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Electrolux Ergorapido vs Hoover Linx

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is important if you want to get the best result in each of your cleaning routine. Great products are never cheap but it doesn’t mean you can’t find an affordable option because there are vacuums like Electrolux Ergorapido vs Hoover Linx out there that not only friendly with your wallet but also dependable enough to make your house free from dust and debris. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see which item suit you the best.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Vacuum Cleaner
– What are Electrolux Ergorapido and Hoover Linx
– What Electrolux Ergorapido and Hoover Linx Look Like
– What Electrolux Ergorapido and Hoover Linx can offer to you
– Electrolux Ergorapido vs Hoover Linx

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner is probably one of the most important tool in your house care equipment that you will need to purchase when starting to live alone because this is what you will need to free your house from dust and debris without sweeping them manually. Vacuum cleaner may come in different size and shape or type but most of them are able to do the job while whether they are good enough for you or not may differ from model and brands available.

In modern living where robot vacuum are used by more people, manual vacuum still offer better performance mostly in its power and ability to take the debris. Upright model like stick vacuum are also popular for being able to deliver a good result without the bulky of common upright design and better in term of maneuverability since it is slimmer, so you can move them around without putting on much strain on your shoulder. Their price is also vary starting from very affordable to pricier higher-end model.

About Electrolux Ergorapido
When looking or a dependable product, the first thing we are going to look at is probably the brand because popular or big names usually have a standard to manufacture their product which result in trusted quality. Among all of those house appliance manufacturer, Electrolux name is already very well-known not just in the United States but also in various other countries as well for the collection of many high quality appliances in their catalogue and one of them is vacuum cleaner.

The company actually have many other vacuum models but the Ergorapido is among the most popular especially the EL1014A which is actually not a new product anymore because the brand already have a newer model to this one. However, if you are a bit tight on budget and just want to get affordable and decent vacuum, this model is already offer you with all the power and ease of use along with its nice design.

Electrolux Ergorapido Design
We are sure most of us already interested on Ergorapido even just from the outer look because this vacuum is indeed pretty. The unit looks modern with the slim and streamlined design and easy to handle as well as maneuver. Even though, Electrolux is a Swiss brand, apparently their products are made in China but even though this one is built from plastic material to cover all of its inner part, the unit feels quite firm when held. Plastic also give a good benefit on making the vacuum light enough to carry and operate.

Electrolux Ergorapido Features
Being a budget item, you have to accept that Electrolux Ergorapido won’t be able to offer you many options or much power you can get from a hundreds of dollar vacuum but it doesn’t mean the vacuum is bad at all since it is actually decent enough to provide a good performance but it is not great either. This is probably because the vacuum only use 9.6 volts of power which is noticeably lower than many vacuums out there with the same design.

This power rate will also bring a mediocre performance or suction power to the vacuum since this rate is usually work only in handheld vacuum, so upright like this one should use a higher rate instead. Thankfully, this minus is at least covered a little bit by the decision from Electrolux to use motorized brush roll which can be a good help when you are cleaning carpet or smooth floor even though it is still powerful enough to give a decent upgrade.

Ergorapido seems to try pay its lacking side in ground versatility because this vacuum offer you the capability to lift the handheld off the stick when you want to clean other things outside the floor such as counters or other furniture. The vacuum is already slim and light enough in its full size and when you take the bin to perform above floor cleaning, the unit becomes far lighter so you can reach further places easily. Read our previous article on Shark NV352 Vs NV356E here.

The versatility on floor is not stopping here because thanks to the thoughtful design, Ergorapido is able to swivel its handle which is a great feature to help you deal with debris in hard angle since the vacuum itself can move flexibly without you also reposition your body. This vacuum also comes with standard tool such as dusting brush and crevice tool to clean many other areas on your house as well as with a charging port.

Because this vacuum is cordless, you will need to place it on the charging dock to fill the battery and when full, you can use the vacuum to operate for about 15 minutes. What’s unfortunate here is the charging will take so long to complete ranging from 12-15 hours which means you will always need to place your vacuum in its dock when not in use or else it won’t stay to clean while the amount of battery also may vary depend on the speed you choose.

About Hoover Linx
When talking about vacuum cleaner, we can’t leave one of the most popular brand behind because they sure have some great items to offer and when it comes to dependable vacuum, Hoover name will mostly mentioned along with their collection of many different type of vacuums. One of their favorite item is the Hoover Linx stick vacuum which for this article, we will pick the BH5001. Looking at the price, this is not a budget vacuum but it is not expensive either.

If price is not an issue for you, the company actually already launched the new model for this vacuum called Linx Signature. However, it doesn’t mean that this model is already too old or not relevant anymore because people are still loving the vacuum for its capability and performance. What it can promise to you are powerful cleaning without much of hassle and versatile enough to deal with many surfaces in your house together with ease of use for more convenience.

Hoover Linx Design
As you can see from the picture, Linx is actually very bland especially on the lower half of the vacuum but the overall design is quite pleasing to the eyes; it is not eye-catching or such but it doesn’t look bad as well. The vacuum is very slim and light when handled, made from plastic but not too flimsy even though some people have bias against this material. If you want an even lighter than 10.5 pounds, the newer model is a good option but the inside is still the same.

Hoover Linx Features
There are many mixed reviews about this vacuums but most of them are giving a good report that this one is able to perform and give similar result to upright vacuum even though it is not a full upright. To produce and offer a reliable suction power, Hoover Linx is operated in 18 volts which is not high but enough to make the vacuum clean your house more effectively than those many other budget vacuums and when this power is combined with its wide cleaning path, you can clean your house more quickly.

Thanks to the wind tunnel technology, this vacuum will be able to take the dirt, dust or debris and other small waste that scattered in your floor easily with one swipe. The head is also friendly with an uneven floor, so slight level in your flooring won’t be a problem for Linx. However, it is a bit unfortunate that the body is not steerable, so you will need to reposition yourself more when cleaning. When tested, it also don’t show any much different in cleaning between hard floor and carpet which make the vacuum versatile enough to handle wider area.

Since Linx is cordless, you will need a battery to operate the vacuum and this model is using separate battery which have its own charging dock. The battery is quite decent actually with operation life averaging in 21 minutes, so you can use the vacuum much longer to clean wider area or more furniture. You also won’t need a dock to place the unit since it can stand on its own for more convenience.

Now, let’s compare Electrolux Ergorapido with Hoover Linx. As you may already know, both of them are cordless but Ergorapido is charged in dock with the vacuum while Linx use separate battery. The prominent difference is on suction power because Linx is clearly have 2 times power of Ergorapido which means it can offer better performance. However, Link’s handle is fixed so in term if ease of use, Ergorapido with swiveled hand is more beneficial.

Electrolux Ergorapido vs Hoover Linx

NameElectrolux ErgorapidoHoover Linx
Features- ELECTROLUX ergorapido, 2 in 1 deluxe Stick vac, detachable hand vacuum, bagless, cyclonic filtration, 2 speeds, rechargeable with charging station - Adds Extra shine to your product - Manufactured in China- LINX Cordless Fade-Free Lithium-Ion Battery System - Interchangeable batteries provide cordless freedom to clean anywhere - WindTunnel Technology - Creates channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good option depend on your preference and budget. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Hoover Linx because it offers much power for more effective cleaning.

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