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Ilife A4S vs A6

Choosing the right vacuum for your need is important since they are going to be useful when you need to clean the house from small debris and dust. Among those many vacuums in the market, robot vacuum is the most modern with an automatic features. As one of the most popular manufacturer out there, ILIFE has many dependable vacuums to offer like Ilife A4s vs A6. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see their difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
– What are Ilife A4S and A6
– What Ilife A4S and A6 Look Like
– What Ilife A4S and A6 can offer to you
– Ilife A4S vs A6

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Thanks to the invention of vacuum cleaner, we don’t need to swipe our house anymore to make it dust and debris free because now you can just use the vacuum to deal with them. The most traditional manual vacuum is upright which combine the dust compartment and hose as well as machine into one upright body that also comes with motoric brush to agitate the stubborn dirt mostly in carpet flooring yet, some high-end or expensive canister vacuum may also have the same feature.

This technology is also available in the more modern form which is in robotic vacuum. This type of vacuum is the favorite of many people because they are able to work independently without you have to move along with the vacuum, moreover, you can even make a schedule, so you won’t forget when you need to clean. Some more expensive model may also offer advanced features such as wireless connection and reporting through an app that you can download in your smart devices.

For those who spend a lot of time working or busy enough to do the job manually, robot vacuum is a great option to make your house dust free automatically. However, as you can expect, they are only useful when it comes to floor thus, above-floor cleaning will still need your effort. Another minus from this type of vacuum is they are commonly not as powerful as manual vacuum due to lack of pressure and suction power to agitate or take the dust, moreover, their dust bin is small so you have to empty it more often.

About Ilife A4S and A6
There are numerous robot vacuum manufacturers in the market developed and marketed by those who exclusively offer robot vacuum or those who initially made the more traditional types. Among those, ILIFE seems to already make a name for themselves due to their many dependable vacuums available in a friendlier price than competitors. For those who never use a robot vacuum, some of you probably think that they are expensive, but in fact there are affordable options out there who can work just as good.

Last year is a busy time for ILIFE since the company introduced a few units to upgrade their older model and finally add A6 and A4S into the line which is somehow have a similar features and capabilities even though they should be different. They are the upgrade of older A4, so if you ever used the vacuum, you will probably notice the difference right away after opening the package and examine the vacuum but to put it simply, what has been upgraded are including run time, brush, and motor.

Ilife A4S and A6 Design
Thankfully, unlike some manufacturers who decide to use the same design and look on their products and then cause confusion among the customers, ILIFE used different design and look to two of their latest addition so you can separate them easily. As you can see, the A6 is looking elegant in piano black color with a simple few buttons on the surface to operate the vacuum while A4S is looking calmer with the silver grey color option; still with minimal buttons on the surface.

Taste is very subjective but we do think that each one of them are pleasant to the eyes. You may can’t see it from the picture but if you place them side by side, the A6 is actually slightly taller than the other but it is still low enough to slide under your furniture for better cleaning result. They are also coming with remote control to program your vacuum but it is a bit unfortunate since they don’t included an invisible wall on the A4S package, so you have to make additional purchase.

Ilife A4S and A6 Features
Both of Ilife A4S and A6 are the upgrade of A4 but even though these two coming with a price gap, they actually have the same power in term of suction and the change seems to be happening on the other side. They are equally using the company newer Cylone Power technology that boast a strong suction but A6 is with the Gen 2 while the other is Gen 3. However, since they are not far apart, we don’t think the difference will be prominent when it comes to real operation.

What makes them will have a different result is due to the different type of brush used in both vacuums. If you are not sure yet, try flipping the vacuum and see the brush; here you will notice that A4S is using a similar brush like A4 but A6 is using bristleless brush which means they don’t have bristle and makes the unit will be easier to maintain. The design itself will be beneficial when you are dealing with hairs or have pet at home since there will be less tangled hair here.

However, the affectivity is questionable for it is well-known to use brush when you are dealing with hair. The A4S brush itself is indeed the same like the older model but the company upgrade it to be stiffer, so it can work better for either hair or dust. As it has been mentioned earlier, the motor used here are upgraded and now they are using brushless DC motor to extend the lifespan of your vacuum because they are more efficient. Read also: Bissell SmartClean 1605 vs Roomba 650 here.

To make these vacuum more convenient especially for those who are living in a small house or apartment, they are coming with a new feature called the Miniroom. Before we are talking about this technology, you have to understand how the vacuum work without it in default mode. In this mode, the vacuum will cycle through the room and do its cleaning pattern until the battery reach 20% or below, then they are going to shut of its motor and find the base for charging.

If you have small room, the vacuum will run for about 2 hours before back for charging. This amount of time is too much for a small room and if you use them like this, the probability of changing battery will comes more often. The Miniroom feature itself will make the vacuum reduce the amount of time cleaning to prolong the battery lifespan. Speaking about battery, this is also what separate the two prominently because A4S is able to stay up to 140 minutes while the other is only up to 100 minutes.

Just like other ILIFE robot vacuums, these two have remote and they are still the same remote you can get from other older models except V1 since they don’t have it. You can operate the vacuum manually through the remote such as increasing the suction power, making schedule or such.

If you are operating the robot in a higher level in your house, make sure to always use invisible wall to prevent them from entering a place where they are not allowed to and avoid unwanted things. The A6 already comes with one invisible wall but taken from USAtoday, you will need to do additional purchase when choosing A4S since they don’t include any. However, they do have a useful self-rescue ability, so they will move backward when stuck.

As you may already know, both of these vacuums are not effective against rug because even though they may be able to clean the surface, the amount of power or brush movement is just not enough to keep you rug clean, so don’t expect to never use your upright or canister vacuum with motorized brush if you want to keep your rug properly cleaned. Just like with other vacuums, these two are also not going to go over black area, so make sure you are using pattern carpet.

When tested on hard floor, the vacuums are able to deliver a good performance depend on your standard because they still can’t provide an optimum result even though the upgrade that have been used on both vacuums. However, it doesn’t mean that they are a bad vacuum or anything like that, we just hope to see a better pick up due to the said upgrade.

Now, let’s compare Ilife A4S with A6. Both of them have the same power but what separate them prominently is the fact that A4S is using motoric brush with bristle, have longer battery life but doesn’t come with invisible wall. At the other hand, A6 use bristle-less beater bar, lesser operating hour but included with invisible wall to keep the vacuum from a specific area.

Ilife A4S vs A6

NameIlife A4SIlife A6
Features- The Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system with a strong suction provides thorough and concentrated cleaning - Automatically starts on its scheduling program and returns to charging station to recharge when battery runs low- The Gen 2 CyclonePower cleaning system enhanced to delivery thorough clean for your home - Ultra slim A6 goes into most narrow low places under beds, night stands to clean hide dirt

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good vacuum to choose without digging too deep into your pocket. But, if you have many carpet floors in your house, we will recommend you to pick Ilife A4S with bristle brush to effectively clean the area.

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