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Shark HV382 vs HV381

We all need to vacuum our house when it get dirty to keep the dust and debris away since dirty house is just too unpleasant to the eyes. If you only have hard flooring, you can sweep them from time to time but carpet will need a vacuum cleaner. Shark as one of the most well-known in the market have many dependable items like Shark HV382 vs HV381. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see which unit fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Shark HV382 and HV381
– What Shark HV382 and HV381 Look Like
– What Shark HV382 and HV381can offer to you
– Shark HV382 vs HV381

Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Among those house care tools, vacuum cleaner is the staple you will need in your house, moreover, if you have many carpet or soft flooring since it is impossible to clean them effectively if you only use a broom. A good vacuum will help you loosen the dirt on the surface and then clean them with the suction, so you don’t have to collect them manually and compared to more traditional method, vacuuming will require less effort and time as well.

Vacuum cleaner is available in several types and each one of them may be better for your house or just right for your preference since they are made and designed to provide a different main benefit. Of course all vacuum cleaners will help you clean the house since they work in the same manner but the design is also an important part you may want to consider if you need to find the one that can deliver you the better convenience.

Generally, they are separated into 4 types consisting of upright, stick, canister and robot vacuum and we are sure you already know how to tell them apart from each other. For those who want to use and get the benefit of an upright vacuum but don’t want to carry the bulk or searching the one that can be lifted and operated simply, the option will be Stick vacuum. In design, they are very similar to upright and operated the same way but way slimmer and lighter in built.

About Shark HV382 and HV381
There are so many manufacturers out there offering stick vacuum or any other type of vacuums and even though they can provide the similar capabilities, only some of them have the power you will surely love or in an affordable price, so you don’t have to think twice when spending the amount. One company that always provide many great products is Shark Ninja and this brand actually also manufactured several types of house appliance not only in the house care category which is why you often see their name everywhere.

The brand have numerous popular vacuum cleaner and most of them are either upright or stick vacuum because they are proved to be able to deliver a dependable performance and result for the users. Read also: Shark HV382 Vs HV322 here.

If you are looking for a stick vacuum then you will need to check on Shark HV382 and HV381 because these two are very popular among users with similar capabilities and features. Just like many of their vacuums, these two are actually the same model but separated by something in their package that can make the vacuum able to deliver a better cleaning in a specific area, so it is important for you to also know which item that will give you a better benefit.

Shark HV382 and HV381 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of these vacuums are very similar to each other and actually, they are identical if not for the different color option to tell them apart. This is a good thing since we can separate the instantly even without reading the model information label because HV381 is grey and HV381 is blue while other models in the line may have cinnamon as color option.

Just like their other vacuums, these two are made mainly from plastic with some metal and rubber components. To promote ease of use, they are very lightweight at approximately 10 pounds and measures around 46.5” tall, 9.8” wide, and 10.2” deep. The cord length however is not too long at 30 feet but is still decent enough to allow you reach wider area.

Shark HV382 and HV381 Features
When you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, one of the most important thing you probably want to know is whether it can provide a good suction to take all of those dust and debris from your flooring since this will determine whether you can rely on the vacuum or not. In this side, you don’t have to worry because both of Shark HV382 and HV381 are coming with the same powerful suction and it is already proven by many of their users.

Since we are talking about stick vacuum, one feature that you will need to pay attention to is their motorized brush because when you are cleaning a carpet area, these brushes will help you do better cleaning. In this side, both of these vacuums are unique with their DuoClean Technology which means unlike other vacuums that only have one brush, they are coming with an additional brush in the cleaning head to promote better cleaning especially when you are dealing with carpet or rug.

You will notice these brushes when you lift the vacuum or detach the cleaning head and check the bottom part. Usually you will see one motorized brush with some bristles lining in a cylinder rod which is used to agitate the dirt in your carpet but now Shark HV382 and HV381 have additional brush located at the front of the head and different from the older brush, this one have far smaller and smoother bristles but also denser. When the movement of these brushes are combined, they can deliver a more effective cleaning result.

Just like other vacuums with motorized brush, there is one issue here when you want to clean hard flooring because a powerful and stiff brushes will sometimes scratch the surface of some type hard flooring which is why some people don’t prefer to use this type of vacuum. To deal with this problem, Shark featured a speed option into these vacuum cleaners that you can do with a switch located near the handle consisting of 2 different speed for both soft and bristle brushes.

The first speed is recommended to be used in hard flooring or delicate carpet because this setting will rotate the brush slowly and thanks to the movement, the soft brush will be able to trap fine dust and large particles while the bristle brush will direct them into its suction channel. The second speed is the higher option and will move both brushes in faster rotation to pick up the dust or debris that stuck in your carpet lower part or when you are cleaning high-pile carpet.

When we are cleaning our house, floor is not the only areas you need to put some works on because above-floor will need an attention as well. To allow you clean higher areas such as curtain, cabinet or similar places, both of Shark HV382 and HV381 are capable to be converted as wand or handheld vacuum by removing the cleaning head and or hose. To remove the cleaning head, there is a foot pedal that you can press with foot conveniently while the hose can be removed by pressing the wand release button.

When you remove one or both of them, you can attach any of the accessories or tools they have come with to perform above-floor cleaning. Coming with the vacuum cleaner, you will get several additional tool consisting of mini motorized brush and crevice tool for HV381 while HV381 will have pet multi-tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. This is the part where the both vacuums are separated to each other because in term of machine, both of them are the same.

As you can see, Shark HV382 have what they called as Mini Motorized brush which is actually the upgrade of pet multi-tool and this is a good additional into the vacuum since then you can capture the hair in your upholstery or other similar part more efficiently. To make the vacuum keep their dust and small debris inside the compartment, both of them used multi-level filtering system in both pre and post motor, so you can be sure even the smaller dust won’t get dispensed again with the air.

You also don’t have to replace them often since they are washable but it is always recommended to wash them according to the usage. Unfortunately, they are still not using HEPA filter in case you are having a bad allergy against dust.

Now, let’s compare Shark HV382 with HV381. As you may already know, both of the vacuum are the same unit but different in the package because HV382 is coming with better tool that will be useful when you are dealing with hair or pet fur while the other vacuum is coming with the more traditional version of the tool.

Shark HV382 vs HV381

NameShark HV382Shark HV381
Features- DuoClean Technology features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look- DUO CLEAN Technology – integrated dual brushroll system, in one single head, for unbelievable hard floor and carpet cleaning

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option if you are looking for a dependable stick vacuum that can deal with above-floor cleaning as well. But, if you want the better among them, we will recommend you to pick Shark HV382.

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