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Dyson DC23 vs DC39

Looking for a vacuum cleaner especially if you are living with a pet may not an easy task because you will also need to find the right one with the capability to deal with their hairs or furs. As one of the most popular brand, Dyson offer several products that will match your needs like Dyson DC23 vs DC39. They are coming with a similar design as well as capabilities, so go check our article below to make sure you are picking the one suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dyson DC23 and DC39
– What Dyson DC23 and DC39 Look Like
– What Dyson DC23 and DC39 can offer to you
– Dyson DC23 vs DC39

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important house care tools you have to purchase when you are moving out from your parent’s house and finally deal with the house chores alone. This appliance is available everywhere, so you can get the easily no matter where you live and the people from the stores may able to help you pick the most suitable vacuum for your house needs or flooring type but if you are planning on purchasing them in an online store then you will need to do some reading first.

Vacuum cleaner may come in various types but the main function is always the same as well as the method except robot vacuum because they typically offer more modern capabilities for more convenience. No matter if you are choosing an upright, canister or stick vacuum, they are going to clean your house with suction power that may combined with some tools to provide better performance across the flooring in your house since different surface will probably need a different tool as well.

Before you are picking the vacuum model, you may want to consider the option first such as why you prefer a canister over upright or vice versa. Each one of them are offering the benefit that the other may not able to offer such as the lightweight of canister and the affordable price of an upright. In term of power, depend on the brand and model, they can have the same suction or not but most high-end units are just as strong as the other if you don’t have issue on the budget.

About Dyson DC23 and DC39
When we are looking for a product, most of the time we are also considering about the brand or manufacturer because a well-known company will most likely to offer trusted products as well. Among those many options in the market, Dyson is probably one of the most popular brand for a vacuum cleaner even though they actually also made other appliance. The brand’s vacuums are usually offer great performance but many of them are pretty expensive though not as expensive as some German brands.

The brand have a huge amount of collection in their catalogue but if you are looking the vacuum that are made to deal with animal mess then you will need to check on Dyson DC23 and DC39. Both of these models are already around for quite some time now and actually may not produce anymore because the company already releasing some of its newer vacuums to replace these two but in term of performance, they are still very dependable and able to deliver a good result. Read also: Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 Animal here.

Dyson DC23 and DC39 Design
If you ever see or use a Dyson vacuums before, then we are sure you can instantly recognize these two because of the design native to the brand. Both of Dyson DC23 and DC39 are actually different because as you can see DC23 machine is in the back or in an opposite of the hose while the other is located near the hose. Another difference is the first model place the machine directly above the wheel and DC39 is a bit different by leaning its canister into the big wheel.

Dyson DC23 and DC39 Features
When we are talking about vacuum cleaner, the most important part is probably the suction power or motor to generate the desired performance and Dyson is famous in this part because they design their own vacuums with their cyclone technology and this is also present in both models. But, since they are released not at the same time, it seems that the technology used is also different and just like many other things, an upgrade usually brings more benefit to what’s already exist.

What separate them from this side is because Dyson DC23 is coming with Level 3 Root Cyclone while the other is having a newer Radial Root Cyclone technology. Both technologies are related but the older is boasting the superior suction along with no clogging to prevent the loss of suction while dealing with pet hairs and at the other hand, Dyson DC39 is boasting the more powerful suction capabilities to take even the smallest dust in your flooring.

Just like many other canister vacuums, these two are coming with a long hose to promote further reach into more hidden places in your house and what you have to keep in mind here is they are detachable, so you will need to attach them after purchasing and even though they may look to have the same hose, it is actually pretty different because when comparing both, DC39 is more complicated to assembled due to the additional feature on its cleaning head.

What separate them prominently on this side is because Dyson DC39 hose is equipped with dual mode tool with suction control. The preset mode is Powerful Suction and this is the one you are going to use when doing daily cleaning on either hard flooring, carpets, and rugs so when you use the vacuum for the first time, this is the setting it will operate on. The second mode is Maximum Suction which is used when you are going to clean soiled carpets, rugs and hard flooring.

To use this setting, slide the switch located at the cleaning head to the other side as opposed to its initial position. What you have to keep in mind due to the powerful suction of this mode are make sure to read your flooring manufacturer recommendation before using since some flooring may not suitable with the power or it may damage them if used and always switch back its setting into the initial mode after you are done with the cleaning using this mode.

Not all canister vacuums are equipped with moving brush to provide a good cleaning ability when it comes to soft flooring but both of Dyson DC23 and DC39 are having this feature to help the vacuum agitate the embedded or more stubborn dirt or dust especially in soft flooring and deliver a better cleaning result, moreover, if you are dealing with pet hair. A moving brush is essential to take the hair from the fabric on your carpet.

However, some people may not prefer to use a vacuum with moving brush when they are cleaning hard flooring because some type of floorings may be too delicate for the moving brush and if you are also having the same issue, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because both of these vacuums have a setting to turn down the motor speed, so it can be gentler on your hard flooring as well. To use this setting you will only need to pull the suction release trigger located on the handle.

Another thing you may want to pay attention or take into consideration when looking for a vacuum cleaner is how good the filter is to prevent the smallest dust taken on being dispense again with the air into the room. What separate them in this side is even though they are equally washable filters, Dyson DC23 filter is located at the side of the wheels and it is in circular form that will require you to wash once every 3 months.

At the other hand, Dyson DC39 filter is placed at the center of the machine and it is very different to what you see on the other vacuum because it is in cylinder form and is recommended to be washed more frequently once a month while if you often vacuum finer dust, you will also need to wash the filter more often. As for the dust capacity, both models are very similar and in our opinion, they hold smaller dust than many other vacuums out there, so you will need to empty them more often as well.

Tools may vary since these two are not a new items anymore, so the tools included may not the same with what they initially come with. However, chances are you are going to have telescoping extension wand, crevice/dusting brush, stairs/upholstery tool, and the Triggerhead brush.

Now, let’s compare Dyson DC23 with DC39. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them are the fact that DC39 has newer cyclonic technology along with the dual cleaning mode that you can choose to increase the suction power when dealing with tougher jobs which is not present in the older DC23.

Dyson DC23 vs DC39

NameDyson DC23Dyson DC39
Features- Vacuum cleaner features Level 3 Root Cyclone technology to ensure no clogging or loss of suction - Specifically designed for homes with pets; mini turbine head designed to clean pet hair and dirt from tight spaces- Dyson cyclone technology captures more dirt and mircoscopic dust than any other with no loss of suction - Radial Root Cyclone technology- airflows remodeled to maximize suction power

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good option for a vacuum cleaner and you can pick based on your preference but if you want the better among them, we will recommend you to choose Dyson DC39.

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