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Bissell Symphony vs Shark Steam Mop

Cleaning house is a daily activity we do all the time. It’s important to maintain cleanliness for better comfort and hygiene. Now with technological innovations, cleaning has never been so easy. Most cleaning tools now are supported with machine and electricity, which provide efficiency and effectivity. There are many cleaning tools in the market, with different price, you can choose which one is best suited for your budget and need.

Steam mops work by heating up water from a reservoir inside the mop to a temperature of nearly 250 degrees Fahrenheit and sending a jet of steam down into a mop pad covering the head. The stems soak the pad and assist its ability to loosen dirt and grime off the floor. Used correctly, steam cleaning is a natural and effective way to remove stubborn dirt and stains. If you’re still looking for perfect cleaning tools to add in your house, this article will help you compare two products from well-known brands, the Bissel Symphony and Shark Steam Mop. Both are vacuum cleaners with steaming features. In this article, both are going to be compared and only one will come out as a winner, keep reading to find out which one.

Bissell Symphony

The Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop makes cleaning up your house easy by working simultaneously as both a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner in one machine so you can save time by vacuuming debris and steaming hard floors at the same time. With $219.99, Bissell Symphony provides compact design which doesn’t take up much storage space. Read also: Bissell Little Green vs ProHeat.

The machine is capable of vacuuming up pet hair and debris while also steam cleaning so cleaning your floors is efficient and simple, no need to buy various tools. The machine is safe to use around kids and pets because it features only water without cleaning solution to naturally sanitize floors, which eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Bissell Symphony requires 120 volts of electricity and features cord length of 25 Feet with 1100 watts for steam and 400 watts for vacuum to do its job. Features an 11-inches wide of cleaning path and 12.8 oz tank capacity, Bissell Symphony supports hard floors and bare floors surface as well as ceramic, linoleum, marble, tile, and granite.

Equipped with Easy Touch Digital Controls, you have easy access located on the front of the handle with two options: high steam (HI) for durable floors or on sticky messes and low steam (LO) for delicate floors or for light, everyday cleaning. To turn steam on, press once then click again to turn steam off. Both vacuuming and steaming function can be used together or separately.

Furthermore, Bissell Symphony provides 5-way adjustable handle, choose which one is most comfortable for you for best cleaning experience. Another great feature is the Dry Tank Technology which seeps in moisture out while you clean so your dirt tank is completely dry and Powerful Cyclonic Vacuum helps capture dirt and debris. These combinations provide fast and light steam cycle, the machine doesn’t use much water so the floor dries quickly and it doesn’t take long to warm the water for steam. After usage, you can change the mob pads easily with Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray.

 Bissell SymphonyShark Steam Mop
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions9 x 11 x 46.5 inches
51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches
Shipping Weight13 pounds
4.87 pounds

You have enough options with 4 mop pads included. These reusable microfiber mop pads are machine washable and safe for all hard floor surfaces. The white microfiber pad is best for everyday use on delicate flooring like sealed hardwoods and laminate. The gray and white striped pad can be used for scrubbing heavily soiled floors and cleaning tougher messes. Bissell Symphony also offer scented water for cleaning so your house will smell amazing.

However, there are some disadvantages. When it comes to steaming, the capacity of 13 oz water only allows for around 15 minutes of continuous steaming which can be too little for some people. As mentioned before, Bisson Symphony only works on bare floors meaning the product doesn’t work so well on carpets and unsealed grout. Despite those disadvantages, Bissell Symphony has great value for its price. It’s recommended for people in small household who seek quick and efficient hybrid vacuum cleaners.

Shark Steam Mop

Unlike the Bissell Symphony, the Shark Steam Mop only features steaming without vacuum cleaners therefore the price is way more affordable. For only $59.99, Shark Steam Pocket Mop offer feature to transform water into chemical free super-heated steam to deep clean and remove everyday dirt, grime, and stuck-on messes from your hard floors with 2-sided cleaning, you can use both sides of the mop head to extend your cleaning session which allow you to cover twice the cleaning area with a quick flip of the steam head. Shark Steam Mop produce powerful steam on demand with natural mopping motion which delivers super-heated steam in just 30 seconds and dries almost immediately.

Shark Steam Mop is lightweight with only 4.87 pounds and it requires 1200 wattage to do the job. Featuring 180 degrees swivel for easier maneuvering and steering, with an ergonomic design and a soft-grip handle that make it easy to maneuver without physical strain the machine makes quick work of cleaning around furniture.

It’s capable of cleaning different kind of floors from hardwood, marble, laminate, tile or stone, Shark Steam Mop can clean and sanitize all sealed floors so you can feel confident that your floors are both germ-free and chemical-free. The two-cup capacity generates lots of cleansing steam that works to lift material from your floor and its cord is 30′ long to help you reach anywhere in a room.

The Shark Steam Mop helps you to keep your home tidy. Each pad has two cleaning sides so you can flip it over when the first side is used up. 2 washable and reusable microfiber pads which lift and lock in dirt so no more messy mops and heavy buckets to rinse off. After usage, simply drop the pad in the washing machine, wash, and reuse.

While working around the house, you don’t have to worry about tangled cord as the Shark Steam Mop features a quick-release cord so you can easily store and release the 25-foot power cord. Supported with 450ml water capacity, it’s ready to use in 30 seconds. Plus, its XL water capacity allows you to mop longer without stopping. It delivers the right amount of steam at the perfect temperature to clean, sanitize and dry in seconds and is safe for all hard floor surfaces.

However, because the Shark Steam Mop only support steam cleaning, you have to sweep or vacuum the floors beforehand which means you have to do twice as much work than the Bissell Symphony. Additionally, the instructions on Shark Steam Mop say it only takes 30 seconds to heat up, but in reality, it takes at least 5 minutes for enough steam to dampen the cloth mop head. The mop head can only pick up some light to medium amounts of dirt, it does nothing for cleaning the grout or stubborn stain.

Another disappointment is Shark Steam Mop doesn’t have on/off switch and no indicator if it’s on or off. You have to plug it in, wait a minute, pump handle a few times and you are good to go. If you only need something to clean light surfaces or floors, Shark Steam Mop is good enough and affordable but if you’re looking for a steam mop that will really clean the uneven surfaces of both tile and wood floors and this Shark Steam Mop doesn’t do that.

Bissell Symphony vs Shark Steam Mop

- Save time by vacuuming debris and steaming hard floors at the same time. Cleaning Path Width:11", Tank Capacity:12.8 oz
- Sanitize with steam, using just water to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria*. Surface Type:Hard Floors, Bare Floors. Power : 120 volts
- Easy to use with Easy Touch Digital Controls, 5-way adjustable handle, and Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray - 4 mop pads included.Power Cord Length: 25 Feet
- *When used as directed, results may vary. Tested under controlled lab conditions.Dry Tank Technology keeps your tank dry while you steam
- Clean and sanitize with both sides
- Steam on demand
- 99.9% sanitization
- Sanitization with no harsh chemicals


After weigh in the features and the disadvantages, Bissell Symphony is a better cleaning tool than Shark Steam Mop. While Shark Steam Mop is affordable and simple for quick clean, you have to do twice as much work than Bissell Symphony which can do two tasks, vacuuming and steaming, simultaneously which provide cleaner home with less work. The price is higher but it’s still inexpensive considering its potential and features.

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