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Miele Complete C2 vs C3

Vacuum cleaner is arguably one of the most important house care equipment you should have to clean your house. Some people may prefer manual way by using a broom or similar tools but vacuum is the easiest tool to effectively and quickly clean your house. Among those many manufacturers, Miele is a well-known brands with many dependable items like Miele Complete C2 vs C3. If you are also confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see their differences.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Vacuum Cleaner
– What are Miele Complete C2 and C3
– What Miele Complete C2 and C3 Look Like
– What Miele Complete C2 and C3 can offer to you
– Miele Complete C2 vs C3

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner has been around for quite some time now and it is still used by people today to help them clean their house. This alone is a proof that this appliance is indeed very useful and apparently, we still can’t find another tool with more affectivity against the dust in our house. Vacuum cleaner may come in different form or model and types but they are operated the same way and the overall system are the same as well.

Vacuum cleaner, especially upright model is known to have brush roll in their cleaning head which is making the vacuum more effective and powerful when used in soft floor or carpet since the movement of this brush will agitate the dirt to make it loose enough for the suction power to take. In hard floor, many people prefer to use the vacuum without the brush roll to avoid damaging their flooring which is why canister is more popular for hard flooring.

However, the absent of brush roll in canister vacuum is also being a minus because it means the vacuum will rely itself completely on the suction power, so if the power is not strong enough, it will be ineffective against rug or high-pile carpet. Some high-end vacuum may equipped with brush roll even though they are canister but these models are usually quite expensive which makes it unreachable for some people with tighter budget. But, if you don’t have issue with the price, there are many canister vacuums out there that offer great power.

About Miele Complete C2 and C3
When we are looking for a product, we often also check their manufacturer to see if the company have a good record on making their product or not because this is the backbone of every product sold out there. A trusted manufacturer not only already have their own standard of quality but also offer support for their products, so you can rest assure if there is something wrong with your purchase. When talking about high quality vacuum, we can’t miss German brands like Miele.

Together with another brand such as Sebo, this manufacturer is one of the best if you are looking for high-end vacuums. Their products are definitely not a budget item because most of them are priced quite higher than even most popular brands in the market, but with the amount you pay, you don’t have to worry about how good their vacuums are able to perform. This company is house appliance manufacturer and offers several types of vacuums including upright, canister, stick and robot.

Among all of those vacuums, their canister and upright are standing out so much in the market but today we are going to talk only about the canister, so if you need to see their upright, go check our article on Sebo X4 vs Miele S7 here. This brand have several model into their canister vacuum and it is ranging from Miele Complete C1 until Miele Complete C3, but each one of them may have different variants due to their main benefit mainly on the control, so you have to read each one of their description to understand the best feature on the product.

Between the C1 until C3 model, their Complete C2 and C3 are very popular among so many users because of the dependable performance they can offer. All of the model is this line is actually very similar to each other and this is why many people are quite confused about which to choose since all of them are almost on the same level. What mostly separate them from each other is the offered control and additional tool that can be useful to clean a specific surface in your house.

Miele Complete C2 and C3 Design
To avoid mistaking the model for another, the two we are talking here are Complete C2 Hard Floor while the C3 is in Alize variant. As you can see, both of these models are very similar to each other even from the overall design because apparently, the line have similar look to each other. The easiest way to differentiate them is by looking at their control panel on the vacuum canister since the higher model will have an even modern control for your convenient.

Miele is not the only manufacturer to release several products with similar power and design since many other companies also do the same practice. If you wonder why they put numbers on these models, it is because the higher it gets the more expensive your vacuum will cost and it will also means the vacuum will have better power or control or convenience for you. A higher model may even cost twice than the lower model.

As it has been mentioned earlier, the easiest way to separate these models is by looking at the control. In C2, the control you need to adjust the vacuum is through a knob which means you have to bend down to access it. At the other side, the C3 is using buttons and you can operate it easier than a knob. If you are too lazy to bent down and press it with your hand, you can even press it with your foot. This type of operation may not recommended but we did that sometimes while vacuuming.

Miele Complete C2 and C3 Features
When it comes to power, since C2 and C3 are on different level then we also can expect some new motor here but apparently, both vacuums are listed with 1.200 W maximum output which means they are in par in the suction power side. Many people also give a good review on these power since even though you purchase the lower model, the suction is far better than many products out there even those in the same range of price, so we don’t think that C2 will be lacking.

Vacuums are identic with noise and no matter what the tool is, we always wish to have a quite appliances to be more comfortable when using them. With a great suction will also come a noisy vacuum, but thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it if you pick these vacuums. However, some users says that the higher model is producing more noise than the lower even though they are still fairly quiet than many other vacuums in the market.

Another good thing with Miele Complete C2 and C3 is the speed selection that you can access on the control panel which in the lower model through a knob and the higher model with button. This speed option is good since instead of stated with numbers, they are featured with pictures, so you will know what the exact speed you need for a specific surface. The amount of speed is 6 from minimum to max that cover from curtain to high-pile of carpet.

As it has been mentioned earlier, both of these vacuums are versatile enough to cover all the surfaces in your house and you won’t need to purchase or use another vacuum anymore to clean different areas. This is all thanks to the tools they are coming with; SBD 285-3 in C2 and AirTeQ in C3 are designed to deal with both hard flooring and carpet or rug. As you can see on the picture, both of these vacuums head have a switch and this is where you can adjust the head to deal with those surfaces properly.

What makes Complete C3 more expensive and a vacuum with better convenience is the automatic speed control speed setting. This feature will make your vacuum able to automatically decrease its suction when you move from hardwoods into carpeting and then increase the suction again when moving to smooth, solid flooring, making it require less energy and effort. As for the accessories, they also come with all the tools you can usually have when purchasing any other vacuums including telescopic stainless steel wand, dusting brush, crevice and upholstery tool while 3C is also added with 3D bumper.

Now, let’s compare Miele Complete C2 with C3. As you may already know, what separate them the most are the convenience in controlling the vacuums as well as the automatic speed adjustment. Another difference is C3 already comes with LED headlight to help you clean darker areas while if you want to have the same feature in C2, you must purchase the accessory separately.

Miele Complete C2 vs C3

NameMiele Complete C2Miele Complete C3
Features- The Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor has a 20-Year Average Life-Span - Extremely Lightweight and Powerful - Uses Miele's Powerful 1200 Watt Motor - Variable Speed Control - 6 Different Speeds allowing Perfect Suction for Drape, Rugs, Bare Floors and More!- Sbd650-3 AirTeq floor brush - Motor type:Powerline.Hepa AirClean filter - Automatic speed control setting - 36 foot operating radius. Caster wheels gentle on floors - +/- foot switch speed control

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are great products and you won’t be disappointed by either of them. However, if price is not an issue here, we will recommend you to pick Complete C3 because it offers better convenience and features.

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