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Sebo X4 vs Miele S7

Upright vacuum is the most traditional vacuum available today and even though the design has been around for quite some time; there are so many people still using and loving them because of their dependability. Among those many upright out there, Sebo X4 vs Miele S7 are very popular with their ability to free your house from dust or debris. If you are currently confused about which to choose between these vacuums, go check our article below to see which item fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Sebo X4 and Miele S7
– What Sebo X4 and Miele S7 Look Like
– What Sebo X4 and Miele S7 can offer to you
– Sebo X4 vs Miele S7

Who doesn’t own a vacuum these days? Almost all people are using vacuum to clean their house and this is like one of the most important house care appliance you should pick when living on your own. Some people may not stress about what and which vacuum to purchase but if you want to get the best result, make sure you are also purchasing the one that meets your requirements whether it is about the vacuum type, features and how many you are willing to spend.

Many great products are coming in not so affordable price and it is understandable because just like what the old say, “you got what you pay” is still very relevant to this day. For those who are on a really tight on budget and are willing to spend a little bit more to get what they want. You may need to check brand like Sebo and Miele because they have many great items available in the market that of course, have a good performance and durability. Read also: Hoover UH72400 Vs UH70400 here.

About Sebo X4
Most people probably don’t know how many brands out there offering vacuum cleaner and it is okay since we are not going to check all of them. Among all those brands, there is Sebo which is probably not as very popular like Dyson or Shark but they are actually have several great items on their catalogue. Their products are not the most affordable you can get out there but just as we mentioned earlier, they are having a good performance compared to many others.

For those who are wondering which country this brand is based on, well you don’t have to worry about their quality because Sebo is based in German and just like what you expect, they are really making their products with German legendary performance. The brand have several products available but their flagship is the Sebo X4 which is probably among the best vacuum you can get out there if you are fine with the price. The X series is designed to ensure your home becoming cleaner while needing less effort on your side.

Sebo X4 Design
As you can see from the picture, Sebo X4 is an upright and it is even using an older classic design which somehow give a vintage nuance for the item. This vacuum is both sleek and lightweight as an upright around 16.3 pounds as well as designed good enough to let you maneuver it while cleaning and you won’t even need to lift it unless when moving the vacuum to different floor. What’s even impressive is this one is having a 40 foot long cord, so you can get a longer cleaning area.

Sebo X4 Features
Sebo X4 is simple with no much things going on but definitely have serious power with airflow that rated at 103.8 CFM and you can feel how good it is after replacing the old bag with the new one. For power input, this vacuum is having 12 amp motor 13000 watts, so it is understandable why it can provide such a good dust taking power. The amount of power is good enough and not too powerful nor too strong, so you can rest assure when cleaning more delicate surfaces.

When you look at the unit, you will probably thinking that this vacuum is hard to maneuver but in fact this one is the opposite. What makes it very easy and effective when cleaning your house is the electronic height adjustment. This feature will let the vacuum adjusting its height automatically, so you can have the perfect setup for any different surfaces in your house. To accommodate different angle and position of your surfaces, the handle of Sebo X4 can be laid flat to clean under furniture or other home décor.

As for the filtration, you don’t have to worry about the dust that being trapped inside the dust compartment are going to dispensed out there again since the whole body of this vacuum is sealed. Sebo X4 is using Hospital-grade filtration, so it is friendly for people with allergies and asthma. The filtration system is utilizing 3 layers of filter; the bags which will hold the debris inside, S-class micro filters to traps airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, and exhaust filters placed on the vacuum motor.

As a Sebo vacuum, Sebo X4 is using the company’s dust bag which is some of the best you can get out there. This one is having a great capacity of 1.4 gallons and since this bag material is ensuring a HEPA filtration, you don’t have to worry about dust being inside the machine or near the bag. Just like many other vacuum, this one also come with a standard tools such as crevice tool, dusting brush, and an upholstery tool, but when you choose the Pet version, you will also get an additional Turbo Brush and extension hose.

About Miele S7
If you are wondering if there are any other dependable vacuum that you can choose or just want to find a more affordable version of Sebo X4 without scarifying quality, let us introduce you to Miele S7. For those who never heard of this brand before, just like Sebo, they are made and based in German, so you don’t have to worry about either their quality or performance. They are also having a long history and experience on their sleeve to make sure you are getting a high-quality products.

Among all of those vacuums in their catalogue, one of the most popular is Miele S7 series which is consisting of several vacuums and in this article, we are talking about the widely loved S7260. This vacuum is the company’s older model because they are already offering a new line for the product but this also means you can get them at a lower price. Just like the product says, this model is designed to deal with things that pet owner will often stressed for, their furs.

Miele S7 Design
Looking at Miele S7 from the outside, this vacuum looks pretty with its overall design as well as kind of look pleasant to the eye. It is built by mainly plastic material in its whole body but they are not flimsy at all with shiny glossy finish making it even more beautiful. The item is measuring at 8.84” x 45” x 15.15 inches and weighing around 21 pounds. The cord coming with this vacuum is also extra-long at 39 foot to allow you to clean a wider area in one go.

Miele S7 Features
When you try to use this vacuum for the first time, you will understand why it is loved by many people. Miele S7 is having a more than decent suction power thanks to its 1200 watts input to power the 4.800 rpm electro brush. Just like many great vacuums out there, it is also able to automatically adjust the height depend on your surfaces to deliver the best performance across carpets, rugs and bare floors, moreover, the power is adjustable via a rotary dial, so you can decide how much power you want.

Miele S7 is using bag to contain the dust taken by its suction power and this bag is having a big capacity measuring at 1.6 gallons which means you don’t have to empty it often depend on how wide is the area you are going to clean. This bag itself is part of this vacuum filtration system to keep dust being dispense again into the next step. The next layer of filtration is utilizing Active Clear Filter with its similar to HEPA performance.

However, if you want, you may also get the HEPA filter instead of this filter even though this one will perform just as good. In addition to the handle being able to be laid straight to allow you cleaning under furniture areas, it is even can be swiveled. This additional capabilities will help you steer the vacuum easier with minimum effort.

The head is also equipped with LED lights to illuminate darker or hidden areas. Coming with the unit, there are Turbo Brush nozzle which is very useful to deal with pet furs along with dust brush, crevice tool, telescopic wand, and hose.

Now, let’s compare Sebo X4 with Miele S7. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two is the ability to swivel the handle and LED light on the vacuum head which is not available in Sebo X4. The other difference is Miele S7 also offer manual adjustment for the suction power, so you can maintain the power.

Sebo X4 vs Miele S7

NameSebo X4Miele S7
Features- Extra Attachments (Extension Hose and Turbo Brush) - Perfect for Pet Owners - Electronic Height Adjustment keeps you Cleaning Correctly on all floor surfaces - Belts Guaranteed for the Life of the Machine- Patented SwivelNeck technology allows for extreme maneuverability - Automatic height adjustment - Active Air Clean Filter and Miele's AirClean Sealed System

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good option and you can’t get wrong with either of them, but after considering their features and price, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Miele S7.

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