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Hoover Linx vs Dyson V6

Stick vacuum is very popular among users because they are able to deliver the result of an upright but without the bulk. Two good options for stick vacuum in the market are Hoover Linx vs Dyson V6 and even though they are very similar to each other in term of capabilities, bound by different manufacturers they will have some differences as well. If you wonder which vacuum fit you the most, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Hoover Linx and Dyson V6
– What Hoover Linx and Dyson V6 Look Like
– What Hoover Linx and Dyson V6 can offer to you
– Hoover Linx vs Dyson V6

Vacuum Cleaner
Dirty house is not only unpleasant to the eyes but also may bring some illness into our family which is why we need to clean them from time to time. Among those many types of house care you have to own, a vacuum cleaner is the most important and is more like a necessity of every house because this is the one we are going to use to clean the dust, debris and other similar things in various surfaces in our house.

You may already have an ideal vacuum in your mind and it should be able to give you the benefit you want or suitable for the kind of flooring in your house or any surfaces you may want to clean because even though vacuum cleaners are used to take the dust or debris, not all of them are capable of giving the same versatility or convenience. For those who want to use upright vacuum but think that the bulky body will require more effort, you may want to opt for stick vacuum instead.

About Hoover Linx
Just like what you may already know, stick vacuum are slimmer and lighter than upright vacuum which make them easier as well when moved around. When we are talking about vacuum cleaner, Hoover name will surely surface in many people’s mind because this brand is among the best when you are looking for a dependable vacuum but without the high price. The company has been around for quite some time now and already have a huge collection in their catalogue.

They offer several types of vacuum cleaner but if the one you are looking for is stick vacuum then you will need to check one of the brand’s bestselling Hoover Linx. This model is very popular among users since the vacuum is able to deliver a good power suction which if combined with its other features, they will provide a good cleaning result. Even though they are not cheap, this model is not too expensive either, so you don’t have to dig in too deep into your wallet.

Hoover Linx Design
As you can see form the picture, Hoover Linx is a cordless vacuum and the design itself is actually pleasant to the eyes. This vacuum is slim and having a silver with black color combination with the brand name printed in the body. Just like other upright or stick vacuums, you can see the dustbin directly since it is clear and because there is no full capacity warning here, you can just empty them when needed.

To make the vacuum very light, most of the components are from plastic material which make the final weight around 7.3 pounds. There will be no on board tool here or in the package, so you can’t use any additional tools.

Hoover Linx Features
The first thing many people love about Hoover Linx is the suction because they are powerful enough to help you clean the house and take the dust or debris away from your flooring. This suction have no level, so you won’t be able to decrease or increase the speed, but according those who use the unit, they are satisfied with how strong it can take unwanted things in your carpet or hard floor. Combined with 11-inch cleaning path, you don’t have to do much movement when operating the vacuum.

Since we are talking about a stick vacuum which is just like an upright, you will find so many similar features here including the motorized brush. Hoover Linx have moving brush in its cleaning head and it will be useful when you are cleaning carpet or any soft flooring in your house. This moving brush have bristles and they will agitate the embedded or stubborn dust in your carpet that can’t be taken with just regular suction, so in the end, you will have cleaner carpet than before.

Some people may wonder how to use the vacuum if they are mostly having hard flooring or delicate carpet which is not supposed to be cleaned with moving brush. Well, thankfully Hoover Linx have few options you can pick when you are cleaning a type of flooring. Located near the handle, this model have a functions consisting of 0, I, and II to let you adjust the motorized brush and operating the vacuum in general.

The first option will turn off the vacuum completely, the second will activate the suction only, and the last option will activate both the suction and motorized brush, so you can make the vacuum operate in an ideal setting for your type of flooring. The dustbin capacity is not much and it is recommended to never use them until full because the vacuum may lose its suction power.

Located near the bin, there is a filter that you can wash when needed, so the more often you use the vacuum, you will need to clean them more often as well. The battery is replaceable and they will give you the charger in the box but when used there is an indicator light to let you know how much juice left in the battery, so you can charge them when they start to run low.

About Dyson V6
It is always good to have another option when looking for something since then we can compare them to see which one will give us the best benefit or available in lower price if budget is in your concern. As for stick vacuum, Hoover Linx is not the only one you can rely on in the market because if you are willing to spend more, Dyson have a great item to check on to called Dyson V6. This vacuum is also very popular among users due to how good it can perform to help you free the house from dirt and debris.

Even though Dyson V6 is the same stick vacuum like Linx, this model offer much versatility than the previous vacuum because you can remove some of its part and convert the vacuum into a handheld one, so not only the floor, you can use it to clean other areas as well such as above-floor cleaning or to remove the dust or debris in your car for example. Coming in the package, you will also get a set of tools to attach with the vacuum when you want to perform the mentioned cleaning. Read also: Dyson V8 vs V6 Fluffy here.

Dyson V6 Design
Aesthetically speaking, we are sure you can already know or distinguish Dyson V6 from the vacuums by other brands because this model also coming in the native design by the manufacturer. It looks good and eye-catching but only that. This model is cordless which is a good feature if some places in your house don’t have a power source nearby, so now you still can clean them. Just like many upright, this one also mainly made from plastic and very light around 4.5 pounds.

Dyson V6 Features
If you are concerning about the suction power of Dyson V6, you don’t have to because this vacuum is able to deliver a good speed and proved to be able to clean your flooring effectively. One of the best feature relating to this power is you can adjust them, yes we mean you can increase the power of the vacuum according to your need because they provide the option. What you need to do is hold the trigger and press the MAX button to increase the suction.

When the indicator located near the handle turn blue, then this mode is activated but when it is not then the vacuum is operating in its regular Powerful mode. There is a powered brush in the cleaning head and it will move when you activate the vacuum but it is a bit unfortunate that they don’t provide an off button here, so you won’t be able to deactivate the movement. If you really need to avoid the moving brush, then you can use the additional tool without the brush that you can attach into the hose.

As you can see from the picture, the dustbin of Dyson V6 is located near the handle and it is very small, so you will definitely need to empty it often which can be irritating sometime but is recommended to keep the suction and longevity of your vacuum. To make sure the dust won’t come out again, there is a filter here that you can wash when needed. As for the battery, depend on the cleaning mode you are using, the charging time will take around 3.5 hours and can be used approximately up to 20 minutes in Powerful mode.

Now, let’s compare Hoover Linx with Dyson V6. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two are first, you can convert V6 into a handheld vacuum and second it also provide speed option which is not possible in Linx. However, Linx give you an option to turn off its moving brush while V6 is not but you can detach the cleaning head and use a different tool without the moving brush when needed.

Hoover Linx vs Dyson V6

NameHoover LinxDyson V6
Features- LINX Cordless Fade-Free Lithium-Ion Battery System - Interchangeable batteries provide cordless freedom to clean anywhere - WindTunnel Technology - Creates channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt- Cord-free. Hassle-free. Filtration : Washable lifetime filter. Suction power (MAX mode) : 100 AW - Up to 20 minutes of continuous suction. Trigger releases instantly. Battery power is only used for cleaning. Ergonomically designed

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. After reading their capabilities, Dyson V6 is undeniably offering a better versatility than Hoover Linx, so you can use just one vacuum to clean different areas in your house. If we are to choose and you don’t have a tight budget to spend, we will highly recommend you to pick Dyson V6.

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