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Bissell 3624 vs Rug Doctor

Vacuum cleaner is a useful equipment to have and they are very helpful when it comes to cleaning the dust and dirt in our flooring as well as in different surfaces. However, there are times when embedded dirt can’t be cleaned just with vacuum cleaner and they will need carpet cleaner. Bissell 3624 vs Rug Doctor are two great options to go if you want to clean your flooring better. Go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and pick one with the better capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a Carpet Cleaner
– What are Bissell 3624 and Rug Doctor
– What Bissell 3624 and Rug Doctor Look Like
– What Bissell 3624 and Rug Doctor can offer to you
– Bissell 3624 vs Rug Doctor

Carpet Cleaner
Who doesn’t want to live in a clean house. People are tend to love living in a clean place if they have the option because a clean space not only look more pleasant but also better for our health. When we live alone, we will also have the responsibility to maintain our house and clean them frequently or as needed to make sure there are no piled up dust or dirt in our house. A clean house will be healthier and comfortable to live in.

We usually already have a set of cleaning tool in our equipment room including vacuum cleaner and broom or mop. This is because there are times when vacuum or swiping floor is not going to be enough to clean them properly since there are various type of dirt we may have. The best way to clean embedded dirt is using water and solution combined, thus the dirt can be softened and taken from any surface in our house with a fabric or similar thing to help the process.

If you only have hard flooring in your house, mopping them every two or three days is enough to keep them clean combined with vacuum cleaner. But, if you have soft flooring as well, washing carpet may not in your to do list since they are undeniably tiring to do, moreover, if you already have so many tasks to do or rarely at home due to work. In this case, you may want to own a carpet cleaner with its capability to clean carpet but with less effort.

A carpet cleaner is working in the same manner just like a vacuum cleaner and use in a similar way but they are utilizing water in the operation since we will need them to soften the embedded dirt. Unlike regular vacuum, there will be a container we can filled with water inside and if you need, we can also mix them with cleaning solution. The best benefit of using a carpet cleaner is we can clean anytime we want, quickly.

About Bissell 3624
Since the amount of option is numerous in the market, it is understandable that we can get confused sometime. However, if you want to quicken the process and eliminate the number without going through each one of their specifications, it is better to look for what other people have to recommend. Among those many options, Bissell 3624 can be a good option because this unit has been many people’s favorite in the last several years with their capability and how effective they are in carpet cleaning.

Bissell 3624 Design
Looking at Bissell 3624 from the outside, this carpet cleaner is coming with the same shape and design just like a vacuum cleaner but we can see a clear container mounted on the body to keep the water later. This model have two cleaning heads we can use; the one in the picture is the bigger version and they are as wide as 6 inches with two rows of brittles to help removing the dirt. The unit is mainly made from plastic in black color and weighing around 13 pounds.

Bissell 3624 Features
When looking for vacuum or carpet cleaner, the one we need to check first is the power rating because we want a machine with a high motor power to properly take the dirt from our carpet without needing much effort and just like what you may already know, a carpet cleaner with a higher motor will be able to take the water and dirt from your carpet more effectively. In this part, Bissell 3624 is coming with 5.7 Amps which is big enough for home use.

They are powered with power cord for stable performance along your flooring and this model have a 22 feet long cord along with 5 feet cleaning hose length. With this long extended cable and hose, we can reach even further into hided places such as below a cabinet or under the sofa. For those who are asking a heating technology, unfortunately this model is not coming with heater, thus we may have to wait a little bit longer for the carpet to completely dry.

As it has been mentioned above, Bissell 3624 is coming with two cleaning heads in their package and the one displayed in the picture above is the bigger one while the other is smaller around half the size of this one. The smaller cleaning head is great to take care a smaller places as well like when you want to clean your pet bed or sofas and other narrow places. This model is also coming with a sample size of Bissell cleaning solution called Deep Cleaning Formula. Read also: Bissell 3624 vs 2458 here.

The water tank in this model is around ¾ gallon which is big enough to keep water or mix with the cleaning solution. This big tank is sure beneficial to prolong your cleaning time without the need to go back and forth to replace the water.

About Rug Doctor
Since there are so many other options in the market, it is better to look around first before deciding to purchase a product because we may find a better unit with better capabilities or offered their product in a more affordable price than your first option. If you like what Bissell 3624 can offer to you but need a more powerful power and bigger water compartment to handle wider place, you may want to take a look at Rug Doctor.

Rug Doctor Design
This carpet cleaner is very popular and we are sure most of you already familiar with the name but the one in our article today is one of their bestselling model, Deep Carpet Cleaner. This model is coming in an upright design which we have to move around to operate but they also have a hose extension in case you need to reach or clean above floor. Due to the size, they can be quite heavy around 25 pounds without the water.

Rug Doctor Features
Just like the variant name of the product we choose, this model is boasting its powerful suction which is important in a carpet cleaner if you are looking for the one that are going to take the embedded dirt and stain from your carpet more effectively and leaving the carpet dryer with less water. This model is rated with 11 Amp power and is among the higher models we can get in the market for home use machine.

However, Rug Doctor, especially this model is still not featured with heater capability and we still have to wait for the carpet to dry for a moment since there is no heat to help the drying process. In addition to the high power, they are also featured with a special spray called Super Boost Spray and what this feature do is enhancing the spray power to make sure the embedded dirt in our soft flooring can have the proper power they need to be taken off.

For regular rug which not dirtied by high traffic or in a place where they rarely visited, the regular spray is enough while this special spray better suit high traffic areas where you need an extra effort to clean due to the amount of dirt present. As you can see from the sample picture above, this Rug Doctor model has a big water tank and they can carry 1 gallon of water at maximum. There is carry handle to help user take the tank out for refill.

For those who want to perform above floor cleaning, there is a 7.7 feet hose available. In addition to this small upholstery tool, the main cleaning path is wide enough at 12 inches with a roller brush to help agitate the dirt. This wide width is good so we don’t have to spend much time going back and forth in several pass to properly clean the floor.

Now, let’s compare Bissell 3624 with Rug Doctor. As you may already know, the difference between these two carpet cleaners is mainly on the power rating and how the unit is operated since we can use Rug Doctor like an upright vacuum. This machine is coming with higher power rating, wider cleaning path, bigger water tank and longer hose length.

Bissell 3624 vs Rug Doctor

- Professional Spot Cleaner removes tough spots and stains from carpet, stairs, upholstery and more
- 5 flex hose helps to clean spots and stains in hard to reach areas including stairs, upholstery, and area rugs
- Professional-grade carpet washer removes dirt and stains; simply pull the machine backwards and see immediate results
- Dual Cross Action Brushes scrub with rows of oscillating bristles to hit each fiber from every angle paired with rotating rows that groom and polish

All in all, the decision is all yours because we may have different preferences. However, in our opinion if you don’t have limited budget or looking for an affordable option, Rug Doctor is the better carpet cleaner with a higher capabilities and can clean carpet more effectively than Bissell 3624, thus we can spend less energy to get a cleaner carpet.

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