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Bissell Cleanview vs Dirt Devil Endura Max

Clean and neat house is the dream of us all because they are comfortable and relaxing, but it is not without an effort for we have to allocate some time to perform the household chores. But, worry not because we can do them effectively with reliable vacuum cleaner like Bissell Cleanview Vs Dirt Devil Endura Max thanks to their powerful suction and convenient features. If you are also eyeing these vacuums, see what they can offer and pick the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why do you need a Vacuum Cleaner
– Which Vacuum Cleaner to Purchase
– What are Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max
– What Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max Look Like
– How are the Performance of Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max
– What else Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max can offer
– How are the Dirt Collection of Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max
– Bissell CleanView Vs Dirt Devil Endura Max

Vacuum Cleaner

Living on our own place or starting to be independent will make we realize how much work our parents have to do to keep the house clean all the time because now we have to do all of them by ourselves and it is not an easy task to complete. We are sure it is a tiring job to both work on the weekdays and clean the house in the weekend but it is necessary since no one is responsible for our living space but us.

However, if it is done routinely, we also don’t have much things to take care of when it is time to clean out the rooms again and thanks to various cleaning tools or appliances we have today, the process should be much more convenient and quick. Whether you have lots of hard flooring or carpeted floors, one tool that all of us must have in the house is vacuum cleaner and we are sure most of us, if not all already have one since it is a necessity among house cleaning equipment.

A vacuum cleaners is probably the most useful tools have been invented to help people do their daily cleaning tasks because it will cut much time sweeping the floors because small particles tend to be hard to maintain or easily scattered from the sweeping movement. It usually makes the cleaning process takes more time than it should be since we need to come over the same place one more time to take care of the remaining dust which have gotten blown away.

 Bissell Cleanview Dirt Devil Endura Max
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions12.5 x 13.5 x 44 inches13 x 14 x 45 inches
Shipping Weight18.85 pounds16.95 pounds

Vacuum Types

Vacuum cleaners are also available in various types or forms; the most common being upright and canister vacuum with some pros and cons that you may want to consider first before shopping for one. The most traditional upright vacuum cleaner is a very ideal option for anyone whose house has more soft flooring or carpet because they are mostly more powerful and easy to maneuver. On the other hand, canister vacuum shines the most for above floor cleaning and great as well for hard floors.

They often said to be not as powerful as an upright but very convenient for other areas, especially those that we can’t reach with an upright vacuum. Additionally, we have a hybrid model like Bissell Symphony Vac Vs Crosswave All in One. Some of them are capable of providing vacuum function with wet mopping and some can do both vacuum and steam sanitizing process at once which makes them a very convenient tools to have if you want to save some budget and often do few steps of cleaning.

About Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max

After you decide which tools to have, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because we will be diving into the collection of various big companies which most you must already familiar with. Vacuum cleaner in general will be very helpful either you have carpet flooring or hard flooring but not all will be performing the same because chances the more expensive they get, the more powerful its suction is, making them more reliable and mostly will cut the amount of time needed to clean an area.

For those who are looking for a reliable upright vacuums but are still convenient as well, you may want to check what Bissell and Dirt Devil are offering on their catalogue because these brands are very famous when it comes to great quality products but with competitive price range. Many people also loves them because they seem to have the options for all budget or needs thus, customers can pick the model that suit their house the most almost in an instant.

For those with lots of soft or carpet floors, Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max are two of the most ideal models to check out. Both of them are an upright model which is convenient to store and easy to maneuver throughout your floorings and will do a very nice job for a daily cleaning tool as well as convenient enough to take care of other tricky places. They are claimed to have no loss suction system but still, we do recommend to clean the filter once in a while.

These upright vacuums come with all the features we usually found on any vacuum cleaners such as brush and a big dirt compartment as well as some nice additional accessories to let you perform the cleaning process better. They are also suitable for houses with pets because the suction technology will let you take care of those fur or hairs very effectively without clogging the vacuum.

Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max are looking like a close brother but they are not identical because being made by different companies but equally looking very powerful. They are made mainly from hardened plastic and from the weight point, they are not as heavy as they might look like because somehow they manage to stay around 13-15 lbs. without any dust or other particles collected in the dust bin.

They have a wide cleaning path and if you check closely, they also accompanied these vacuums with a rolling brush inside the cleaning head case and this will help moving particles on your floors to the suction path as well as brushing carpet for a better performance. In addition, there is a flexible hose looped on the rear near their handle to let users clean other parts of the house as well such as stairs or upholstery.

Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max Suction

Similar to many other vacuum cleaner which is using an upright system, these models are also using cyclonic technology to keep the suction stable along your cleaning process and they are equally claiming that their own model is going to stay powerful by keeping the dust or particles from the suction path thus, we will have a more reliable and stable power. There is a rolling brush in their cleaning path and it will be very useful especially for soft floorings or those thicker type to comb the surface.

They can reach quite deep into your thick floorings but the suction power does seem not as powerful compared to how they perform on hard floorings yet, we can still rely on them for daily cleaning. Another thing we love from how they perform is how easy it is to maneuver them around the house and the fairly lightweight making them convenient for those who lives in a house with two or more floors.

Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max Features

As an upright vacuum, most models including Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max are not featured with any suction level adjustment but in our opinion they work great for any floorings yet better in hard or thin carpet. The only feature they provide for changing from one area to another such as from hard flooring to a carpet area is height adjustment and in the former vacuum we have 3 different settings while the latter will present you with 4 settings.

Our favorite part of these vacuums is their flexible hose which is measured around 6 feet long and this is very convenient because you can attach power tools or other suitable accessories into the tip and use them to perform above floor cleaning such as on stairs, upholstery, cabinet, and even beds so we don’t need a different canister vacuum to do all the cleaning process.

Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max Dirt Tank

As for the dirt bin, they are capable of carrying lots of dust and small particles and Bissell CleanView and Dirt Devil Endura Max are similarly capable to keep around 2 liters of dirt before you have to empty them, but we do recommend to dispose of them before reaching the full capacity for it will affect the performance. They equally have two filters located before and after the motor in which one of them is like a sponge and washable.


These vacuums are basically the same model from different company because they are coming with the same features and working very effective as well so in our opinion we can go with any model just fine. The small difference is CleanView has slightly shorter flexible hose but it also has a slightly bigger dirt tank but they are not a prominent difference that will affect the whole cleaning performance. What we love from Dirt Devil is its lighter weight for when you need to transfer the unit to another floor.

Bissell Cleanview vs Dirt Devil Endura Max

- Fast and easy cleaning in a lightweight vacuum with powerful suction and innovative brush design that cleans more on the initial pass
- Innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet to clean more on the initial pass
- Cyclonic System for long lasting, powerful suction. Bag Type : Bagless
- TurboBrush tool for stairs, furniture, upholstery, and more
- Clean water capacity - 11 Ounces. NO LOSS OF SUCTION - The Endura filter is equipped for powerful upright vacuum cleaner performance – it’s also easily accessible + rinsable for quick maintenance when you need it
- EASY-EMPTY XL DIRT CUP – Fewer, quicker, and easier trips to the trash, all with the touch of a button
- POWERFUL SPIN4PRO MULTI FLOOR BRUSH ROLL + 4 LEVEL FLOOR HEIGHT ADJUST – This is just fancy for, “You and your floors are going to LOVE this. ”
- QUICK & EASY REACH – Power through dirt and pet hair with a wave of the extension wand for 12 ft. of extra reach - which stores on the vacuum when you’re done


All in all there is no bad choice between them for those we can have in one model is also available on the other vacuum. But, if we are to choose, we will go with Bissell CleanView because this model seems to work better when it comes to carpet performance.

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