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Hoover Linx vs Linx Signature

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, Hoover is one of the most popular brand to choose with their huge collection of different types of vacuum cleaners such as Hoover Linx vs Linx Signature. Both of these are in the same line and having the same features as well as look. You probably wondering which item will give you the best benefit and if you want to know which vacuum is the most suitable for you, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Hoover Linx and Linx Signature
– What Hoover Linx and Linx Signature Look Like
– What Hoover Linx and Linx Signature can offer to you
– Hoover Linx vs Linx Signature

Stick Vacuum Cleaner
When you start to live alone, you will definitely need a vacuum cleaner to help you clean the house or free them from dust and debris. If your house mainly have hard flooring, you can sweep them from time to time but it will be hard to clean above-floor area just with a broom or a dusting brush. You will also definitely need a vacuum cleaner if you have some carpet flooring for they can’t be effectively cleaned with traditional tool.

Each types of vacuum will give you a different versatility and benefit even though they are still used to take the dust and debris from any surfaces. Among the types of vacuum such as upright, stick, canister, or the most modern robot vacuum, you can select which model that fit your house the most then you can start selecting the options available. If you prefer those with moving brush and operated in a compact form, you may want to choose stick vacuum.

This type of vacuum is coming in an upright form and operated in the same manner but compared to traditional upright, stick vacuum is slimmer, lighter and smaller in general. They are combining their design and motorized brush to help you clean the house with less effort as well as offering the versatility of above-floor cleaning depend on the model. In price wise just like many other products, they can be vary depend on the manufacturer and model whether they offer a powerful suction or additional features.

About Hoover Linx and Linx Signature
When we are looking for something, we also often considering the manufacturer because they are the one who designed, manufactured or marketing the product, so it is important to pick the well-known name, so we can be sure that we can get a quality product for the price we pay. With vacuum cleaner, one of the most popular brand is Hoover which in some places even become the synonym for vacuum cleaner due to their collection of high quality products in the catalogue.

Just like other brands, Hoover also offer several types of vacuum cleaner coming in a wide range of price, so the users can choose which model will give them the best benefit in the price point where they are willing to spend. If you are looking for a stick vacuum, two of the best option from the brand are Linx and Linx Signature. Both of them are very similar to each other and their similarity also confused many people who want to purchase the vacuum.

Hoover Linx and Linx Signature Design
Both of offer the same benefit and if you do want to have a vacuum that can be conveniently move around in your house then you will love these two. If you check on them in a glance, we are sure most of us won’t be able to tell the difference if not for the color scheme because if they are in the same color then they are identical. Thankfully Hoover decide to differentiate them by the color option, so we can tell them apart instantly.

Just like many other vacuums, both of Hoover Linx and Linx Signature are mainly made from plastic material to make the unit as light as possible and even though they look as having the same dimension and weight, the Signature model is actually heavier than the regular for some reason. One of the best thing from their design is the cordless operation which is very useful when you are working in a place where the power source is quite far, so you don’t have to worry about not able to reach them anymore.

Hoover Linx and Linx Signature Features
The first thing you may want to know from Hoover Linx and Linx Signature is the suction power since all of us want to have the vacuum with the best power we can get. In this side, they are able to deliver a good suction power and even though users have some different experience when using them, the majority are satisfied with the performance. If you wonder about the difference power between two models, well they are having the same machine, so there won’t be any distinct gap here.

Both models have a cleaning path of 11 inch to allow you perform less movement when doing the cleaning process and when combined with the good suction, you will also don’t have to pass through the same spot more frequently. Just like most upright or stick vacuum, there is brush in their cleaning head and they are motorized, so you can make them move when you want to clean carpet area because this type of flooring will need more effort to clean due to embedded dust.

You may already know that vacuum with moving brush is not the well-suit for those with many hard flooring especially the delicate types because the brush may accidentally scratch the surface or damage them. If you are worrying about the same thing, there is a good news for you because both of Hoover Linx and Linx Signature are coming with several cleaning options, so you can pick the most suitable setting for the kind of flooring you have or currently cleaning. Read our previous article on: Hoover Linx vs Dyson V6 here.

Located below the handle, there is a switch with few options consisting of 0, I, and II. The first is to turn off the vacuum, the second is to turn on the vacuum but without activating the brush roll while the last option will activate both the suction and moving brush. With these options, you can choose which mode to use when cleaning hard floor and carpet floor, so you can always have the best result in each operation.

Since Hoover Linx and Linx Signature are stick vacuum, their dust bin will be located at the stick as well and since the unit is having a slim figure, the dustbin capacity will be not as big as regular upright or canister vacuum. However, when you compare them both, Signature model seems to have slightly wider bin even though the overall capacity is probably not that far apart. Their dust bin can be removed from the unit and have a bottom emptying system for more convenience.

As it has been mentioned above, Hoover Linx and Linx Signature are cordless stick vacuum, so they are operated with a battery and unlike many other cordless vacuums where you have to place the unit in a charger to make it always ready to use, they are coming with separated battery which you are going to charged separately as well. The package will include the battery and charger and depend on the mode you are choosing, one full charge should provide enough juice to clean several regular rooms.

These vacuums have a fuel gauge located near the handle to allow you keep in check on how much power is left on the battery. Another good thing about these vacuums is the cleaning head and neck design because they can go very low when you want to clean under sofas area or other low areas which usually hard to reach by regular upright vacuums. Combined with the extremely reclined handle, you can reach these areas further into the back part to do more effective cleaning.

Hoover Linx and Linx Signature are bagless vacuum and they don’t have HEPA filter just in case you wonder. However, they are coming with replaceable and washable filter so you don’t need to buy another one each time they become dirty. To make the vacuum keep the dust inside, their body are using standard sealed allergen design with a good sealing capability.

Even though Hoover Linx and Linx Signature are providing many benefits and useful features, they are not perfect because they are specifically made only for floor which mean they can’t be lifted or at least provide an extension hose in case you want to clean upholstery or similar areas. This is also why they are coming with no additional tools because they can’t use them.

Now, let’s compare Hoover Linx with Linx Signature. As you can see, both of them are coming with the same capabilities and features, so to put it simply they are the same vacuum. Signature seems to be released to upgrade Linx but there is no prominent changed here which is kind of disappointing. However, according to those who ever used the two of them, Signature is said to be able to move/maneuver easier than the original Linx.

Hoover Linx vs Linx Signature

NameHoover LinxHoover Linx Signature
Features- LINX Cordless Fade-Free Lithium-Ion Battery System - Interchangeable batteries provide cordless freedom to clean anywhere - WindTunnel Technology - Creates channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt- LINX Cordless Fade-Free Lithium-Ion Battery System - Interchangeable batteries provide cordless freedom to clean anywhere - WindTunnel Technology - Creates channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are able to deliver a similar performance and even though the Signature said to give a better convenience when operated, the difference is not that big. However, when taking the features and price into consideration, we will recommend you to choose Hoover Linx Signature because this model is actually more affordable than the other.

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