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Bissell Spot Clean Vs Little Green

If you are confused between Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green, you have come to the right place. Below, we will compare the capabilities and performance of these portable carpet cleaners. Both are able to deep-clean and extract embedded dirt from your carpets. However, since there is some price difference, you can expect that they do have some different features.

What we will discuss below include:
– Which model that is generally more portable and easier to use
– The water tank capacity of each model
– The features and accessories that come with each model
– The performance of Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green
– The warranty that comes with each model
– Which carpet cleaner that is generally more recommended

Design and Dimensions
If you put the two units side by side, it is apparent right away that these two models are very different. Bissell Spot Cleanis quite portable. It looks professional with a black color. Bissell Little Green is compact, featuring a fresh look with white and green colors. See also: Bissell CrossWave vs Hoover FloorMate.

Bissell Spot Clean is dominated in a black color, but the plastic shell is actually semi-transparent. There are also some parts and lines that are colored in dark purple. It does not have many curved edges; instead, it has more firm lines. The combination of those features has made Bissell Spot Clean appear modern and professional. It has a nice look which can fit in just about any environment.

Bissell Spot Clean measures 6.5 inches x 12 inches x 14.5 inches. It weighs about 9 pounds. This unit is quite compact and lightweight. Hence, you should have no issue with the portability. You can easily lift it to any room, and you can also easily take it upstairs. The 15-ft power cord is pretty long. It also has a nice hose. It can reach the corners of a medium-sized room just fine.

Bissell Little Green is quite different. It has a body that is colored in white, with some parts being green semi-transparent shells. It has a curved shape which makes it look modern and stylish. It is a good-looking model suitable for most homes.

Bissell Little Green measures 8.2 inches x 17.2 inches x 12.5 inches and weighs about 11.6 pounds. So, compared to its sibling here, Bissell Little Green is actually a bit bigger and heavier. This goes against the impression of the name. That said, Bissell Little Green is indeed still lightweight and portable enough to be easily carried around the home. It also has a 15-ft power cord and a nice hose to allow easy reach.

Water Tank Capacity
The next thing that we can compare between Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green is the water tank capacity. In general, a larger water tank is almost always better because it will allow you to continue vacuuming your carpets for a longer time. However, if you don’t have too many carpets, using a smaller water tank can be a better choice because the whole unit will be lighter.

Bissell Spot Clean comes with a larger water tank. It has a water tank capacity of 2.5 liters. This is quite higher than the water tank capacity of Bissell Little Green. Hence, it will be able to vacuum more carpet area before it needs to be refilled. It is great for small homes and large homes alike.

Bissell Little Green has a decent water tank capacity, which is about 48 ounces (approximately 1.419 liters). Compared to that of Bissell Spot Clean, the water tank capacity of Bissell Little Green is significantly smaller. This model is not really recommended for a large home with many carpets, as it will require frequent refilling. However, it is good for a small home, and it will be relatively lightweight because it does not hold so much water.

Both Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green are specifically designed to vacuum and deep-clean specific surface types, including carpet, area rug, upholstery, and car interior. Both models are able to provide effective yet gentle cleaning, so they will not cause any damage to the delicate items or surfaces.

Both models are equipped with the ProHeat technology. It is a built-in water heater that can heat up the water to a consistent temperature level. By increasing the water temperature, you can achieve a more effective cleaning performance. The manufacturer claims that ProHeat can increase the temperature by about 25 degrees from the tap water level.

You don’t need to use the heated cleaning all the time. Regular dirt and stains can be removed with normal cleaning. However, you can use the heated cleaning when dealing with stubborn dirt and stains, as it can make such spots much easier to clean.

Each model here has a separate container for holding the dirty water. Unfortunately, this container is somewhat difficult to clean. There are two open slots on the top, and you will need to tilt and rotate the container around to remove all of the dirty fluid. It is almost impossible to clean the container without getting the dirty fluid all over your hands.

Each model also has an on-board accessory compartment. It is not very spacious, but there is enough room for the essential accessories. So, you won’t need to use a separate bag to hold the accessories. They will be ready for use whenever you need them. This is definitely convenient.

Furthermore, Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green come with different accessories. Before making your choice, you probably should evaluate what accessories that you need around the house. They also come with their own cleaning solutions, although you may use your own.

Bissell Spot Clean comes with two accessories, which are the Tough Stain Tool and the Deep Stain Tool. You can use the Tough Stain Tool to deal with stubborn dirt and stains. You can also use it to clean up newly made stains and spills. Meanwhile, the Deep Stain Tool has a particular brush pattern which is designed to dispense the cleaning solution deeply into the carpet while gently scrubbing to remove deep-embedded dirt.

Bissell Spot Clean also comes with two cleaning solutions, which are the Bissell 2X Spot & Stain Formula and the Bissell Oxy Boost Formula. You can use the first solution for deep cleaning your carpets. It is powerful enough to remove most dirt and spills. Meanwhile, the second solution is an enhancer that you can add into the first solution to increase the cleaning power, and is meant to be used only occasionally for dealing with stubborn spots.

Bissell Little Green comes with two accessories, which are the Tough Stain Tool and the Spraying Crevice Tool. As mentioned above, you can use the Tough Stain Tool for removing stains and spills. Meanwhile, the Spraying Crevice Tool is designed to allow you to spray the cleaning solution into tight crevices that are difficult to reach.

Bissell Little Green only comes with one cleaning solution, which is the Bissell 2X Spot & Stain Formula. It does not come with the enhancer formula. But this is already good. The included cleaning solution is powerful enough for removing most stains and spills. If you need the enhancer formula, you can buy that separately.

Both Bissell Spot Clean and Bissell Little Green are very easy and straightforward to use. To begin with, keep in mind that you need to use tap water. After you fill the water tank, you may add the cleaning solution. To start cleaning, you can pull the trigger on the wand to spray the water onto the carpet. Then, you can brush the area to agitate it, and vacuum up the extracted dirt using the nozzle.

Bissell Spot Clean is fairly powerful. It is powered by a 5.7-amp motor which can generate decent suction. When used with the cleaning solution and enhancer, it can remove dirt quite easily without too much brushing.

Bissell Little Green can be quite more powerful. It is powered by a 9-amp motor. The suction power is quite strong. It is also able to brush down dirt easily without too much effort. However, keep in mind that you should not brush your carpet too harshly as the brushing action may damage the carpet.

You can turn on the heater to remove stubborn stains. However, you need to wait for a little while until the water is heated properly. The heating is pretty fast.

Bissell Spot Clean is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It covers all defects in the materials and craftsmanship. Compared to Bissell Little Green, it has a longer warranty, so it will give a better value for the long run.

Bissell Little Green is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty also covers all defects in the materials and craftsmanship. The period is not bad, but if you want some peace of mind, Bissell Spot Clean can give you a longer warranty.

Bissell Spot Clean Vs Little Green

NameBissell Spot CleanBissell Little Green
Features- Professional pet spot cleaner removes tough spots and pet stains from carpet, stairs, upholstery and more - 5 flex hose helps to clean spots and pet stains in hard to reach areas including stairs, upholstery, and area rugs- Compact multi-purpose wet vacuum delivers thorough deep cleaning (Not a Steam Cleaner) - Powerful spray and suction clean and help dry in one step; stores ready to use. Power Rating: 9 Amps

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Between the two models, Bissell Spot Clean is generally more recommended. It is more compact, and it comes with a larger water tank. It also comes with a better set of accessories and a longer warranty. The performance is good. It can deep-clean carpets well.

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