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Dyson Ball vs Big Ball

This time, we have two advanced vacuum cleaners from Dyson that are suitable for various surface types, which are Dyson Ball vs Big Ball. From their names, you probably expect Dyson Ball to be smaller and cheaper and Dyson Big Ball to be, well, bigger and more expensive. So, which one is actually better for you?

Below, you can find out more about:
– The comparison of the vacuums’ dimensions
– What accessories that are included with each model
– The distinctive features of Dyson Ball and Dyson Big Ball
– The cleaning performance of Dyson Ball vs Big Ball
– Which model that will give you the best value for the money

Size and Weight
First of all, let’s compare the overall dimensions of Dyson Ball and Dyson Big Ball. In a glance, they may look quite similar. From the names alone, you probably already have some expectations regarding their sizes. However, they actually also have different designs. For a cordless vacuum, see Dyson V7 vs Shark IONFlex 2X.

Dyson Ball indeed has a smaller ball (the part behind the cleaning head which is responsible for the stability of the unit) compared to its sibling, Dyson Big Ball. However, the whole unit is not exactly smaller than the other model here. It measures 13.39 inches wide, 15.59 inches deep, and 41.93 inches tall. It has a weight of about 15.6 pounds.

Dyson Ball is designed just like a typical upright vacuum cleaner, except for the ball technology which enables the cleaning head to swivel freely to reach any corner or angle. It is not too heavy, although it is also not lightweight. The wide cleaning path will allow you to cover a wide area quickly. Although it is not the slimmest or lightest vacuum in the market, it is extremely easy to navigate.

Unfortunately, Dyson Ball does not have any height adjustment. It is good enough for people with a short to medium physicality. But the handlebar may be a little bit too low for a tall user.

Dyson Big Ball is not exactly larger. The main unit measures 13.66 inches wide, 15.71 inches deep, and 12.13 inches tall. The weight is about 17.64 pounds. It does not have a fixed handlebar. Instead, it has a handlebar which is directly connected to the hose, and is attachable to the ball portion.

So, Dyson Big Ball is not a typical upright vacuum – it is more of a canister vacuum. That said, the big ball technology here is quite interesting. It is able to stand by itself; when the unit is toppled, the big ball can automatically lift the handlebar back to the standing position. This may seem like a gimmicky feature, but this is actually very nice in practice.

Unlike its sibling, Dyson Big Ball puts all of its core components inside the big ball. This design will allow you to navigate the vacuum easily throughout your home. The big ball allows smooth and effortless movement in any direction.

Power Cord and Hose
Besides having some differences in their dimensions, Dyson Ball vs Big Ball also have different power cord and hose lengths. Dyson Ball is actually better here, as it will allow you to reach farther, although Dyson Big Ball is not bad at all.

Dyson Ball has a total reach distance of 40 ft. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a generously long 31-ft power cord and a 9-ft hose. However, note that the powerful suction of the vacuum will make it difficult for you to extend the hose fully.

Dyson Big Ball has a total reach distance of 35 ft. This vacuum has a significantly shorter power cord, which measures only 21 ft. However, the hose/handlebar is quite long with a length of about 14 ft. Although it does not have the same reach as Dyson Ball, it should be good enough for cleaning the far corners of most rooms.

Included Accessories
Before we go further, let us take a look at the included items in their boxes. Well, they are actually quite similar. The difference is just the turbine head on Dyson Big Ball, which is the primary cleaning head that you will use most of the time.

Dyson Ball comes with two accessories, which are the combination tool and the stair tool. You can use the combination tool for cleaning upholstery, couches, or desks. Meanwhile, the stair tool is handy for vacuuming stairs as well as narrow spots.

Dyson Big Ball comes with three accessories. It also comes with a similar combination tool and stair tool like the ones provided by Dyson Ball, so it is also able to deal with above-floor cleaning tasks quite well. You can use it to vacuum your upholstery and furniture. The third accessory is the turbine head. This is the main cleaning head that you will use for vacuuming your floors.

