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Shark NV501 vs NV502

House chores is almost never a fun thing to do if you are not the type who are actually like to do them. However, this is a must thing to do since dirty house can cause many issues later such as certain sickness. To help you ease the job, Shark offer numerous dependable vacuum cleaner such as Shark NV501 vs NV502. They are very similar yet also different, if you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Shark Vacuum Cleaner
– What are Shark NV501 and NV502
– What Shark NV501 and NV502 Look Like
– What Shark NV501 and NV502 can offer to you
– Shark NV501 vs NV502

About Shark
Vacuum cleaner is not a new inventions because it is already exist since 1960s and keep being popular even until now because of its useful capabilities. The modern vacuum only start to gain public attention when 20th Century came but as you can see now, almost all people have at least one in their house if not more to accommodate different area such as floors and tables or other different surfaces. Not only those that operated manually, today robot vacuum is combining advanced technology with old inventions to create an automated helper.

When talking about vacuum cleaner, it is hard not to associate it with some trusted brands in the market and if you are more into the affordable ones, Shark is among the best with their collection of dependable products and a friendlier price tag, so you don’t have to dig in too deep into your pocket when purchasing them. This company is actually not only made vacuum cleaner but several other house appliances as well. They are starting in Montreal, Canada but now you can find their products in many other places.

For vacuum cleaner itself, the company offer several types such as cordless, robotic, corded stick vacuum, and upright vacuum. Commonly, among all of those types, the upright vacuum is the most affordable and it is also easier to use compared to other manual types because you only need to carry the vacuum since the canister is one with its head, so you don’t need to move around a lot. What you need to keep in mind is the weight because it is also commonly heavier.

About Shark NV501 and NV502
They offer many great more expensive vacuum cleaner in their catalogue but if you are here for the low-end price, the NV501 and NV502 are two great option to pick from because with the price you pay, you can already get a dependable vacuum that won’t compromise on performance and if you check the products on online shopping site like Amazon, you can see that they are very popular among users and many are already satisfied with their capabilities.

Just like the product model’s name, these two are closely related to each other and this is also why people are confused when faced with both since they seem like a same unit. Well, if you also think the same then, you are not wrong because they are indeed identical. Apparently, Shark is one of those manufacturers who like to named their product with different model according to the package they offers, so before you are moving forward into this article, we will say that these two are separated only by what’s included inside.

Shark NV501 and NV502 Design
When you look at these two, you can see that even the design is very similar to each other depend on what color you choose, so if you are not informed which is which, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. As a vacuum cleaner, we are not thinking that attractiveness will affect the performance but if we are talking about aesthetic, they are actually quite pleasant to the eyes with silver, white and red combination. The plastic material is also firm enough and not flimsy at all.

As it has been mentioned earlier, upright vacuum cleaners are mostly heavier because they are carrying the hose and canister in one body but both of NV501 and NV502 are actually not that heavy because they are only weighing around 15.5 lbs. These models are also corded, so you can’t move around too far and still have to deal with tangled wired if not careful. However, they are coming with a pretty long wire measuring at 30 feet long.

Shark NV501 and NV502 Features
As an identical products, apparently, the features and technology they used in both units are also the same. The company is using their Lift Away technology which is their patented technology to allow the vacuum to clean your house more effectively. When tested, they are also offers a similar performance in various surfaces. In bare floor, you can turn off their motorized brush if you want to clean smaller pieces of debris and if you want, there is a hard-floor extension that you can attach which don’t have motorized brush.

If you want to clean tight space or stairs, just use the crevice tool and dusting brush, so you can pick up larger bits of dirt that is hard to get when you used it with the nozzle. When tested in carpet, NV501 and NV502 are also dependable thanks to the aforementioned motorized brush. This feature is very useful since it will rotate and agitate a stubborn dirt in your carpet so it can be easier to dealt with. What makes this feature effective is they choose to use stiffer bristles for better power.

When it comes to upholstery, they are also dependable with the amount of tools they are coming with to deal with different types of upholstery. For fabric upholstery, the main tool you will use is the turbo brush which is similar to the one you will use for floor, but it is smaller and has motorized brush. If you are dealing with leather furniture, make sure you are picking the crevice tool or dusting brush. To make you able to do cleaning in an extended time, these two are coming with XL dust cup, so you don’t have to detach it often.

Not all people have pet, but it is an important side to consider if you are looking for the right vacuum to deal with their fur which usually will take manual work to get done. In this side, unfortunately, they are not as dependable if you are comparing to another more expensive vacuums like those from Dyson, but if you still want to use it, pick the turbo brush since this is the most effective against stubborn pet hair to agitate and remove them from the surface.

Since we are dealing about dust and debris here, just like other types of vacuum, you will need a good filter to separate the air and dust in your vacuum, so they can release a fresh air into the room again. This is an important point because it can cause health problem if not completely filtered and throwing the dust back which is of course not desired. To make sure even those with sensitivity against dust can still use the vacuum, Shark use Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology in their NV501 and NV502.

This technology is very useful to prevent the dust from coming back into the room. They are also using HEPA filter that will removes 99.97% of particles in the air taken by the vacuum to release fresh air. The first filter is washable and this is why the company mentioned that NV501 and NV502 are having zero maintenance cost but, you have to make sure to clean them every 3 months just as Shark recommended. The second filter is also washable and need to be cleaned once every 12 months.

Not only able to perform as an upright, NV501 and NV502 are also suitable for portable cleaning since you can convert them easily by turning the cord wrap, press the Lift-Away and wand release buttons on top of the canister. This operation will unlock the handle with the wand and separate the pod from the floor nozzle. When you purchase the vacuum you will get premium pet power brush, wide pet upholstery tool, straight suction nozzle, dusting brush, and 12” crevice tool, but if you pick NV502, you will get additional canister caddy and car and detail kit.

Now, let’s compare Shark NV501 with NV502. As it has been mentioned above and earlier, both of these upright vacuum cleaners from Shark are similar to each other and have the same capabilities, so they can perform just as the same regardless the model naming. What makes them different from each other is the only fact that NV502 is coming with more tools or accessories than NV501 which is why the price is also different. Outside this fact, they are just as good.

Shark NV501 vs NV502

NameShark NV501Shark NV502
Features- Lift-Away. Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-to-reach areas. - Premium Pet Power Brush. Picks up pet hair and debris, and deep cleans dander from all surfaces. - Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter. Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.- 2-motor system for superior pick-up power. - Superior on pet hair. - Permanent belt drive never needs replacement. - Full complement of accessories for cleaning above the floor. - Includes powered pet hair tool.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you can pick based on your preference because they will deliver the same performance. Their design and look are also similar, so we don’t think it will be helpful when deciding which to choose. However, thinking about the overall features and price, their gap is not very far apart and if you also plan to use the canister caddy and car and detail kit, we will recommend you to choose Shark NV502.

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