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Bissell Proheat Essential vs Proheat 2X

We are already know how useful vacuum cleaner for our carpet or other flooring in our house is but the cleaning process is not stopping here if you have a busy household since there are things even the best vacuum can’t deal with. Using carpet cleaners like Bissell Proheat Essential vs Proheat 2X are great option to get a cleaner carpet without much hassle. If you also interested in these carpet cleaner, go check our article below to see which item will fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Carpet Cleaner
– What are Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X
– What Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X Look Like
– What Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X can offer to you
– Bissell Proheat Essential vs Proheat 2X

Carpet Cleaner
For those who never used a carpet cleaner before, this house care appliance is used just like vacuum cleaner but not a vacuum and shouldn’t replace it in your house because you will need to clean your carpet using a vacuum first then finalized it with a carpet cleaner to remove the embedded dirt that can’t be taken or clean with vacuum cleaner. However, the look and design of this tools are rather similar to a vacuum and operated in the same manner.

Just like when vacuuming, how often you will need to clean your carpet will depend on how busy your house is or how many people living in it because the more people also mean the more work you have to do. It sounds tedious as it is but we can’t leave it like that since it not only unpleasant to the eyes, moreover, it may bring some illness for the people who are living in your house. Many people clean their carpet at least once a year but it can be increased depend on various conditions.

Before choosing the right carpet cleaning for your needs, you have to know the two types of carpet cleaner since one type may able to give better benefit than the other. Those types are Dry Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction. Dry cleaning is using a foam into the carpet and allows it to dry then suck the dried shampoo back into the vacuum. As you can expect, this method may be quick but will leave residue in your carpet and seen as a less effective method to do a good cleaning.

At the other hand those cleaners that use hot water extraction use high pressure of water into your carpet to clean them and then the water along with dirt will be sucked back again into the cleaner. Some people may called this type as steam cleaner but there is actually no steam used here but hot water. Over the first method, many people and experts are recommending this method since it can perform better and leave your carpet dust and dirt free. Read also: Bissell 1940 vs 1940w here.

About Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X
There are so many carpet cleaners’ manufacturers out there that coming from the same companies as vacuum cleaner and one of them is Bissell. This company have a huge collection in their catalogue consisting of several house care tools that you can always rely on to when you want to keep your house clean and healthy. Among all of those carpet cleaners, Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X are standing out from the others thanks to the dependable performance and affordable price.

For those who are living in a house with many carpet flooring, cleaning them will definitely one of the toughest job you will need to do to keep your clean and healthy. The invention of vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner are very helpful to let us do the job easier compared to the old times but it doesn’t mean it is a light thing to do. Just like vacuum, carpet cleaner is available in various model as well as price and even though the best item may cost hundreds of dollar, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a decently affordable one in the market.

Bissell with their Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X are here to answer your demand of good cleaners without the high price and can be a great alternative for those with less to spend or limited budget. These two are cleaners are using hot water to do the dirt extraction in your carpet and with this method, your carpet will be freed from dirt and embedded dust that can’t be clean with vacuum cleaner. Even though they are similar, these two models are also have some different parts.

Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X Design
As you can see from the picture, Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X looks very different from each other which is a good thing because you can tell them apart instantly. As you can expect, they are made mainly from plastic material since you will need your cleaners to be as light as possible for they will be increased in weight after you add the water to clean. However, even though they look equally bulky, Proheat 2X is actually lighter than Essential, so you can move it around easier as well.

Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X Features
Both of these cleaners are coming with a powerful motor to ensure the unit will work as they are designed and give you a good performance when used to clean your carpet but as a higher model Proheat X2 is having a higher motor as well rated at 6.8 amps while the other is only 6 amps. The power may not visibly different but when combined with all the features inside, the higher model should also be able to deliver better result.

As you can expect, just like a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaners are features with moving brush in their cleaning head and this is a very important thing to have since they are used to agitate the embedded dirt. This part is also what separate these cleaner the most because just like the name Proheat 2X is special even among many other similar units because this cleaner is using Dual Dirt Lifter Power Brushes which consisting of two brush rolls in its cleaning head to promote better dirt loosening.

At the other hand, Proheat Essential is only using one Dirt Lifter Power Brush to help you get out of those stubborn dirt while still being gentle in your carpet surface. This part is important to consider since we have different carpet and if you think that the carpet in your house is the delicate type then it is probably better to pick the one with a gentler brush as well to avoid damaging the surface while if you have more durable carpet, you can go with more powerful brush.

Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X are equally featured with the company’s Heatwave Technology which is claimed to be able to help maintaining the water temperature inside the water compartment, so you can have a consistent hot water while cleaning your carpet. To help you reduce the intensity of going back and forth to the sink, they also have a big water tank that can take up dirty water up to one gallon for extended cleaning time without needing to empty the tank.

If you want a better result, you can use the Deep Cleaning mode which will make the cleaners work more effective to remove the dirt in your carpet but what you have to keep in mind when using this method is your carpet will dry longer as well. You will also still need to vacuum your carpet first before using this mode to get the perfect result. As the name stated, Proheat 2X is more than carpet cleaner because the unit have a 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool.

With the addition of this tool, the cleaners may also act as an upholstery cleaners as well and works great to clean areas where the main cleaning head can’t reach properly. Despite all the useful features and benefit of Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X, they are also still having some drawback you may want to know. It is related to the longevity of these cleaners since they are using 2-in-1 design which means they hold clean and dirty water at the same place.

To separate them, there is a rubber bladder inside the tank to prevent the dirty residue from contaminating the clean water and since it is rubber, the chance of being worn out may also higher than if made from plastic. To help you clean different surfaces or more stubborn dirt, Bissell Proheat Essential and Proheat 2X are included with hose, tough stain cleaning tool, spraying crevice tool, and sample of cleaning formula; the Essential is coming with Professional Deep Clean Formula while the other is with Deep Clean Antibacterial formula.

Now, let’s compare Bissell Proheat Essential with Proheat 2X. As it has been said above, the prominent difference between the two models is the Dual Dirt Lifter Brushes which is available in Proheat 2X as opposed to single brush in Essential, so the 2X is also capable of providing better dirt removing than the other but it will be rougher as well.

Bissell Proheat Essential vs Proheat 2X

NameBissell Proheat EssentialBissell Proheat 2X
Features- Strong spray and powerful suction removes dirt, allergens and odors embedded in carpets. Power Rating: 6 amps - Large capacity tanks (1 Gallon) mean less time filling and more time cleaning. An 8 ounce trial size bottle of professional fromula is included- Outcleans the leading rental carpet cleaning machine and half the weight (cleaning results compared to the leading rental machine based on measurement of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers) - Carpet dries in about an hour—no need to wait; use Express Clean Mode as a time-saver!

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good choice if you are looking for a carpet cleaner with a good performance yet still affordable. However, if you have delicate carpet, Essential is gentler option but if you have more durable carpet, the Proheat 2X is the better option.

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