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DeWalt DCV580 vs DCV581H

Not all vacuum cleaners can deal with the same task even though their main purpose is still the same because some of them are designed to be heavy duty such as DeWalt DCV580 vs DCV581H and can do more than your standard tool. Both model have the same capabilities but are separated with one prominent thing and if you want to know which unit will suit your preference the most or provide you with the features you want, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Dry/Wet Vacuum
– What are DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H
– What DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H Look Like
– What DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H can offer to you
– DeWalt DCV580 vs DCV581H

Dry/Wet Vacuum
Vacuum cleaner in an undeniably one of the most important thing you should have in your house because this is the tool we are going to use when doing house cleaning. Just like many other house care tools, this one is also available in various types and models depend on how you want your vacuum to be or what kind of surface you are going to use them for. Generally, vacuum cleaners are divided into several types such as canister, upright, and stick as well as robot vacuum.

Each one of these types are serving the same purpose but in term of capabilities or best features, each one of them are carrying their best sides depending on the model Besides these types, you will also find the vacuum that can deal with both dry and wet mess and even more than that. Of course not all people will need this kind of vacuum but it is seen as an essential for those who are running a business or shop since it can provide a better versatility to deal with whatever you are having currently on.

Wet/dry vacuum is actually just a vacuum cleaner at heart and it work in the same manner as any vacuum cleaner you ever use but unlike the regular dry vacuum, this model is capable of dealing with wet mess and even sharp debris such as nails, screws and other pieces that usually can ruin your vacuum. You can use the vacuum to pick up smallest dust in your house or even empty a basin of water; anything you want to do.

About DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H
Being such a heavy-duty tool, wet/dry vacuum is available widely and there are numerous manufacturers out there offering the unit, so we have to pick at least based on how good they can perform or how well-known the manufacturer is in term of offering good, reliable products. When we take these into account, the list will result in a few names and DeWalt is among them. We are sure most of you already heard about this brand, moreover, if you are also use power tool because they are especially popular in that market.

Just like their power tools, DeWalt also offer many other dependable products in their catalogue and if you are looking for a vacuum that can deal with almost everything then you should check on DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H. Both of them are an excellent cleaning tool that you can rely on when dealing with many kind of mess in your house or workshop with a dependable performance and easy to use operation. You can use them to clean pet hair, remove debris from hot tubs, cleaning dirty areas in your house or other regular works around the house.

It is always good to have another option when we are looking for something because then we can at least compare them side by side to see which item will provide us with the best features and available in the most affordable price. Of course the process will be much easier when the company did the comparison for us but not many of them are providing us with enough information and unfortunately DeWalt is one of them because both of DCV580 and DCV581H are very similar to each other in look and features.

DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H Design
As you can see from the example picture above, both DCV580 and DCV581H vacuums are having the same design and look, so we don’t’ think one can easily tell them apart without knowing which unit is which from the start. These vacuums are made from heavy duty plastic material and just like other DeWalt items, they are in a combination of black and yellow making them look like a professional tools. Even though they look bulky, they are approximately weighed only at 11 pounds, so you should be able to carry them easily.

Below the handle, here you can find the switch to turn these vacuums on and off. Both of the crevice tool and wide nozzle tools are also latched on the unit and you can find one on the handle while the other is on one of the unit’s side. Both of DCV580 and DCV581H are featured with a clip to keep their hose neatly in place when not in use.

DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H Features
When we are talking about vacuum cleaner, the first thing you may want to know is how good the suction power is to help you with the cleaning duty and if you worry about how good DCV580 and DCV581H are, you don’t have to because they are both powerful and heavy duty thanks to the 18V or 20V power input to provide a strong suction and a dependable cleaning performance. What you need to know is these two are operated with battery.

Though, if you pick the DCV581H the option will be wider because this model provide another option for the power source via cord, so if you are not fond of using battery then you can just plug the vacuum in a power source. There is another thing you may want to know here about the battery which is they are not provided by the company when you purchase the vacuum, so if you pick the battery-only DCV580, you will also need to immediately purchase the battery to make the vacuum work.

Just like many other tools that are operated cordless or with a battery, the best benefit of using cordless vacuum is you can have wider coverage which means you can even reach those areas that have no nearby power source. The amount of time you will get will depend on the battery itself because these two have no further speed adjustment and for example, if you pick the 3.0 Lithium Ion MAX 20V battery, you will get a few hours of cleaning operation.

Another good thing about both of DCV580 and DCV581H is the build itself. As it has been mentioned earlier, they are made with heavy duty material to serve the purpose and be more durable when handling serious mess especially on the fully integrated 5’ hose that provides more durability, flexibility and ease of use for better convenience. Read our previous article on: Bissell 1650A vs 1650W here.

Just like many other vacuums, you will want to know about their capacity when looking for one since it is an important thing you may want to consider if you are not the type who likes to empty and clean the bin too often. In this side, both vacuums are having the same capacity as big as 2 gallons of wet and dry messes. By having this amount of capacity, these vacuums are ideal to clean a larger area or when you want to empty a water compartment in your house without going back and forth too often.

Not all people pay attention to a vacuum portability when they are looking for one but we do think it will be a great advantage because you will need to transfer them often from one place to another in your house and the one with a good portability will require less effort as well. DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H not only lightweight but thanks to the on-board hose and accessory storage, you can carry them at once in the unit without having to look on another storage.

Another important thing you should consider when looking for a vacuum is their filter because this one will be a deciding point whether it is good enough to be used in your house or not. A good vacuum should be able to trap all of the debris and small dust inside, so they won’t get dispensed out again with the air and to make sure you are going to have a cleaner air, DCV580 and DCV581H have HEPA filter that can trap dust with 99.97% efficiency.

Additionally, you can wash this filter when needed and make sure to always wash it because your vacuum will lose its suction when the filter is clogged especially when you are dealing with wet mess.

Now, let’s compare DeWalt DCV580 with DCV581H. As you may already know, both units are very similar to each other and are actually coming with the same features as well as the design. The only difference that put them apart is the fact that DCV581H is capable of operating with another power source with a cord instead of relying completely on battery like DCV580.

DeWalt DCV580 vs DCV581H

NameDeWalt DCV580DeWalt DCV581H
Features- 18v/20v Cordless Wet/dry Vacuum - Cordless Operation Powered By Either 18v Or 20v Battery (Battery and Charger sold separately) - Washable/reusable Filter- Can operate corded with an AC outlet, or cordless by an 18v or 20v MAX battery - HEPA Rated filter traps up to 99.97% efficiency - Washable/reusable filter;2-Gallon tank capacity

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option and you can pick based on your preference, however, if you want to have the flexibility on using both battery and cord, we will highly recommend you to pick DeWalt DCV581H.

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