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Bissell Symphony Vac vs CrossWave All in One

Doing house chores may not be the most fun thing to do on the weekend but it is necessary to keep our living space clean and more comfortable to rest and doing various daily tasks in. To keep your flooring squeaky clean, we can mop them with Bissell Symphony Vac vs Crosswave All in One which is not only easy to use but also effective but, if you are considering these models, see our article below to check which model will suit the house better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need to buy a Vacuum Cleaner
– Which Vacuum Types to Purchase
– What are Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One
– What Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One Look Like
– What Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One can offer to you
– How to use Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One
– Bissell Symphony Vac vs CrossWave All in One

Vacuum Cleaner
We are sure all of us want to live in a clean house where there is no single dust and the floor is always shiny or the rug is always soft and free from any spot as well as smells nice. There is no more pleasant feeling than coming home to see our house is already clean and so we then can rest and enjoy the free time more comfortably. However, just like many other daily tasks, not all of us are very fond of putting the effort.

Thankfully, humans always seek for convenience and this desire to work effectively without putting much energy is giving us so many inventions including on how to clean the house. Vacuum cleaner is one of the most versatile and powerful tool to have as a house owner because it will deal with the debris, dust and similar mess in different surface without us having to move carefully to make sure those small particles are not flying everywhere.

Not only fast, vacuum cleaner is also effective and depend on the model or shape, we can use them to clean flooring like carpet or hard floors, furniture, stairs, and even cabinet or your curtain from dust. As for the floorings, vacuum cleaner can also be integrated with mopping system which mean it will act as a wiping tools as well and some even have steam function built into the tool. If you want to spend less and still get the most versatile tool, any of these combo vacuums will be a great choice.

Vacuum Cleaner Combo
Vacuum cleaner which is also made or designed with built in mop system can be used as a dry mop or wet mop depend on the model. This type is exceptionally well when dealing with wet mess such as pasta with its sauce or cereal that has been accidentally knocked out of the table. This is because they will suck both of the solid and liquid mess from the floors as well as scrub the remaining to give you a cleaner result.

On the other hand, vacuum which is made with steam function may not be as effective to deal with the kind of mess we have as example above but more useful when your goal is to sanitize the floors because steam mop is the one we need to use to kill bacteria and dust mites. In general, most of them will have a soft pads that main function is to wipe the surface or absorbing the dirt but may be not as effective for scrubbing.

About Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One
If your house has many hard floorings in the house, it is great to have vacuum and electric mops to keep them clean and lessen the burden when doing house chores or dealing with mess. However, it is important to choose the one with the best capabilities or have a good quality so we can be sure they will work effectively later. Among those many good options out there, Bissell will be one of the best bets to go especially when you want to spend less.

We are sure some of you already heard and even used one of its products before so you will know how reliable their cleaning tools are. They also have many collections of house cleaning tools and besides those affordable vacuum, there are also models mimicking more expensive vacuums to give you another option without burdening the wallet. There are various models from the classic upright, stick cordless vacuum, and the canister model so we can choose as needed depending on the house or our personal preferences.

For those who are preferring to use a combo tools, Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One are two ideal choices to go. Both of them are loved by many not only because the effectivity but also convenient enough to help doing the daily cleaning because they are acting both as dry vacuum and mopping tool. However, they are not necessarily identical and in comparison, Bissell SpinWave vs CrossWave are actually more alike due to the more similar characteristics.

The Symphony Vac full name is Vacuum and Steam 2 in 1 which means it will also dispense steam to your floorings and help disinfect them and it is not available in the CrossWave model because the latter is only working as both dry and wet vacuum. In terms of usability, while it can’t disinfect floorings, it will take larger debris and a lot more water in comparison without the need to change the padding often if you want to do the mopping while vacuuming as well.

Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One Design
When you place them side by side, they look very different to each other and in a glance Symphony is bulkier probably because it has to carry another steaming system inside. As for the CrossWave All in One, this mode is coming in blue fashion rather than light green in which we see on the regular CrossWave but they still have the same capabilities yet, this version is sold at Walmart rather than by Bissell themselves.

There are two tanks in each of these vacuums but the one for storing clear water in Symphony model is non removable and it is meant not to be removed from the unit. It is required to always have water inside and when not in use, just let it dry in the compartment. For the CrossWave, both of the water tanks are removable and easy to clean or replace with new water and added with cleaning solution if needed.

Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One Features
As it has been mentioned above, they are a very different tools despite having the same vacuum function and they also works quite differently. As for steam vacuum, Bissell Symphony Vac will dispense steam as it suck the debris in your floorings and it has padding to wipe them clean in case there is little water remaining above the surface but as it doesn’t eliminate and removing the liquid from its cleaning head, the pads will become dirty especially when you clean more mess.

For the CrossWave, this vacuum is providing clean water to spray along the surface when you mop the floors and similar to many vacuums, it also have moving cleaning head to help scrubbing the mess and arrange them to be taken care of the suction function. It is compiling the debris or solid particles with the liquid from them and instead of flat pads, it has a rolling brush or soft rolling pad when used to mop only.

From the difference, we can say that for cleaning, the CrossWave will be more capable because it has moving parts to help you deal with the solids and it is also rated with higher watts for more power, furthermore, this vacuum is also suitable with soft flooring but only those thin ones when you need to clean them without employing a carpet cleaner.

Cleaning with Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One
Despite having quite different functionality, Bissell Symphony Vac and CrossWave All in One are operated in the same manner and we do like the straightforward ease of use. First, fill the clean water tank and added with the included solution if you prefer, then close the lid or put the compartment back in on the machine. Plug their power cord to nearby wall power and position the unit until the main body and cleaning head is aligned properly.

To start cleaning, press the vacuum button and press the steam setting between Hi or Lo with the steam trigger to actuate steam and as for CrossWave, press the Hard or Soft flooring setting while the spray trigger is located below the handlebar. For the Symphony, wait for 30 seconds before starting to use the steam to prepare the machine first and when the steam function ready, the button will be illuminated. When you need to vacuum rugs, Symphony can be used as well but remove the pad tray first to improve the suction.

Comparing these close brothers we can see how different they are because despite the same function to act as dry vacuum, both of them are also different because the CrossWave is a regular dry/wet vacuum and the moving head cleaner is nice to both handle sturdier mess as well as strong enough to take even liquid mess. The Symphony on the other hand is coming with steam feature which is not available in the other machine and very useful when you want to disinfect floors but not as effective for dry vacuuming.

Bissell Symphony Vac vs CrossWave All in One

- Save time by vacuuming debris and steaming hard floors at the same time. Cleaning Path Width:11", Tank Capacity:12.8 oz
- Sanitize with steam, using just water to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria*. Surface Type:Hard Floors, Bare Floors. Power : 120 volts
- Easy to use with Easy Touch Digital Controls, 5-way adjustable handle, and Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray - 4 mop pads included.Power Cord Length: 25 Feet
- Buy BISSELL, save pets. BISSELL donates up to 10 dollars to the BISSELL pet foundation for every pet product purchase, upon activation
- Vacuums and washes your floors at the same time. Power Cord Length: 25 feet
- Pet pro 2306 A features a multi surface pet brush roll and pet hair strainer for easy multi surface cleaning. Safe for sealed hard floors and area rugs

We are sure at this point you can already decide which machine to go because they are not the same and have different functions. However, if your goal is for cleaning and want to use it as the main tool for vacuuming, we will recommend getting the Bissell CrossWave or CossWave All in One for it is more reliable with this function.

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