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Samsung VR9000 vs Roomba 980

Robotic vacuum cleaner is a great option for those who are living in a busy life where they need to optimize every little time they have or for those who don’t want to vacuum manually. Among all of those modern items you can get out there Samsung VR9000 vs Roomba 980 are standing out among their peers with advanced technology and trusted performance. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see which unit will suit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Samsung VR9000 and Roomba 980
– What Samsung VR9000 and Roomba 980 Look Like
– What Samsung VR9000 and Roomba 980 can offer to you
– Samsung VR9000 vs Roomba 980

Robot Vacuum
It has been so long after vacuum cleaner is invented and being around our house for more than 2 generations. In the last several years, robotic vacuum seems to taken the spotlight by offering so many different and additional features to answer the rising demand of users who are not fond of doing the work themselves. It is true that robot vacuum is a great appliance to have around when you don’t have much time to deal with house care.

Not only they are able to work automatically and eliminates all the guesswork you need to do when vacuuming manually, many of them even equipped with more advanced technology to ease your work and raise the effectiveness of the vacuum altogether. Some more expensive high-end units are coming with sensor to detect dust and debris and even have wireless connection to let you command them from afar when you are not at home. Of course these features will need to pay the worth amount but it is considerably a wise investment to keep your house dust free.

About Samsung VR9000
It is a popular knowledge that the current robot vacuum market is dominated by the two big players; Roomba and Neato but, then a new player appeared. They are actually already very popular but not in this market to be exact. Samsung finally release their own robot vacuum the VR9000 a few years back and trying to steal the spotlight from the two main player. The company has claimed that it can surpass the other competitor in term of cleaning ability but a claim like this should always be taken with a grain of salt.

This model is actually not a new item since it is released quite some time ago around 2014 and when it was first launched, the unit is priced so high up there even higher than the competitors so, many people are having a huge expectation over the vacuum. However, since the company already launched another several units along the years, now you can get it in far more affordable price. One of the best feature you can get from Samsung VR9000 is it can follow where you point the remote at.

Samsung VR9000 Design
Different from most robot vacuum that cover their inner parts and conceal the process/machine, it seems that Samsung is doing the opposite by showing them off to you. Instead of covering its parts, the brand proudly display it, especially the Cyclonic Force part. Taste is very subjective and you may prefer the way it is or not but we do think it is unique and quite fascinating to see. The overall design is making the vacuum already stands out from the rest which is good to take people attention instantly.

The drawback by making the vacuum looks like how it is now is because they are fairly taller than many other since the height made them not able to slide below many of your upholstery. Another drawback is how heavy it is so you will definitely needs two hand when moving the vacuum from one place to another in your house.

Samsung VR9000 Features
When we are talking about Samsung VR9000, one of the most notable thing you will need to know is how it can get noisy when operating thanks to the nearly matching jet-engine-esque Neato XV Signature Pro machine but to handle this inconvenience, they have a Silence mode here, so when you activate the mode the vacuum will produce less noise; even though it can’t go very quiet. The difference is also minor, so it may depend on your ear whether they will help or not.

Among all the features, the prominent and what Samsung VR9000 is boasting is the Point Cleaning mode which you can operate in a similar way like when you are playing with your cat with a laser pointer because this robot vacuum will follow where you point the laser pointer and clean the specific area conveniently. When you point the laser at a point, the vacuum will move towards the point and do the cleaning but it will move slowly.

This feature will comes in handy when you have dirty spots in your house and can be very handy when your carpet needs a quick clean. Before cleaning your rooms, the vacuum will use its array of sensor and upward facing, ceiling-tracking camera to maps out the room and locate where the obstacles are at. Once it finish, Samsung VR9000 will cleans up the hard and soft flooring in an order like rows and columns which is a very efficient strategy.

In performance, Samsung VR9000 is good but definitely can go better because unlike many of its competitors, this one doesn’t come with a side brush which will make it won’t able to do against wall cleaning effectively. When tested, the vacuum also seems to not able to clean the areas to the immediate left and right of the base station, probably because the vacuum is afraid of bumping into its base station.

About Roomba 980
It is always good to have another option when we are looking for something and if you are interested in high-end robotic vacuum then you have to check one of the most popular brand’s one like Roomba 980. As the synonym of robot vacuum, this brand is the choice of so many people because they offer both affordable and expensive products in their catalogue to answer the demand of their users. Just like many others, this one is not a dutiful item and you can’t rely on them to do deep cleaning.

However, the vacuum is a good option if you are not lacking in budget and want to keep your flooring dust free without much effort. Taken from Wired, one of the best thing about Roomba 980 is it required less clean up beforehand because the vacuum will avoid cords and toys laying on the floor pretty well while if you want to prevent it from entering a specific area, you can always use the virtual wall barriers.

Roomba 980 Design
If you ever use or seen a Roomba robot vacuum before you will get a familiar feeling with this one because it looks just like any other vacuums from the brand. It is in circular shape with black trimmings and near-futuristic look together with a fairly short height, making it should be able to slide below your furniture. The weight of Roomba 980 is around 8.7 pounds and with a built-in handle, you can carry it from a level to another in your home conveniently. Read also: Bissell SmartClean 1605 vs Roomba 650 here.

Roomba 980 Features
If you flip the vacuum, you will see that it has a floor tracking sensor at the bottom with two rotating brushes and a spinning side brush to better capture more debris. These features itself are already very useful when you are dealing with dust and debris in your flooring and when combined with the suction, Roomba 980 offer a good performance across the flooring that you can always trust. Another great feature you will like is the VSLAM algorithm here.

This feature is using an algorithm to help the vacuum to simultaneously map and track combined with an upward facing camera on top of the unit. All of these features are used to create the map by capturing a picture of its locale and use the algorithm to determine its path based on the area and objects present around it. To create the best route, this vacuum will track as move along with taking picture and scan them while the sensor at the bottom will help the dust collection.

When tested, Roomba 980 definitely shows that it is a quick cleaner but it doesn’t mean the vacuum can outperform many of its competitors because it is still not that good. Depend on the type of debris you are dealing with and flooring, the vacuum can deliver a decent performance in larger debris or dust but show a weak cleaning when it comes to pet hair.

Now, let’s compare Samsung VR9000 with Roomba 980. As you may already know, both vacuums are using several sensor and additional camera to mapped out the areas they are going to clean to do better cleaning. But, there is a prominent difference between the two which is on the side brush because VR9000 is lacking the feature that makes it less dependable when it comes to cleaning against wall. However, this one have a unique function where you can use a remote with laser pointer to drive the vacuum to clean a specific area.

Samsung VR9000 vs Roomba 980

NameSamsung VR9000Roomba 980
Features- Powerful robotic cleaning with 60X more suction than the previous model* - Cyclone Force reduces clogging and maintains suction power - Visionary Mapping Plus System creates the optimal cleaning path- iRobot HOME App lets you clean, schedule, & customize cleaning preferences from your smartphone - Cleans an entire level of your home with iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you can choose the one that will serve you the feature you want. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Roomba 980 because it is able to deliver better cleaning performance due to its side brush.

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