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Bissell PowerLifter Pet vs Rewind

As one crucial item in your house care tools, choosing a vacuum cleaner is very important to help use get a clean house every day while spending as less effort as possible. Bissell PowerLifter Pet vs Rewind are two good options to pick if you are living with a pet or have to deal with hairs in your carpet flooring. To know which item will give you the best benefit or suit your preference the most, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind
– What Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind Look Like
– What Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind can offer to you
– Bissell PowerLifter Pet vs Rewind

Vacuum Cleaner
We are sure most people already have a vacuum if not two in their house because this is the one we are going to use when we need to clean the house, free it from dust and debris without spending much energy on sweeping it manually. People have different lifestyle and deal with different problem in their house, so it is good to find the right vacuum that match our need or at least will provide us with the best benefit among others.

A good vacuum cleaner will require less effort from our side to operate yet still able to take all the dust and debris at least from the visible parts in our flooring or any other surfaces and to do so, we will need a good suction and moving brush. A moving brush may not essential for hard flooring but a carpet will definitely need it to help taking the dust that present in the deeper layer or to agitate some of the stubborn dirt.

Another typical problem we faced when cleaning our house especially if we have pet or someone in the house who have a long hair is cleaning the mess. Hair is a common problem and even though you can clean them manually, a good vacuum will be very helpful to reduce the effort. Just like with carpet, to effectively clean hair or fur from our carpet, we need a brush but depend on the model, some vacuum can be better to perform the task.

About Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind
Just like with anything else we purchase, when looking for a vacuum cleaner it is good to also consider the brand because a reputable brand will most likely to also offer a good and dependable products. Among those many options in the market, Bissell is a good option to go because this company is well-known and always offer many good products in their catalogue along with the different variants so we can choose the one that offer the best benefit for our house.

If the one you are looking for is a vacuum that can deal with hair or pet fur in your carpet flooring then you need to check their PowerLifter Pet and Rewind vacuum. Both of these vacuums are very similar to each other since they are coming with the same name and in the same line but also different due to the convenience. Aside from the two, PowerLifter actually also available in other options as well. Check our article on: Bissell Powerlifter vs Shark Rocket here.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind Design
As you can see from the picture, both of Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind are coming in the same design and they looks identical with each other as well as having the same height and width. From the outside, the easiest way to separate them is the green plastic inside Rewind dustbin which in the other model is purple. They are an upright so almost all the tools are built in the unit and even though their measurement is the same, Rewind is slightly heavier.

The material to build these vacuums are mainly plastic to keep them as light as possible and as the power source, they both use cord. However, Rewind cord is shorter than the other because it only has 27 feet cord while PowerLifter Pet has 30 feet cord.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind Features
The most important thing you probably want to know when looking for a vacuum is probably the suction power because this will determine if the vacuum is strong enough to take all of those dust or debris from the surfaces in your house. Both of Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind are equally having 8 Amps power rating to provide a decent suction while the 13.5-inch cleaning path will help you do less work moving the vacuum across your flooring.

Since they are a vacuum that focus on taking or dealing with pet or hair in your flooring, their brush roll is something that you may want to pay attention too as well. To promote better hair taking, Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind use what they called as Triple Action brush roll that lifts and loosen then removed unwanted remains in your carpet. They call this brush roll as triple action because unlike many others, there are 3 different bristles here.

When you check on their cleaning head, you will notice that they have different bristles there and each one of them are coded with color, so we can instantly recognize the difference. These bristles are working hand in hand to give the best result and a cleaner flooring afterwards but the unique technology is not stopping here because they also have the Scatter-Free technology to help the vacuum create less mess on hard flooring.

Another feature you will love to see if your house mainly have soft-flooring is the height adjustment because Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind have a knob that you can use to set the cleaning head to be higher or lower, so the vacuum can give a proper performance for the kind of carpet you have. The adjustment have 3 different height from low, medium to high but since it use a knob, you will have to bend down to access it compare to if they use a set of buttons instead.

The one issue that always surface when we are talking about moving brush is whether it can perform as good when it comes to hard flooring. It is a good news that it has scatter free technology but for those who don’t want to use any moving brush for their hard flooring or delicate rugs, there is no option here to deactivate the brush. However, you can use the extended hose that is built-in the vacuum itself if you have to avoid using the moving brush.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind are not only dependable when you need to clean the floor because as it has been mentioned earlier, they have a built in hose in the body that you can use to deal with other areas in your house especially above-floor cleaning because you can’t lift the vacuum or convert it into a handheld or canister vacuum. The hose length is only 8-inch, so you can’t reach higher places but it can be dealt with an extension that you can purchase separately.

These two are bagless vacuum and can take up around 1 liter of dust in their bin, so you don’t have to empty it often. To keep the dust inside and prevent them from being dispensed again into the air, Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind use multi-level filtration in both post and pre motor and what’s good here is they include the Febreze pet odor eliminator to make the air fresher after you vacuuming. Just like many others, you can wash the pre motor while the post is cleaned by tapping only.

As for the Febreze filter, when you first using it, the scent will be much stronger but as you wash the filter, the effectiveness will also reduce, so you will need to repurchase it if you want to always have a good scent after vacuuming. Up until this point, Bissell PowerLifter Pet and Rewind are identical and you can get all the features above in both models. This is because what separate them is not on the cleaning ability but on the convenience.

Just like the name, Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind is coming with an automatic cord rewinding system while the regular is manually rewinded. This is not a prominent feature but can give a better operation since you can spend less effort when dealing with the after cleaning tasks. Just like with many other vacuums, you will get a set of cleaning tools along with the vacuums but Rewind have more multi-tools than the other because it has Dusting brush and flexible crevice tool while the regular model only have crevice tool.

Now, let’s compare Bissell PowerLifter Pet with Rewind. As you may already know, the prominent difference between the two is the fact that Rewind has an automatic cord rewinding feature which in the other is done manually. Another difference is Rewind have shorter cord but has one more multi-tool than the regular PowerLifter Pet.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet vs Rewind

NameBissell PowerLifter PetBissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind
Features- Embedded pet hair and fine debris can be tough to remove from carpets and upholsteryAutomatic cord rewind with a 27-foot power cord offers fast and easy cord storage with the push of a button

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option and you can pick the one that match your need or available in the price point you are willing to pay. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind because it provide more convenience and has one more multi-tool.

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