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Shark HV382 vs HV322

Among several types of vacuum cleaners out there, Stick vacuum is a good option for those who are looking for a versatile item without the bulk and still able to provide a powerful performance. Shark as one of the most well-known manufacturer have good items like Shark HV382 vs HV322 which coming with a similar look and capabilities. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see which model suit your preference better or available in the most affordable price.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Shark HV382 and HV322
– What Shark HV382 and HV322 Look Like
– What Shark HV382 and HV322 can offer to you
– Shark HV382 vs HV322

Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Depend on what you need, finding the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your house will take some time gathering the products that took your interest in the market and finally find the one with all the features you wished to have. Among the several types of vacuum available, one of them may be better for you but it doesn’t mean the other is less useful since all of them are serving the same purpose even though power and versatility are differ from one model to another.

Some people may prefer upright vacuum over canister because they are more affordable and has motorized brush when most of their flooring are carpet to provide better result while some may prefer canister because it is lighter and easy to use for both floor and above-floor cleaning. Those with less to spend time probably want to use robot vacuum instead since they can be operated without assistance but if you need the one between upright and canister then a stick vacuum will be a good choice.

This type of vacuum is generally looking just like an upright and operated in the same manner but due to the light frame and smaller built overall, stick vacuum is also more lightweight and slim enough to be moved and operated with less effort. Since they are fairly light, you can lift them easily when doing above-floor cleaning such as when taking the dust in your curtain or cabinet and other similar areas. Depend on the manufacturer and model, they can be with cord or cordless for better convenience.

About Shark HV382 and HV322
When we are looking for some products, most of the time we also consider about the manufacturer because a well-known manufacturer with a good reputation will most likely to offer good products as well. Shark as one of the most popular house appliance manufacturer also offer a huge collection of vacuum cleaner in various types and many of them are also popular among users because not only they can provide a dependable results, they are also priced fairly affordable for most users, so we don’t have to spend too much to get a good items.

Among those many vacuum cleaners from the brand, Shark HV382 and HV322 are standing out so much from the rest due to their popularity and ability to help you free your house from dust, debris or other dry mess while the price point they offered is making them available for wider market. Many users give a good review on these items and even though they seems to have the same features, they are not an identical items, so you may prefer one over the other after knowing the difference.

Shark HV382 and HV322 Design
As you can see from the picture, both of these vacuums are already very different from each other and it is a good thing actually since we can tell them apart instantly without having to read the product’s model anymore. Shark HV382 and HV322 are mainly made from plastic material but combined with different materials such as metal and rubber components. When you place them side by side, the form factor may made them looks just the same but if you try lifting them, the HV322 is actually lighter than the other. Read also: Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 here.

Shark HV382 and HV322 Features
The first thing you probably want to know when looking for a vacuum cleaner is how good the suction power is. The company doesn’t provide enough information on the exact measurement but according to many users, both of these vacuums are very capable in term of cleaning and taking the dust or debris in your flooring or other surfaces without losing its power even after several used except when the filter is clogged or need to be washed. They are not the most powerful you can get in the market but for the price point, they are decently powerful.

Just like upright vacuum, stick vacuum is also popular because of the moving brush located at the cleaning head which is very useful when you are cleaning carpet or any soft flooring in your house because the movement will help agitate the stubborn or embedded dust in your carpet and make them much looser to be taken easily with the vacuum suction power. Shark HV382 and HV322 have this moving brush but there is a prominent difference here.

This is because Shark HV382 is equipped with two moving brushes; one is the brushroll and the other is the soft roller that both move at the same time to provide better cleaning ability for your flooring. At the other hand, Shark HV322 is only equipped with one moving brush to help the vacuum do better cleaning and take those stubborn dirt to be cleaned. The benefit of two brush over this model is because they can trap fine dust and larger particles while directing them into the suction panel.

At the end, you will also have a better cleaning ability from the vacuum compared to those that only come with one moving brush. One problem some people may face with moving brush is when they are dealing with hard flooring since some type of hard flooring may have delicate surface and these brushes can damage them if moved too fast. To allow the user adjust the speed and making the vacuum more versatile when dealing with different flooring in your house there is a speed adjustment located near the handle.

Both of Shark HV382 and HV322 have this adjustment switch and they are consisting of two speed option “I” and “II”. As you can expect, the “I” option is used when you are cleaning bare floors because in this setting the brush roll will move slowly which is also useful when cleaning delicate rugs area. At the other hand, the “II” option will move the brush roll at a higher speed that is good when you are cleaning carpet to help agitate the embedded dirt better.

When cleaning our house, it is not limited to the floor only and we will need to clean above-floor areas as well but it is almost impossible to do it when we have an upright vacuum that can’t be lifted. This is one of the good capability of stick vacuum since they are lighter for better ease of use and Shark HV382 and HV322 are capable to do it as well because you can detach the cleaning head and attach other tool to do above-floor cleaning.

What you need to do is only remove the cleaning head by pressing the foot pedal or pressing the wand release button if you want to convert the vacuum into a handheld one. The next step is choosing and attaching the tool you want to use for specific jobs. Just like many other vacuums, there will be a set of additional tools in the package but both of Shark HV382 and HV322 may have different tools included by the manufacturer.

If you choose Shark HV382, you will get a set consisting of pet multi-tool and crevice tool while if you pick HV322 you will get Hard Floor Hero Attachment, pet multi-tool, duster crevice tool, and multi-angle dusting brush. As you can see, HV322 have Hard Floor Hero attachment which is used to increase the vacuum ability when it comes to cleaning hard floor. Unfortunately, the tool is not suitable with HV382, so if you would like to use the tool, the other model will be a better option.

Another good thing about Shark HV382 and HV322 is the LED lights located in their cleaning head which will turn on automatically when you turn on the vacuum. This feature is good when you are cleaning hard to reach and darker areas to better see what you are reaching. As for the filter, they are not coming with HEPA filter unfortunately but they used multi stage filtering and you can wash them when needed or when the vacuum is starting to lose its suction.

Now, let’s compare Shark HV382 with HV322. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two is the fact that HV382 is coming with two brushrolls in its cleaning head while the other only have one. Another difference is on the tools included because HV322 has more tools in the package compared to the other.

Shark HV382 vs HV322

NameShark HV382Shark HV322
Features- DuoClean Technology features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look - Ultra-lightweight - it converts into a 4.6lbs hand vac for versatile above-floor cleaning- Ultra-lightweight. At under 9 lbs, it converts into a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning - Hard Floor Hero picks up surface litter and stuck-on debris, providing superior bare floor cleaning - Pet Multi-Tool. Designed to capture embedded pet hair on all surfaces

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option if you are looking for a dependable stick vacuum but if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Shark HV382 because of its dual brushrolls which should be able to deliver a better performance than HV322.

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