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Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 vs NV352

Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important thing you have to own when you start to live alone. This appliance will not only help you clean around the house but also help you to do it easier. Manufacturer like Shark have numerous collection in their catalogue to offer such as Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 Vs NV352. They are alike but a little bit different and are fairly affordable. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see their difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352
– What Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352 Look Like
– What Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352 can offer to you
– Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 vs NV352

Upright Vacuum
House chores is never a fun thing to do and it is indeed tiring, moreover, if we already spend so much of our daily hours working outside or taking care of our children. No matter how tired and a hassle it is, cleaning is still need to be done because dirty house is definitely not pleasant to see and then, it may brings some illness to our self or family members. To ease people clean and free their house from debris and dust, vacuum cleaner is invented since many years ago.

Vacuum cleaner has been around for quite some time now and yet still the most effective appliance to clean our house. Even though, the types and forms are different, vacuum is created to do the same job. The most traditional vacuum is probably the upright one and this model is having an advantage over the other such as more affordable or effective due to the motoric brush yet, motoric brush may also found in other types of vacuum as well depend on the model.

About Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352
As it has been mentioned above, one of the most popular advantage of upright vacuum is being affordable which is why there are many of them out there that comes in a friendly price so you don’t have to dig in too deep into your pocket when purchasing for one. Another thing you may want to consider when purchasing a vacuum is the manufacturer because a trusted company will most likely also offer dependable products in their catalogue just like Shark with their NV series.

The NV series is probably one of the most popular model for those who are looking for affordable vacuums even though they are still above $100, the price should be reachable for most people. The series actually have numerous products that come with similar capability, technology or features which is why it can be a bit confusing when choosing for one. However, the most popular vacuum on the line is the NV352 that shares too much similarities with NV351 but with a slightly more expensive price.

Apparently, just like many other manufacturers in the market, Shark also don’t provide enough information about the difference between their products and it is understandable for most of them are meant for marketing purpose. Following the name, the NV351 is probably an older model from the company and since it is more affordable, it is also not unusual to think that there will be some features or material difference between the two. Before we are moving forward, the NV351 seems to be developed for Walmart to be cheaper than NV352.

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352 Design
As you can see from the picture, both of Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352 are very similar to each other and there are actually no difference between the two even when you place them side by side. The overall look of these vacuums are very mediocre and not that interesting to the eyes. They are equally made from a combination of durable ABS and PP plastics with some metal and rubber components, so they are actually light enough around 12.5 pounds.

They are also quite comfortable when operated measuring around 45.2” x 11.4” x 12.4” to make the body easy enough to maneuver and taken around the house for wider cleaning area. What’s unfortunate is the cord length that is not long enough to cover a wider area for they are only measures at 30 feet maximum without any automatic winding, so you have to deal with the cable manually when storing them back. Read also: Shark NV352 Vs NV356E here.

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352 Features
The first thing we are worried when looking for a vacuum cleaner is probably the suction power since this is the part that will decide if they are powerful enough to help you deal with the dust and debris in your house or not. Well, you don’t have to worry since both of NV351 and NV352 are having a decently powerful suction to offer effective cleaning in both hard floor and carpet. This is not the most powerful you can get in the market of course but for the price point, you can already get a dependable result.

These vacuums are also having a wide cleaning path at 12.4”, so you don’t have to move them around extensively to achieve a clean surface. Commonly, the issue with upright vacuum is they can’t be lift away to clean above-floor areas and this makes many people purchase both types of vacuums to deal with each jobs but if you choose Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 or NV352, you don’t have to worry anymore since just like the name, they are able to be lifted.

With these vacuums, you can detach the body into several parts and the connect them again to form a canister vacuum separating the dust bin with the main body and use the hose to directly clean surfaces such as furniture and curtain or other places easily. When you move the canister from its main body, the unit itself becomes lighter around 8 pounds, so you can carry it effortlessly with one hand while the other is used to handle the hose and perform cleaning.

Another good thing about these vacuums is the handle itself because unlike many other budget vacuums, they are not fixed which is why the product description said they are steerable. What they means here is not you can move the vacuum like you control your vehicle but since the handle is not fixed, you can move the head more flexibly and then reduce the amount of movement you need to do when cleaning around the house. This feature will also allow you to reach more areas with less effort in your side.

These vacuums have the same dust compartment capacity around 1.2 dry quarts until the fill line but the actual maximum real usable capacity is more than twice the number, so you don’t have to clean it pretty often for regular use. What’s even good here is they use an easy bottom-empty design for quick and removal thus, making you don’t have to touch the dirt directly since you can just open the lid and let them flow into your garbage can.

What’s making it more confusing when choosing between the two is because they are also coming and listed with the same tools including upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. These tools are very useful to deal with many different surfaces or areas in your house such as reaching into deep and narrow spaces between your cushion, under baseboards or to help dust away the surfaces of your lamp shades, window blinds, furniture and other household items.

What’s difference here is since the NV351 is cheaper than the other, it is have to scarify the length of crevice tool and make it shorter than what you can get from NV352. As you may already know, upright vacuums are famous for their motoric brush and you can get them in either of these models but there will be a slight difference here because the brush type will be different from one to the other to make the cost more efficient.

Considering a vacuum over other model or other products will also require you to check about their filtering system since this is an important part to help you get cleaner air and prevent the dust that has been taken being dispense again along with the air. Thankfully, both of Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 and NV352 are coming with multi-level of filters placed in both before and after the motor to make sure the dust are kept inside.

To make the filtering more effective, they use HEPA filter that is proven to trap 99.99% of particle which is why they can be used even for those who are living with allergy. In term of noise, they are decently quiet; they are not completely noiseless but they are also not noisy when operate either.

Now, let’s compare Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 with NV352. As you may already know, they are coming with the same features and capabilities as well as tools included and what separate them are only the length of crevice tool as well as the brush type for their motoric brush head.

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV351 vs NV352

NameShark Navigator Lift Away NV351Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352
Features- Superior cleaning on all surface types -The new portable Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum is a versatile and powerful upright vacuum designed for deep cleaning on all floor surface types- Lift-Away. Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-to-reach areas - Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter. Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option if you are looking for a dependable upright that can be converted to lift vacuum with a limited budget. However, if the price gap is not an issue, we will recommend you to pick NV352 instead for it should offer a slightly better benefit as well.

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