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Hoover UH72400 vs UH70400

Vacuuming is almost a daily task if you want to keep your house dirt free and to do so, you will definitely need a dependable appliance because not all vacuums are made the same. As one of the most popular manufacturer, Hoover offer numerous product in their catalogue such as Hoover UH72400 Vs UH70400. They are very similar to each other regarding the look and features and if you are wondering which one you should pick, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Hoover
– What are Hoover UH72400 and UH70400
– What Hoover UH72400 and UH70400 Look Like
– What Hoover UH72400 and UH70400 can offer to you
– Hoover UH72400 vs UH70400

About Hoover Vacuum Cleaner
We are sure most people are not loving the idea of doing house chores because yes, it is tiring and will took so much time to do. This is also an issue for those who mostly spend their time working and only have little time to rest, so when the time comes, we just spending it to rest or doing other fun thing. The invention of vacuum cleaner did help human to clean their house easier than in the old times, but now the challenge is shifting to finding the most dependable unit.

Thanks to vacuum cleaner, now we don’t have to spend much time sweeping the floor and other surfaces in our house anymore and with a simple movement, you can already free your house from dust. Regular vacuum cleaner still need manual labor to operate and some people who want to improve their game, they can even purchase robotic vacuum now that can be operated automatically, so we can just leave it on their own. Some more modern units even can be connected through internet and do command from afar.

When it comes to purchasing almost anything, we are not always properly informed about the things we need to know and we usually deal with the problem by trying to find the safest bet rather than trying something that we are not sure. The easiest way to find the most dependable vacuum is relying on the brand because trusted and big names are rarely disappointing, moreover, they already have so many users, so we can find support easier.

Among those many vacuum manufacturers, Hoover is among the top list. In some countries, this brand is even become the synonym of vacuum cleaner even though they are also offering other home care products. You can find this brand in almost every electronic store that sold home appliances and with the history as well as experience they have gather from the long year active in the market, they are continuously upgrading the vacuums in their catalogue to be better.

Among those many products, Hoover UH72400 Vs UH70400 are often compared to each other because they are very similar and the model name is also making them kind of hard to separate even though the overall appearance is not identical. However, both of them are very reliable and popular among users, so you don’t have to worry about a huge gap between them. But, we do think that their difference is something you will like to consider when deciding which unit to choose because it is related to how easy they are operated.

About Hoover UH72400
No matter if you are living alone or with family or partners, the house chores is a must thing to do and someone have to do it to keep the area clean, so you can avoid some health issue related to not hygiene house. Dust is a common enemy and no matter how many times we clean a surface, they are just coming back which is why a routine cleaning needs to be done. To help you keeping them clean and dust or dirt free, Hoover UH72400 is here offering a decent power and ease of use.

Hoover UH72400 Design
When you read the product description to this vacuum, you will see the word “steerable” and this means that the vacuum head can be steered which in opposed it is fixed just like regular head. This vacuum is built with durable plastic material and doesn’t feel flimsy at all, so you can rest assure about the durability. Thanks to the plastic material, you can get a lightweight upright for easy operation.

Since this is a corded vacuum, you need to deal with cord carefully to avoid any tangled because it is quite long at 30-foot. It has a clear dirt cup that have a capacity of 1.2 liters, so you don’t have to empty it in every operation. Coming with the unit, you will get other tools consisting of dusting brush, a crevice tool and 12-foot hose. The outer design is standard and has nothing special to it with mainly gray color.

Hoover UH72400 Features
UH72400 is boasting the WindTunnel technology planted inside the vacuum. This technology is utilizing 3 channels of suction, so it can pick the dust or debris that usually prone to be dragged by other vacuums. What’s special about the system is instead of using 2 cyclones just like many other vacuums, this one is upgrading their game by using 8 cyclones which resulting in cleaner filter, so you won’t have to experience loose suction power even when used over time.

To dispense that much power you probably think that this vacuum will consume so much energy but in fact it is not because it is listed with 11 amps at 13 watts, making it lower than many upright vacuums in the market resulting in lesser energy consumption. As it has been mentioned earlier, this vacuum cleaner is steerable. It doesn’t mean you can steer it like a motorcycle or a car because what this product means is the body and head is not fixed.

This system is very similar with ball movement because you can move the handle more freely and reach the part where you have to change your body position to get the best angle when cleaning. Another part you need to consider when looking for a vacuum is the filter because this part will affect the air quality in your house. UH72400 itself is using Level 3 Allergen Block Technology which is washable, so you can use for a long time while the second filter is based on HEPA.

About Hoover UH70400
Another trusted upright vacuum from Hoover is the little brother of UH72400 which is UH70400. These two are very similar to each other yet somehow the company decide to offer this model in a more affordable price, so many people are questioning what exactly put these two on different level. Being among Hoover most favorite vacuum, no matter what is the lacking feature, we are sure that it is still a dependable unit to keep your house dust and dirt-free.

Hoover UH70400 Design
Looking at UH70400 from the outside, as you can see, it is an upright vacuum; as opposed to the previous model that has a darker grey nuance, this model is coming with a lighter version of gray. However, it is still made from a durable plastic material with metal wand and even though some people may have a bias opinion about any plastic appliances, this material is the most popular to make the product lightweight which is an important part when building something that operated by moving the unit around.

Comparing this vacuum with the previous model, it is even a bit lighter at 12.4 lbs. and since it is not equipped with automatic cable rewind, you have to deal with the 30 foot cord. When you purchase the unit, you will get 3-in-1 tool, telescoping wand, and stair tool. Read also: Bissell SmartClean 1605 Vs Roomba 650 here.

Hoover UH70400 Features
Just like UH72400, this model also featured with WindTunnel technology which will optimized its suction to pick debris and dirt better than many other vacuums but the one used in UH70400 is the previous technology while the big brother are using the newer version, so you may find some difference in term of suction and overall dirt picking ability here even though it won’t be that prominent. This technology then combined with Multi-Cyclonic technology to keep your filters clean and keeping the suction power over time.

The power input is at 11 amps 12 watts, so it won’t take so much power yet still able to deliver a decent amount of suction power. To trap the dust inside and let out fresh air into the room, the vacuum is using a washable filter and because the technology mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about the dirt being released again outside. Being washable also make the filter last long so you can save some more. Just like many other vacuum, UH70400 is also using HEPA filter to be safer.

Now, let’s compare Hoover UH72400 with UH70400. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two models are the fact that UH72400 is steerable which makes it easier to maneuver and operate compared to the fixed head of UH70400. Another difference is UH72400 already using the company’s newer version of WindTunnel technology, so it should also offer at least a slightly better performance.

Hoover UH72400 vs UH70400

NameHoover UH72400Hoover UH70400
Features- Steerable Technology- navigate smoothly around furniture, corners and other obstacles by simply twisting the handle in the direction you'd like to go - Lightweight- easy to lift, carry and move around, weighs less than 14 pounds with wand and tools- 12 pounds - lightweight maneuverability lets you clean and carry upstairs and downstairs with ease - WindTunnel Technology lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally good option depend on what is in your top list. If it is budget then, UH70400 is the more affordable that still can perform very well, but if you want the better among them, we will recommend you to pick Hoover UH72400 because it has some better capabilities.

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