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Bissell CleanView vs PowerLifter

Vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful and convenient appliances almost all of us have today because they can take care of your floorings and other surfaces free from dust and small particles in an effective way. For those whose houses have lots of carpet flooring, Bissell CleanView Vs PowerLifter are two incredible vacuums to have for their reliable performance but, if you wonder which model to pick, see what they can offer below and check if there are some differences so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Vacuum Cleaner is Very Useful
– What are Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter
– What Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter Look Like
– How are the Performance of Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter
– What else Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter can offer
– How are the Dirt Collection of Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter
– Bissell CleanView Vs PowerLifter

Vacuum Cleaner
If there is one thing most of us hate to do the most in the weekend it must be taking care of the house because after a long working days, what we want is a free time to relax muscle and enjoy whatever entertainment provided or just use them to fill in those lacking sleep. However, as a responsible adults, we still have to do house chores and make sure that our living space is always clean and comfortable to live or doing activities in.

It already sounds tiring but yes, all of us must take the responsibilities and while it might be hard to get used to, the feeling of accomplishment after we done cleaning can be a great motivation to let you spark up those will power. We are sure if people can choose whether to live in a dusty and messy house or to live in a clean and neat place, all of us will choose the latter because clean also means comfortable and we are all for it.

Doing house chores doesn’t have to be your hobby but with the help of various house cleaning tools, these activities can be more fun or at least quick and effective. When talking about house cleaning tools one of the most if not the most necessary tools to have in your house is vacuum cleaner because it is very useful to let your house free from dust or messy small particles that can be anywhere, especially if there are small children or pets in the house.

Compared to in the past when we need to sweep the floors to clean them, a vacuum cleaner will do the process a lot quicker and effective because when dealing with specifically very light and thin dust like powder, a small movement can blow them and it is very frustrating to sweep one area over and over again. With vacuum cleaner, the suction movement will handle those dust and particles with less hassle because they will be trapped in the canister, bag or dust bin thus, we can use less movement to finish the same job.

But, depending on your needs, not all vacuum cleaners will be as useful in the house because some of us may have mostly carpeted floors and some may have mostly hard flooring. Soft flooring need more powerful vacuum and usually we go with an upright model in this situation but for those who also plan to clean various furniture or stairs with the vacuum, a canister model will be more ideal thanks to its flexible and long hose. Read also: Bissell Cleanview Vs Dyson here.

About Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter
If you already making up the mind and want to get a reliable vacuum cleaner to help taking care of the house, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer for there are so many of them out there and it can be time consuming to look into the product one by one. However, if you want to save time, we can see what other people are using because chances they will fit your preferences as well.

Among those many brands that offer vacuum cleaner, we are sure most people are familiar with Bissell because they are very popular and the reason why many people are loving their products are because of the reliable preference and of course affordable price. They might not incorporate highly powerful suction technology like those on the upper market but the fact that they are very much helpful for daily cleaning activity is enough to make us relying on this brand when it comes to house cleaning tools.

They also carry various models and types from the catalogue thus everyone can get the most ideal vacuum for their house but, if yours has quite a lot of soft floorings, Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter will be a very ideal choice to go. Both of them are very similar to each other or let’s say identical but it doesn’t mean that they are the same model because the latter is specifically designed for those pet owners who want to keep their house clean, neat, and fresh.

What’s confusing is that despite being marketed for different users, there are too many similarities between them and even the main action which is claimed to maximize the pet-hair cleanup in your carpet and flooring is also the one we see on CleanView which is meant for general users. Price wise the latter is more expensive but the specifications are like twins, thus, we don’t see any reason to spend more while getting the same performance.

Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter Design
Let’s see the design first and if you are familiar with Bissell upright vacuums, we are sure Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter will remind you of those as well because these two are like a different version of one vacuum cleaner. They do have different design and fashion options especially on the dust bin and on their flexible hose placement. As you can see on the sample picture above, the latter put its hose tip on the cleaning head while the former has it hanging on the back.

Overall they are supporting the same design with quite a bulky body and a thick handlebar with a wide cleaning path measured approximately at 13.5-inch which we like very much. They are equally coming with a flexible hose at the back to help you clean above floor areas. Convenience wise, they are almost at the same weight but somehow the former feels slightly lighter. In addition you will get a set of different accessories inside their boxes.

Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter Suction
An effective and reliable vacuum cleaner will let you move as little as possible but still get the maximum cleaning result and this is what Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter are offering with their cyclonic system which is claimed to keep the debris away from the vacuum’s motor thus, they won’t lose the suction power despite after being used for a while. Power rating side the former is using 12amp compared to 10amp but we are kind of disappointed for the lack of suction level control.

Performance wise, they are working very well to clean floorings and what we like the most from both of them is the brush roll because they will help you comb carpet or soft floorings and help taking those embedded dust more effectively.

Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter Features
Coming to the additional feature side, another thing we love from these upright vacuums is their flexible hose because one of the cons of using this type of vacuum is we cannot utilize them to do above floor cleaning and it lessen their convenience but, with the help of flexible hose which is measured about 8 feet long, Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter are very much useful on any type of surface, be it your carpet floor, sealed hard floor, sofa, bed, stairs, etc.

Since upright vacuums are very popular among people with lots of carpet floorings in their house, these models are also coming with a height adjustment feature that you can access on top of their cleaning head. This adjustment is in the form of rotating knob and they equally have 3 different settings with the lowest used for low pile carpet or hard floors, medium setting for medium pile carpet, and so on.

Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter Dirt Collection
Moving to the dirt collection, they are using the same multi-cyclonic cleaning system and has two levels of filtering inside before and after the motor. However, they have different dirt capacity because the CleanView has a bigger cup that will take about two times the dirt capacity on the latter model. Another difference is this vacuum comes with Easy Empty system so you can dump the dust from the bin easier but you may need more effort when doing the same on the other model.

As for the filter, similar to many other types of double filter system, one of them which is look like a sponge is washable so we should clean them with water and air dry them every once in a while to keep the suction powerful but the other that looks like a paper is not reusable thus, you have to replace it at some point.

Bissell CleanView and PowerLifter are a very useful and reliable vacuums to have and while they are looking like the same model, there are some differences to them as well such as the bigger dust bin and convenient dust bin emptying system which are only available on the CleanView model. Performance wise they are equally reliable but not as those in higher price range and still very powerful for daily cleaning activities.

Bissell CleanView vs PowerLifter

- Innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet to clean more on the initial pass
- Cyclonic System for long lasting, powerful suction. Bag Type : Bagless
- Easy Empty dirt tank, Multi Level Filtration, and washable foam tank filter.
- Cleaning up a home with pets requires some specialized help. Embedded pet hair and fine debris can be tough to remove from carpets and upholstery.
- A perfect combination of powerful suction and a Triple Action Brush Roll maximizes pet-hair cleanup across multiple surfaces.
- On carpet, the different bristle lengths work together to go deeper into carpet fibers, lifting and removing embedded dirt and pet hair.

All in all there is no bad choice between these vacuums yet, if we are to choose, Bissell CleanView is the best choice because it has all the features and power with bigger capacity and convenience emptying system but more importantly it is cheaper.

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