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Shark NV771 vs NV803

When it comes to innovation, Shark is one of the very best vacuum cleaner manufacturers. In this article, we will discuss the comparison of Shark NV771 vs NV803, two lightweight upright vacuum cleaners with interesting features. Both models are convertible for easy above-floor cleaning. However, Shark NV771 is more budget-friendly than Shark NV803. So, which model is better for you?

Continue reading below if you want to find out about:
– Which vacuum cleaner that is lighter and easier to move around
– The power cord length and dust bin capacity of each model
– The difference between Lift Away and Powered Lift Away
– Which vacuum that has better cleaning power and performance
– The included accessories of Shark NV771 vs NV803
– Which Shark vacuum that provides the best value for the money

Let’s start with their designs. After seeing Shark NV771 and Shark NV803 side by side, you can tell right away that they are two very different models. Depending on what your personal preference, you may prefer the streamlined look of Shark NV771 or the stylish and modern appearance of Shark NV803. Don’t forget to take a look at our previous comparison of Shark NV803 vs NV801 here!

Shark NV771 is the smaller of the two. It measures 9.5 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 46 inches tall. It is also really lightweight. So, you should be able to carry the vacuum around your home easily. It also doesn’t require much space for storage.

The cleaning head of Shark NV771 vs NV803 is already equipped with swivel steering. It is definitely a very nice feature for effortless maneuverability. This model is mainly in colored in black, though the handlebar has a metallic color and the visible brushroll is red.

Shark NV803 is larger and a little bit heavier. It measures 11.9 inches wide, 11.8 inches deep, and 46.1 inches tall. However, this model comes with a dynamic swivel steering which enables superior control and maneuverability. So, unless your home is extremely cramped, it should be still easy to move around.

The body of Shark NV803 is mostly colored in cinnamon, but there are also some parts that are in a metallic color. It has a fuller body size with straight edges. Just like its sibling here, the controls are placed within an easy reach on the handlebar.

Power Cord and Dust Bin
Although Shark NV771 vs NV803 are corded vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to worry about getting your movement restricted. Each of them comes with a 30-ft power cord. It should be long enough for cleaning a large room and reaching all the corners without having to unplug and replug the power cord.

Both Shark NV771 and Shark NV803 also have a similar dust bin capacity. Each of them has a removable dust bin with a capacity of about 0.9 dry quarts. Well, this quite large. It should be enough to allow you to vacuum the entire home without emptying mid-operation. The emptying is really simple and convenient; the dust bin opens from the bottom with a push a button, so your hands don’t get dirty.

The primary difference between Shark NV771 and Shark NV803 feature-wise is the Lift Away technology on Shark NV771 and the Powered Lift Away technology on Shark NV803. What is the difference?

Shark NV771 has the Lift Away technology, which refers to the ability to detach the canister from the unit in order to use it as a compact, lightweight vacuum for above-floor cleaning. This is particularly useful for vacuuming furniture items, ceilings, windows, and stairs. The detached canister is much more lightweight and easy to carry around.

Shark NV803 has the Powered Lift Away technology. This also refers to the ability to detach the canister from the main unit. However, the cleaning head has been improved to allow easy and reliable reach, so that you can easily guide it to go into, around, under, or behind every hard-to-reach spot. In other words, you will be able to deep-clean the entire home without having to move any furniture! That’s definitely very convenient.

Each model here also has the DuoClean technology. It refers to the dual brushroll system which is designed for bare floors as well as carpets. With the dual brushroll, you can easily capture both large debris and fine dust to get optimum cleaning. You can turn the brushroll on and off via the control on the handlebar of each model.

Each model here has LED headlights on the nozzle. It is particularly useful when vacuuming dark areas, such as the crevice under your cupboard. It will allow you to find hidden debris and see whether there is any dust left behind. Each of the two vacuums is equipped with a HEPA filter and a complete seal to deal with allergens.

Shark NV771 is definitely powerful. It can even capture large debris particles as if they are nothing. The cleaning results are great on both hard floors and carpets. Also, the suction power is consistent and reliable. However, compared to Shark NV803, this model has a smaller cleaning path. As the effect, it may take a longer time to clean a given area.

Shark NV803 is also really powerful, capable of capturing all large debris and fine dust in one pass. The performance on various kinds of hard floor is great. It is also able to extract deep-embedded dust from carpets. Compared to Shark NV771, this vacuum can be quite faster, thanks to the wider cleaning path. You will be able to finish your vacuuming routine more quickly.

Included Items
Finally, these two vacuums come with different accessories. Depending on your purpose and your home’s condition, you may or may not need these accessories. Still, the included items can be very handy when needed.

Shark NV771 only comes with 2 accessories, which are:
– Duster Crevice Tool. It is quite useful for cleaning narrow crevices around your furniture items.
– Pet Multi Tool. It isn’t the most powerful solution for pet fur, but it certainly works well for light shedding.

Shark NV803 comes with 5 accessories, which are:
– Duster Crevice Tool for cleaning narrow crevices.
– Pet Multi Tool for light pet fur shedding.
– Pet Power Brush for dealing with heavier pet-related mess.
– Under-Appliance Wand for reaching deep into hard-to-reach spots.
– Accessories Bag for storing all the items in one place.

Shark NV771 vs NV803

- Compact sized Lift-Away with Duo Clean Technology.
- Anti-allergen complete seal technology + hepa filter
- Brush roll garage for easy brush roll access
- Shark's compact Powered Lift-Away with DuoClean Technology – dual brushroll system, for unbelievable hard floor and carpet cleaning.
- DuoClean Technology features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look.
- Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter. Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.


Between the two, Shark NV803 is more recommended. It has better features and accessories. It has the Powered Lift Away technology which is really useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It has a wider cleaning path to cover more area more quickly. It also comes with more accessories which can by very handy, such as the Under-Appliance Wand and the Pet Power Brush.

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