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Shark Lift Away Vs Powered Lift Away

Living in a clean and comfortable space without having to put much effort is the dream of many but even home automation still can’t perform properly without your assistant. If you prefer to work around the house manually, Shark Lift Away Vs Powered Lift Away are two reliable vacuum cleaners that can help you maintain the house effectively. For those who wonder which of them will fit you the most, do check our article below to see what each one of them can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Vacuum Cleaner to Purchase
  • What are Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away
  • What Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away Look Like
  • How are the Cleaning Ability of Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away
  • What Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away can offer
  • How are the Performance of Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away
  • Shark Lift Away Vs Powered Lift Away

Vacuum Cleaner

As an adult we have to be responsible for many things and one of them is maintaining the house where we live because we are the one who are using it, unless you pay someone to do the job. Chances are we already so tired from the daily schedule both if you are a student and adult living alone or with a family so sometimes it is a struggle just to get things done around the house. But, if the traffic is not too high, we can manage with weekly cleaning.

When moving from our parent’s house or starting to become independent, the first appliance you have to buy besides the kitchen utensils, cookware, or appliance is the house cleaning tools and among all, vacuum cleaners is the most important to have. This appliance is the one that will help you care for the house, especially flooring and various other surfaces that can be swiped or brushed by their cleaning head. Different people may have different needs but a vacuum cleaner is almost like a must-have.

 Shark Lift Away Shark Powered Lift Away
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches
Shipping Weight12.5 pounds15.4 pounds

In general you can choose to have either a standard upright vacuum, a canister vacuum, a stick vacuum, or the more modern robot vacuum depending on which seems fit in the house. Upright vacuum is probably best when it comes to suction power as they are often very strong even against thick carpets but they are heavy and if you prefer something that glides easily, the canister may be the better choice. This type is ideal for hard-flooring and will have various attachments as well.

Since upright vacuum is quite bulky, one of the complaints is they are very tiring to move around which is why we have a stick vacuum today which is not only very light, bagless, but can use battery power source as well in certain models such as Hoover Linx Vs Linx Signature. But, the drawback is since they are used with batteries, the capacity will be far less thus, we can’t work on a large area at once.

In addition, there are also robot vacuums which can be a great addition to your home automation system. The appliance is convenient for people with less to worry about and have a fairly clean house as the biggest drawback of a robot vacuum is always their suction power. But, they can be scheduled to work automatically even everyday so then we don’t have to do a routine cleaning and some may even have a mopping function too to help you finish the job.

About Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away

If you are here then you are also currently looking for a new vacuum cleaner whether it is your first buy or to replace the older unit that starts to wear out and is not effective anymore. Shopping for a new vacuum cleaner can be very complicated because there are so many of them out there and all seem promising which is why it is difficult to find that one that fits you the most. But, if you want to shop faster, then we can just stick to popular choices.

There is no 100 percent guarantee that these vacuums will work as amazing for you but there is a high chance that they will do well and this can save you much time from checking out every manufacturer out there. Talking about vacuum cleaners, Shark is one of the most common options many of us are going with because this electronic brand is just convenient and has lots to offer from the coffee maker in your kitchen to varying types of vacuum cleaner.

This brand is also very affordable if you want to keep the budget low as they priced their products very competitively but, for those who wish to use this vacuum to tackle various surfaces in the house, the Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are popular choices when users want to care for their flooring but also need something to help them maintain the above floor area and keep them clean using the same appliance.

As the name suggests, the two are pretty much the same to each other but the price point suggests differently and this is why we all wonder what sets them apart and which of them will be your better choice. In comparison, Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away are capable of the same function so in general you can do floor and above floor cleaning with any of them but the latter may have some additional convenient features.

Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these two are looking very much the same in terms of design but they are almost like models from different companies when you look at the color scheme and details. The Lift Away which is NC352 here is very simple with a plain stick handle and a light purple fashion combined with a see through canister which can be detached from the handle and cleaning head. It has a 25 feet cord and 45.5 inches tall weighing at 13 lbs.

On the other hand the Powered Lift Away or the NV752 is more modern or elegant if we may say. This vacuum has Bordeaux finish with some silver list across the unit but the canister is still the transparent type with slightly more capacity than the NV352. This vacuum also has a long 30 feet power cord, a height of 45 inches and weight of almost 17 lbs. As opposed to the simple stick of Lift Away, this variant has a thick, digital control panel on the handle.

Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away Capabilities

Moving further, we want to talk about what Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away can offer and these vacuums are very much the same here. What’s so convenient about these two is the fact that we can detach the canister from the vacuum stick itself, transferring it into a hand-carry system that we can use to clean various other surfaces like stairs and furniture or curtain. The detachable canister is housing the motor and we can connect it to an extension wand to proceed.

There will be an extension wand in the box with these vacuums that type can be adjusted to follow which area you will want to clean. Attaching and detaching them are very easy as there are joints that just snap together. In their full-size form, the motor and suction panel is connected to the cleaning head measured at 9 and 10 inches respectively with a wind-powered motor to move the brush.

Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away Features

As a basic model, we don’t think there are any fancy functions here because Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away are very simple. What makes the Powered Lift Away more expensive besides the redesigned appearance is probably the convenient control which is placed conveniently as well. The cheaper vacuum is actually featured with the same adjustment for the brush with either hard floor, carpet/low pile, or thick carpet so then we can adjust the vacuum’s capabilities but is placed on the cleaning head instead of on the handle.

Shark Lift Away and Powered Lift Away Performance

The last part we want to talk about is their performance and in this part we do think both of them have the same motor or at least something similar to each other because their wattage and amps seem to be closely similar as well. What makes the experience better with Powered Lift Away is actually the additional head light in this vacuum which is missing from the cheaper variant. You may wonder why it is so important as we have lamps and mostly vacuuming in broad daylight.

The reason is because this headlamp is so bright and it allows you to see better, especially under the furniture and tricky places where it is not as easy to see clearly. The lamp will illuminate what’s in front of it and this makes the cleaning ability and performance of this vacuum become more effective.

Shark Lift Away Vs Powered Lift Away

These close brothers are almost like the other version of each other as they are operating in the same manner but there is not that much of difference between the two as well if you are looking for additional capabilities. But, the headlamp in Powered Lift Away of this SV752 is indeed very helpful when it comes to optimizing your cleaning routine.

- Lift-away: Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-to-reach areas.
- Anti-allergen complete seal technology and a HEPA filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
- Powerful and lightweight upright vacuum. Portable and versatile at only 12.5 pounds
- Brushroll shutoff allows for both deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning
- Shark's original full-sized Powered Lift-Away. The pod detaches to deep-clean hard-to-reach areas while still delivering power to keep the brushroll spinning.
- Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
- Large capacity with full-size performance for a whole-home clean
- LED headlights to spot hidden debris.


All in all you can go amazing with just any of them but the latter is quite more expensive in comparison. Yet, for those who do not really have to shop on a budget, we do like this vacuum better just for its headlamp.

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