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Dyson Cinetic vs Animal 2

There are so many vacuum cleaners manufacturer in the market but only some come with dependable products and one of them is Dyson. This manufacturer have a good amount of popular items like Dyson Cinetic vs Animal 2. They are indeed similar yet also different and if you wonder which unit will give you the bet benefit or suit you the most, go check our article below to see if the difference will be as important that can affect your decision.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2
– What Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 Look Like
– What Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 can offer to you
– Dyson Cinetic vs Animal 2

Upright Vacuum Cleaner
House chores is a tiring tasks and we often neglect them when we have time to do them because the only thought already discouraging sometimes. This is why we need to find a good tools to help us do the job, quickly and as effective as possible. A house will need several house care tools but the most important is a vacuum cleaner since this is what you are going to use more often to free the surfaces in your house from dust and debris.

Just like with many other things, choosing a vacuum is not an easy task if you still don’t know what kind of vacuum you want or if your flooring will need a specific vacuum or not. All vacuums are made to do the same tasks but the design may play a big role in their overall abilities since they are made for different users as well. Among those types, upright is the most traditional and powerful in terms of power especially for deep cleaning.

Upright vacuum is just like the name, they are built in one upright body with the machine, dustbin, and any other tools attached to the body so you will move them all at once when do the cleaning. However, this type of vacuum is heavier than many other models which is why some people may not prefer using it for a long time. Depend on the product, some upright may offer additional hose to afford above-floor cleaning while the other may only be useful when it comes to floor.

About Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2
Vacuum cleaner is widely available and no matter where you go, you will always can find them on many electronic stores. This is also making the amount of brand in the market continues to grow and with the many options, sometime we get confused about which to choose. The easiest way to do is picking based on the brand and in this side Dyson is winning by the widely popular name which can be a great advantage to the company and consumers as well.

This British manufacturer offer a wide range of vacuums and other product but more well-known in the first market. Their vacuum is just that good and unlike many other companies, they put many interesting technologies inside to help the user operate the vacuum with less effort. Among those many collections Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 are standing out from their peers due to some interesting capabilities.

Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 are upright vacuum and we are sure you can already distinguish them from other vacuums from other brands due to their unique design native to the brand. In a glance, these two may look alike but if you pay attention to the detail, they are actually quite different especially the cyclone above the dustbin because Cinetic have two row of the crown while the other only have one.

To make these vacuums light enough when operated, they are mainly made from plastic material with some other. When placed side by side, they may look to have the same dimension but when you try lifting them, Cinetic is actually heavier than Animal 2. As for the cord length, both of them have an equal 35 feet cord which is actually shorter than many other similar vacuums out there. Read our previous article on: Shark Ion Flex Vs Dyson V8 Absolute here.

Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 Features
When we are looking for a vacuum cleaner, the first thing you may want to know or in your first list is probably the suction power because this will define if the vacuum will give you a good result or not. In this side, Animal 2 is standing out, not only between the two but among many other similar vacuums as well because this model use a huge amount of power at 306 AW. This amount of power will deliver a good if not great suction, so even those embedded dirt can be taken off from your carpet.

At the other hand, Cinetic is coming with a power rate half of what you have on Animal 2. This amount of power is not lacking at all and still able to deliver a good cleaning result proven by many of its users but when you compare both, the other model will give a more powerful suction. Both model is in the company’s Big Ball line since they use the ball instead of rolling wheel to move the vacuum around.

This unique design is native to the brand and you can find it as well in their other vacuums. This ball sn encapsulating the machine of both vacuums and thanks to the design, you can move the vacuum around obstacles with simpler turn on the wrist that in the end will required less effort in your side. Just like many other upright vacuums, both of Dyson Cinetic and Animal 2 are having a moving brushroll in their cleaning head which is used to agitate the dirt in your carpet floor.

This brushroll indeed will be useful when you have most carpet in your house but some people with delicate carpet or hard flooring may want to avoid using the moving brush since they may scratch or damage the flooring. To allow you deactivate the brushroll, these vacuums have a method which you can try when dealing with such delicate floors. What you need to do are, turning the vacuum on and recline it then press the brush bar on/off button to stop its movement.

If Animal 2 is boasting the powerful suction, then Cinetic is boasting its new technology called the Dyson Cinetic science. This new technology use a smaller cyclones just like Animal 2 but is even smaller and just as you can see from the outside, there are more of them in this machine. The company found that smaller cyclone will be more efficient when dealing with small particles and what’s unique here is they put a flexible cap to the tip of the cyclones.

This decision is what eliminating the need of Dyson Cinetic to require more filter like many other vacuums. When we said that this model has no pre-filter, this is because the movement of these flexible cap prevent the cyclones from building up dust and blocking the way. Thanks to the technology, even though there is not filter to clean, your vacuum will not lose its suction. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t use any filter at all because there is one post-motor filter that won’t need a wash.

At the other hand, Dyson Animal 2 is still using the washable filter that can be used for a lifetime, so you don’t have to purchase another filter anymore. Another good feature from this model is the automatic-height adjustment that will make the cleaning head automatically raises and lowers when you perform a cleaning in different flooring to seal in suction across all of them. However, this is only available in the Animal 2 model while Cinetic doesn’t have this feature.

In the dust bin capacity, both vacuums have similar amount of room to take a good amount of dust and debris in your house and they are also using the same One-Click dirt emptying system which will require you to detach the bin and open the bottom lid to allow the content flow out from the compartment to your garbage bin. For those with allergy, you don’t have to worry because they are already certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

To help you clean above-floor areas effectively, both machines is coming with additional tools inside the package but Cinetic has more tools than the other consisting of multi-angle brush, mattress tool, carbon fiber soft dusting brush, reach under tool, tangle-free turbine tool, stair tool, combination tool and a tool bag. At the other hand, Animal 2 only has combination tool, stair tool, and tangle-free turbine tool.

Now, let’s compare Dyson Cinetic with Animal 2. As you may already know, the prominent difference between the two is because Cinetic use a new technology that make the vacuum require less filter and avoid it to lose suction. At the other hand, Animal 2 is proud of its powerful suction two times more powerful than Cinetic but still require washable filter. Another difference is Cinetic has no automatic height adjustment but has more additional tools in the package than Animal 2.

Dyson Cinetic vs Animal 2

NameDyson CineticDyson Animal 2
Features- Dyson Cinetic science - No dirty filters to wash - Self-adjusting cleaner head ; Hygienic bin emptying - Dyson Ball technology. 35 high frequency oscillating Dyson Cinetic tips capture the microscopic dust - Whole-machine HEPA filtration- Strongest suction of any vacuum*. Even more power for tough tasks - Self-adjusting cleaner head Seals in suction across carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile floors - Tangle-free Turbine tool, stair tool, combination tool included. Cord Length : 35ft Bin Volume : .55 gallons

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option if you are looking for a dependable upright vacuum. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Animal 2 because it has more convenience feature like height adjustment along with the powerful suction to effectively clean your house.

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