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Shark NV351 vs NV355

Some people may not pick their vacuums carefully or just go with the most popular item available to help them clean the house. Just like other things, even though you can go with most item, it is better if we can pick the one that suit our preference the most. Shark is an appliance manufacturer with so many collection in their catalogue such as Shark NV351 vs NV355 that somehow similar but also different. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Shark NV351 and NV355
– What Shark NV351 and NV355 Look Like
– What Shark NV351 and NV355 can offer to you
– Shark NV351 vs NV355

Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner is arguably one of the most popular house care appliance that you will need to have when you start to live alone and taking care of the house yourself. Most vacuums should be able to do their jobs but not all of them are good enough to do the cleaning easily with less effort and it is good to pick the right item that not only can deliver a good performance but also available in an affordable price, so you can save more to purchase other needs.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are actually so many options out there and you can pick based on the type of flooring you have or what you are going to use the vacuum for. Generally, vacuums are separated into 4 types consisting of upright, canister, stick, and robot vacuum. All of them are able to help you clean the floor but not all are versatile enough to handle above-floor cleaning such as cabinet or curtain.

The most traditional type of vacuum cleaner is upright vacuum and even though this type is very old, it is proven that the model is still one of the most popular today and effective against the dust and debris in your home. However, this vacuum is also having some drawback such as heavier and not able to do above-floor cleaning since you can’t lift the body. Upright is great to deal with carpet flooring due to their motorized brush roll to agitate the embedded dust.

About Shark NV351 and NV355
Because of this drawback, some people are purchasing another vacuum to clean other areas but if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get a hybrid vacuum that combines the benefit of upright vacuum with canister, so you can have two in one product, making it versatile enough to deal with any kind of surfaces in your house. One manufacturer that offer this type is Shark with their Lift-Away series that started with NV model as opposed to their stick model like SV which doesn’t come with the feature.

The NV model is consisting of numerous product and most of them are very similar to each other while some are better than the other. Two of the best option you can get from this line are Shark NV351 and NV355 with the same features and technology but somehow are set in different place due to some change. They are also a good choice for those who are in tighter budget because even though the price is still above $100, they are still fairly affordable.

Shark NV351 and NV355 Design
If you ever see Shark upright vacuum, we are sure you will recognize these two instantly because they are coming with the same look as many other similar units from the company. Aesthetically speaking, they are not made to be appealing at all but the appearance should not play an important role into the performance. Thankfully, because Shark NV355 is included in their professional models, this vacuum is also coming with a different color option which is a combination of white and silver.

At the other hand, the NV351 is on the original line, so it is still using the lavender color just like the NV352, go check the comparison at Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 vs NV352 here. These vacuums are still made with the same material, a combination of ABS and PP plastic that made the unit light and durable enough to deal with your everyday cleaning jobs. They are also quite light weighing around 14 pounds for NV355 and 12.5 pounds for NV351. The weight difference is cause by the dimension gap because the Pro model is slightly bulkier than the original model.

Shark NV351 and NV355 Features
When we are looking for a vacuum cleaner, the most important thing that comes to mind is probably the suction power since this will be the reason why you can clean your house easily or not. A powerful suction will be a benefit in both soft and hard flooring to take the debris and dust away and when combined with moving brush, you can get an ultimate weapon to deal with carpet flooring. Both of NV351 and NV355 are able to deliver this powerful suction to do effective cleaning.

As an upright vacuum, these two vacuums are coming with a motoric brush which is very useful when you are going to clean any soft flooring because the movement of this brush will help the vacuum to agitate the embedded dust in your carpet and making it looser so they can be easily captured by the vacuum suction power. However, some people may not prefer to use brush on their hard flooring because of the possible damage they can cause.

If this is your worried, then you are going to be fine with either NV351 or NV355 since they have both settings available in the unit, so if you want to clean delicate carpets or hard floor you can pick the setting to deliver the proper performance. As an upright, a good design and weight is also an important side to consider since you will move them in your flooring and a bad design will require much effort to do so.

To ease users, Shark is making both of NV351 and NV355 with swivel steering which means the handle and body is not fixed, so you will be able to move the unit easier on your flooring with minimum effort. The good point is not stopping right here because as it has been mentioned earlier, these two are Lift-Away model and can be converted into a canister vacuum when needed to be more versatile and able to deal with different kind of surfaces in your house.

The method to change these two into portable above-floor cleaning is also easy. What you need to do is remove the cord, remove the canister by pressing the red floor nozzle button and the handle then add any extension you want to use. When you are done, you will have a canister and a cleaning wand that you can carry easily with one hand while the other will do the cleaning. The weight will become even lighter but when compared, NV351 is slightly lighter than the other.

Since we are dealing with dust and debris here, a good filtering is needed to trap them inside and prevent them from being dispensed again into the air. Shark NV351 and NV355 are coming with several levels of filtering which they called Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, so you don’t have to worry about the dust may affecting your health. They are using both pre-motor filter that you should wash every 3 months while the HEPA filter should be washed about once in 2 years or as you need.

Just like many other vacuums, both of NV351 and NV355 have several tools inside their package to help you clean specific area such as upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. What’s difference here is the fact that NV355 is coming with the company’s Hard Floor Hero attachment tool which is designed to pick up debris and dust from your bare floors. With this additional tool, this one should be able to perform better in hard flooring than NV351.

Unfortunately, even though you can purchase many other tools or additional accessories to help you clean a type of flooring better, the Hard Floor Hero is not suitable with original model. Another thing you may want to consider when looking for a vacuum is probably the dust compartment maximum limit since this is important to allow you do longer cleaning without having to empty the bin too often.

This is also what separate both vacuum the most since NV355 is bulkier, the bin is also bigger with 4.4 dry quarts maximum limit while the other is only at 3.0 dry quarts. Both of them however, have the same bottom empty system for more convenience.

Now, let’s compare Shark NV351 with NV355. As you may already know, what separate them the most is because NV355 is bigger and heavier than NV351 with bigger dust compartment as well. NV355 is also coming with a hard floor tool called Hard Floor Hero for better hard floor performance compared to NV351 without the attachment.

Shark NV351 vs NV355

NameShark NV351Shark NV355
Features- The new portable Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum is a versatile and powerful upright vacuum designed for deep cleaning on all floor surface types- Never Loses Suction technology ensures that you don't experience plugs or clogs - Lightweight, extra-large capacity portable canister can handle large messes effortlessly

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are great vacuums to choose if you are having a tight budget but if you want to have the better among these two, we will recommend you to pick Shark NV355.

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