a decent suction power and motoric brush with an affordable price, they also made them able to clean above-floor areas, making their vacuums even more versatile for users.

This company has so many collection in their catalogue and somehow they are very similar to each other which is why sometimes users will find it hard to decide which item will suit their need the most. What makes things even harder is they also don’t provide enough information regarding their products, so we can’t instantly tell what the difference is or upgrade if there is any between those vacuums.

Among all of those huge collection on their catalogue, Shark SV1100 and SV1106 are indeed very similar to each other. The prominent difference between them is because the SV1100 is an older unit which is why the company replaced it with the later model but if you are in tighter budget, you can still get the vacuum in their refurbished version that still has the same quality as their new ones. Just like with many other products, the reason why a company discontinued a model is probably there is something wrong with the unit.

Another probability is they want to upgrade them into newer unit with an even better performance or technology to give a better result as well. Both of these vacuums are an upright which is great if you have different types of flooring in your house since they are coming with the same motorized brush that are said to be optimized for cleaning in both soft or hard flooring in your house. Since they are operated cordless, now you don’t have to deal with tangled cable anymore or limited cleaning areas.

Shark SV1100 and SV1106 Design
As you can see from the example picture, these vacuums are coming with the same design because the SV1106 is the newer version of SV1100 so it is not unusual to see this much of similarities. Both of them are actually in between upright and stick vacuum with the cordless design and lightweight body weighing around 7.5 pounds, making it easier to move around and maneuver when used around the house.

The dust cup itself is quite big and you can use them until the dust is reaching the MAX FILL line. Depend on the operation and how often you use the vacuum, it will need several days of cleaning to reach this line. Along with the vacuum, you will also get the charging dock and battery inside the packaging.

Shark SV1100 and SV1106 Features
Most of you probably interested in either SV1100 or SV1106 because of the price range and it is understandable for a vacuum in this range of price will have a limited ability. But, they are actually come with a powerful suction which is great to help you clean the house even though you are having a different type of flooring inside. The decent power is supplied by the Nimh battery in either of these model probably to make it more cost effective.

Just like other appliances or device, battery life will depend on the usage, so each users may have different experience about how much time they can use the vacuum in each charge. However, most people seems will need around 15 minutes from full charge to make the vacuum empty its battery which should be good enough to clean several small rooms in your house. The charging hour will also vary but the fastest you can get is around 4 hours. Read also: Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 Vs NV352 here.

You can see if the battery is full on not through the indicator located above your vacuum head. Many people love Shark because they are famous for the Lift-Away vacuums, unfortunately, these two affordable models are not included in the line, so you won’t get the benefit of canister vacuum in either of them because the body can’t be separated and build again to clean above-floors area. This resulting in SV1100 and SV1106 only being useful when it comes to flooring and you will need another vacuum to clean those upholstery, cabinet, curtain and such.

Both of these vacuums are boasting their XL dust bin capacity with an easy emptying system, so you can instantly clean them will less effort. However, since they are not as bulky as upright vacuums, the capacity is actually not that big if you compared them to many other Shark complete upright vacuums. The cleaning path of SV1100 and SV1106 are measuring about 10-inches to help you complete the cleaning process quickly. What makes their cleaning head great is of course the motorized brush.

This brush are the same like you can find in many other vacuums with brush and they are going to be a great help when used to clean carpet floor or those fluffy and smooth flooring due to the movement of brush that agitate the debris and dust into a deeper part of your carpet thus, they can be taken easier by the vacuum suction. However, motoric brush is not always preferred because it can damage some type of hard flooring.

This is why, the company design these vacuums with two speed settings for their hard flooring and soft flooring option, so you can pick the one that suit your need the most. The soft floor/carpet setting will rotates the brush in a higher speed but when you turn to the next setting, the brush will not stop but will slows down. Many people who own these vacuums stated that their hard flooring is fine with the slow speed setting, so you don’t have to worry about the brush.

Another thing you may want to consider when looking for a vacuum cleaner is probably the filtration because this is an important part to make the vacuum able to release a cleaner air into the room. Unfortunately, both of SV1100 and SV1106 are without bag or bagless, so the filtration may not that good. Moreover, they are only using one filter that you can wash when needed under the dust bin, so even though bigger particles won’t escape, smaller dust have a high chance of being released again.

The company recommend users to wash this filter under lukewarm water and squeeze them until the water runs clean then let it dry for 24 hours before next use. Another problem about a vacuum is the noise since they can make quite loud noise when operated and if you have baby or toddler at home, it may wake them up. This problem will not happen if you choose SV1100 or SV1106 because they can operate with minimum noise even though not until extremely quiet.

Now, let’s compare Shark SV1100 with SV1106. As you can see, both of them are coming with the same features and capabilities, so to put it simply they are the same item only separated by the manufacturing time. SV1106 is available in new version but if you choose the other, you will get a refurbished product.

Shark SV1100 vs SV1106

NameShark SV1100Shark SV1106
Features- Cordless convenience - Powerful pet hair pick up - Swivel steering for easy maneuverability - 2 speed settings optimized for carpet and bare floor - Extra-large, easy-to-empty dust cup- Rechargeable cordless convenience. Provides premium pet hair pickup throughout the home. Charges in 4 hours and doubles as a storage dock

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, since they are the same item, you will get the same performance with either item. However, since the SV1100 is a refurbished product, if you don’t mind about the slight price gap between them, we will recommend you to pick the new SV1106.

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