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Dyson Cyclone V10 vs V11

Household equipment can be quite varied and many. Starting from the simple one up to complicated equipment. One of the simple tools is a vacuum cleaner. Even with a medium size, it worth to buy since it manages to keep your room clean from dust. Of course, many available brands in the market that bring a good vacuum cleaner specification. Including Dyson Cyclone V10 VS V11. If you plan to choose one among both products, then you need to read the below overview and details first.

General Overview

Dyson is a Company that produces various equipment including a vacuum cleaner. The brand has several types of this product and always commit to bring their latest technology in helping people manage a clean house. That is why the product to keep updating each time. Including the version of Dyson Cyclone V10 VS V11. One is the previous version and the second one is the newest. With advanced technology on vacuum cleaner, both products able to bring great features to use in the house. It uses a cordless stick vacuum for a modern way and easier way to vacuuming the overall room inside the house. It even able to reach many corners and sections that might difficult to reach by ordinary vacuum. For more general features and a specific key strength of each product, read the below paragraphs. Read also: Dyson DC23 vs DC26

General Features

Whether Dyson Cyclone V10 or Dyson Cyclone V11, both have almost similar features. They equipped with a multi-surface brush roll, powered by a digital motor. This can spin up to 125,000 per minute and result in a good power for suction. It also switches easily between Eco, Auto and Boost modes with this specific capability:

  • Auto mode, intelligently senses different floor types and automatically adjusts speed and power across different floor types to maximize battery life.
  • The Eco mode, that able to perform up to 60 minutes of run time. Ideal for longer cleans on all floor types.
  • The Boost mode, a benefit for intensive cleaning of ground-in dirt. The suction is twice of any cord-free vacuum, especially at the cleaner head.

The Cyclone V series design with long battery life and powerful suction to make both products as the best cordless vacuums on the market. The Dyson Cyclone V10 is available in Absolute, Animal, & Motorhead versions. While the Dyson Cyclone V11 is available in Torque Drive and Animal versions. To get an overview of the difference between both products, the paragraph below will help to bring an explanation.

 Dyson Cyclone V10Dyson Cyclone V11
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions9.8 x 10.1 x 49.2 inches
49.6 x 9.8 x 10.3 inches
Shipping Weight14.4 pounds13.55 pounds

Different Features

Even though the vacuum cleaner comes from the same brand, but they have several slight differences. Therefore, people may need to consider which one is more suitable to select before deciding to buy it. For information, Dyson Cyclone V10 released in March 2018, while Dyson Cyclone V11 released in March 2019. Therefore, in general both have some difference below:

  • Dyson Cyclone V10 suction needs 140 AW, while V11 needs 185 AW. This makes the newest version have stronger suction power than the previous one. It might also impact the price difference which will be explained further in the below section.
  • Dyson Cyclone V10 weight is 5.8lbs, while V11 weight is 6.68lbs. This makes the newest version heavier to hold while doing the vacuum activity. For some people, it might be a concern. 
  • Dyson Cyclone V11 adds a digital screen for each version. Therefore, in terms of technology it slightly ahead than the V10 version. It helps people check on the battery remaining life while using it. It also helps to define the current cleaning mode clearly so that the user remembers and able to define the mode they want precisely.
  • One of the lack of V11 versions is might be the fluffy cleaning head. This head is designed specifically for hardwood floors and it manages a better job of cleaning floors. However, unfortunately the fluffy head only available in V10 Absolute. None of the V11 models have this head together on the product. 
  • One of the improvements in Dyson Cyclone V11 is the stubborn dirt brush. This is one of the improvements that make V11 clean better than Dyson cyclone V10.
  • Another difference and improvement is that V11 holds 40% more debris than V10. This will help the user to perform more cleaning.
  • The V11 brings a new larger and improved battery capacity. It able to provide a most powerful battery with a larger and high capacity nickel-cobalt-alumunium cathodes which help to deliver 20% more suction power. 

The Price

Refer to the price of each product, both have quite different prices. Dyson Cyclone V10 is officially selling for $500 and Dyson Cyclone V11 is selling for $600. This makes a $100 difference between both products. If you have a minimum budget, then you may need to think whether you need to buy the newest one or shall quite happy with V10 version. Of course, the difference is more to the additional technology of the latest version. Therefore, this price difference is suitable if we look at the additional features on the V11.

Dyson Cyclone V10 vs V11

- Bin volume - 0.54 liters. Up to 60 minutes' Run time when using a non-motorized tool. Cyclone technology: 14 concentric cyclones. Filtration: advanced whole machine filtration. Cleaning path width - 9.84 inches
- Lightweight and versatile, to clean right through the home. Instant-release trigger means battery power is only used while it’s cleaning. Requires charging for 3. 5 hours minimum before first use
- Up to 40 minutes of fade-free power with the soft Roller cleaner head (in suction mode I). engineered to pick up both large debris and Fine dust
- Torque drive cleaner head – Up to 20 minutes of fade-free power (in suction mode II). drives stiff nylon bristles into carpets to capture deep-down dirt
- Whole-machine filtration captures 99. 97% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0. 3 microns.
- Up to 60 minutes fade-free floor cleaning* *Actual runtime will vary based on power mode and/or attachments used.
- 14 cyclones generate forces of more than 79, 000g to fling microscopic particles into the bInches
- Transforms to a handheld. Reaches under low furniture. Point and shoot hygienic dirt ejector. Convenient docking station.


From the above information, we can easily conclude that both products are the same great vacuum cleaner to choose from. However, the price difference might need some consideration in selecting a suitable version. If you prefer a better version with better improvement, then this price difference shall not be a matter. Even it is recommended to choose V11 with its additional improvement rather than buying the V10 version. The improved battery, display, power, and cleaning head alone in V11 series help the product to be more effective in performing the cleaning. Therefore, it worth money to add.

However, in the end, everything comes back to the user. Overall, whether V10 or V11, both are an amazing vacuum cleaner than the other provided products. But surely the newest version will help you to perform more in terms of capacity and technology. Hence, between Dyson Cyclone V10 VS V11, in case your budget is fit with the newest version, then it might be the best solution to choose from.  


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