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Bissell 19404 vs 1940

With steam mops accessible at costs from under 50 USD to 1,500 USD and in arrangements going from a thin to a bulky canister, it tends to be hard to pick the best one for your home. Two significant inquiries to pose to when purchasing a steam mop are: Is it easy to deal with and move and can it truly expel residue and soil from all regions of my home?

Steam mops make it easy to clean and sterilize your hard floors without the requirement for cleansers that can contain dangerous synthetics. Since hard surfaces are permeable, steam cleaning can infiltrate the surface to expel implanted grime.

The warmth from the steam fume slackens the physical bond among soils and the surface you are cleaning, implying that you can expel dirt and dried food spills all the more successfully and without much effort. Furthermore, you can start ditching that awkward mop can.

Picking the best steam mop for you and your home means thinking something other than that. Think about what surfaces you will be mopping, how your house is spread out, and how much time you have for tidying up.

In this article, we would like to present to you our best picks for steam mops, Bissell 19404 and Bissell 1940. Keep on reading and get familiar with what to consider before you purchase another steam mop and how to pick the best steam mop to address your issues.

Bissell 19404 vs 1940

Bissell 19404 and Bissell 1940 are two similar steam mops. They are easy to utilize, powerful, reasonable, and at last, popular steam mops.

They are intended for cleaning hard floor surfaces like tiles, stone, vinyl, and so on. However, they can likewise be utilized for cleaning certified fixed hardwood floors.

Like all other steam mops, one ought to be cautious with steam cleaning wooden floors utilizing these steam mops. Read also: Bissell Cleanview vs Dirt Devil Endura Max

  • Color and Scented Disc 

Bissell 19404 comes with a white body and purple water tank and with barely any progressively purple subtleties while Bissell 1940 comes with a white body and blue water tank and with not many increasingly blue subtleties. Bissell 19404 comes with two Odor Eliminating scent discs while Bissell 1940 comes with two Spring Breeze scented discs. 

Everything else is, for all intents and purposes, the equivalent. The two units highlight two cleaning microfiber cushions: delicate microfiber mop cushion for ordinary cleaning and delicate microfiber mop cushion with scouring strips for intense, stickier wrecks.

Mop cushions are launderable and reusable. Additionally, they highlight a pocket for setting a scented disc.

 Bissell 19404Bissell 1940
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions9.5 x 13 x 43 inches
11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches
Shipping Weight7.25 pounds7.75 pounds
  • Water Tank 

The water tank limit is 16 oz. The utilization of refined or demineralized water is strongly suggested for an appropriate task since faucet water can cause deposits to build up inside the units. 

A few people lean toward the utilization of scented water over the scented discs. Likewise, in spite of the fact that the fragrance of these units is not solid, a few people like to weaken scented water with common refined water.

Such thin’ scented water still leaves crisp aroma of the cleaned floors, yet the fragrance is more vulnerable. This actually relies upon the individual inclinations, so, do as you like.

But, still, whatever you do, remember to completely read the manual or guidelines before the absolute first use. 

  • Carpet Glider 

Steam mops are not the best cleaning assistances for floor coverings. In any case, utilizing carpet glider attachments, they can be utilized for ‘invigorating’ the floor coverings with steam.

Bissell 19404 and 1940 PowerFresh steam mops do not stop as a matter of course with a cover glider. However, whenever required, it very well may be requested later.

You just have to make sure to arrange cover glider for Bissell 19404 and 1940 steam mops. Both are corded units, fueled by means of 23 feet long cord. 

Such a cord gives generally excellent cleaning reach, enabling the client to clean huge territory utilizing single power attachment. The power line is physically folded over line snares.

  • Steam Settings 

The low setting is designed for cleaning fixed hardwood floors. Cleaning of waxed, or unlocked wooden and comparative floors ought to be kept away from it.

Waxed floors can lose their gleam and sparkle while steam can enter the wood through splits and cause the wood to clasp and even spoil. The medium setting is designed for regular cleaning of tiles, marble, stone, and comparative, heat-safe floors. 

The high setting is utilized for cleaning difficult stains and soil from the heat-safe floors with or without the utilization of the ‘Easy Scrubber’. Utilizing the steam mop, it is conceivable to purify the floor since hot steam cleans, yet in addition eliminates microorganisms, infections, and different pathogens while microfiber cleaning cushion evacuates the residue and other dirt off the floor. 

Steam mops are regularly publicized to slaughter 99.9% of microscopic organisms and germs and this is the outcome from lab tests. All things considered, the real outcome can be far superior, if the steam is let to warm and purify the floor for the longer timeframe or if the floors can endure such warming and cooling cycles.

Bissell 19404 vs 1940

- Sanitize floors with the BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, which eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used as directed
- Shine floors while you clean sticky dried-on spots 2X faster than the leading steam mop with the built-in Easy Scrubber or scrubby microfiber mop pad
- Remove tough spots with the built-in flip-down Easy Scrubber. Power Rating : 1500 watts
- Customize your clean with the SmartSet digital variable steam control
- Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; Eliminates 99; 9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
- Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip down easy scrubber
- Choose from high, medium, or low steam based on your cleaning needs with the smart set digital steam control
- Features swivel steering and a 23 foot power cord. Ready to use in 30 seconds

Final Verdict

Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop and Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop are basic, yet adaptable steam mops. They are reasonable units that carry out their responsibility rapidly and proficiently.

Many steam mops can only be utilized on hard floors. However, these extraordinary multitaskers can take it up a score with different attachments and brushes to clean carpets and different surfaces.

They are likewise exceptionally well-known units. They weigh 6 pounds, feature swivel head, flip-down easy scrubber, built-in radiator,  23-foot power line, 12.5 cleaning width, removable water tank with 15 oz tank limit, have three steam settings (low, medium, and high), come with two microfiber mop cushions, and have no channel. 

What is more, they convey a multi-year restricted guarantee. Since there is no mechanical contrast between these Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop models, you can just buy the one with the lower cost or one that comes in the color you like.

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