Dust Bin Capacity
The next difference between Dyson Ball vs Big Ball is the dust bin capacity. When choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home, you should carefully consider the dust bin capacity. If it is too small, you will have to empty the dust bin repeatedly throughout a vacuuming session. A larger capacity is almost always better.

Dyson Ball is once again a little better than its sibling. This time, it has a slightly larger dust bin. The capacity is about 0.55 gallons. So, it will not require frequent emptying even when it is working heavily.

Dyson Big Ball is not bad. The dust bin has a capacity of about 0.42 gallons. To be fair, this is already quite spacious. Chances are, it already allows you to complete a cleaning session without requiring you to empty the canister in the middle of the job.

Both models here have a smart dust bin design. They both have a detachable canister, so you won’t need to carry the entire vacuum to your trash can. The canister opens from the bottom with the push of a button. So, your hands will never need to get in contact with the filth.

Ease of Use
So, between Dyson Ball vs Big Ball, which one is easier and more practical to use? Honestly, both vacuums here are very practical and reliable. However, in the end, Dyson Big Ball still has the better score in terms of ease of use.

Dyson Ball is very easy to steer, thanks to the ball technology. The cleaning head can swivel and turn effortlessly to practically any direction. This is extremely convenient when you need to go through a cramped hallway or clean the spots under your furniture items.

Unfortunately, the lack of a height adjustment system may make it somewhat awkward to use. Also, unlike Dyson Big Ball, it is not able to return to a standing position by itself when knocked over. Hence, overall, it will still require more bending down.

Dyson Big Ball is also incredibly easy to steer and navigate. Although the main unit is slightly heavier, you actually don’t need to lift it up very often. You work with the hose and turbine cleaning head. So, the part that you need to handle with your hands is actually much lighter.

Working with Dyson Big Ball happens to be quite more comfortable regardless of your height. Of course, on reason for this is the self-righting handlebar. If it gets knocked and toppled down, the big ball will automatically return the handlebar to the standing position so that you can grab it immediately to continue cleaning. It is very convenient.

Both Dyson Ball and Dyson Big Ball are equipped with a HEPA filtration system. Both models are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to be asthma & allergy friendly. This means that both models are recommended options if you or one of the people in your home has asthma or allergy issues.

The HEPA filter is much finer than the regular filter. It is able to capture extremely small particles, such as fine dust, pet fur, and pollens. The HEPA filters of Dyson Ball and Dyson Big Ball are lifetime washable. So, you won’t need to buy a replacement unless the filter is damaged. When the filter is dirty, you only need to remove it and wash it.

Suction Power and Performance
Dyson Ball comes with the Radial Root Cyclone technology, which is said to be highly effective for picking up microscopic dust. On the other hand, Dyson Big Ball comes with the 2-Tier Radial Cyclone technology, which is said to be even more effective for capturing dirt and allergens.

However, the two models actually have a similar suction power. They both are rated to have 250 Air Watts suction. Both models are really powerful. They always deliver impressive performance, as they can pick up most debris in one pass. They can clean any hard floor without any issue. Surprisingly, they also work well on rugs and carpets.

Both Dyson Ball and Dyson Big Ball are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. It covers any defect in the parts and labor. The warranty length is very good. It shows that the company is confident with the quality and durability of their products.

Dyson Ball vs Big Ball

NameDyson BallDyson Big Ball
Features- Unrivaled Dyson suction*. Light to maneuver - Self-adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile floors. Suction power : 250 AW. Maximum Reach : 40 feet- Self-rights when toppled - other vacuums fall down and stay down. Only Dyson big Ball canister vacuums pick themselves up - HYGIENIC dirt ejector - Drives Out trapped dust and debris as you empty. No need to touch the dirt; Suction Power: 250 AW

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Between these two models, Dyson Ball is generally more recommended. It gives the best value for the money. It has a longer reach, and is equipped with a larger dust bin. The suction power is similar to Dyson Big Ball, and it is really powerful. Although it isn’t self-righting, the ball technology already allows very easy steering and excellent maneuverability.

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