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Bissell 1650A vs 1650W

There are so many people today living with a pet in their house or apartment. Pet is a lovely creature and may help us with many personal issues but if you have dogs or cats or other animal with furs, then you have to deal with their shedding as well. Bissell 1650A vs 1650W are two good options you can choose if you want to free your house from pet fur effectively and if you are wondering whether they are different or not, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Bissell 1650A and 1650W
– What Bissell 1650A and 1650W Look like
– What Bissell 1650A and 1650W can offer to you
– Bissell 1650A vs 1650W

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner is a must appliance to have when you are start to live alone and need to take care of the house yourself because this is the one that can help you free your house from dirt, debris, and pet fur as well if you own a pet. There are several types of vacuum cleaner available widely in present day and each one of them may able to deliver their best performance in one type of surface over the other due to their characteristics.

If we are talking about the vacuum cleaners that especially created to deal with pet furs or hairs, the most popular type is probably upright vacuum because they are equipped with motorized brush to help you deal with the embedded or stubborn dirt as well as hair or pet fur. However, it doesn’t mean that you can only get motorized brush on upright model because there are several canister vacuum with the feature. Stick vacuums are also commonly coming with motoric brush but is less heavy than the more traditional model.

About Bissell 1650A and 1650W
When we are looking for something, it is good to always make sure they are coming from a trusted brand since well-known name is like a guarantee that you will always get a dependable item from their catalogue. In house care appliance market itself, there are so many manufacturer with good reputation and proven to always offer good products for their customer but not all of them are able to provide you with dependable product in an affordable price and this is why we choose Bissell.

We are sure most of you already know this brand since they have been around for quite some time now and has numerous popular house care appliances mainly to clean the flooring in your house. The brand actually have many good products but Bissell 1650A and 1650W are attracting so much attention due to their similarities with each other which is why some buyers are confused about which model to choose and which vacuum can or have the best features for their need.

Apparently, just like many manufacturers out there, Bissell also offers their products in seemingly different model but is actually not that different and created to be sold at different retailers. Sometime they put an extra something into their package to make it more appealing but sometime we found that the products are actually the same, so it is good to read some of their information before purchasing to avoid paying extra for something you can get at more affordable price.

This is probably the best way to describe the connection between Bissell 1650A and 1650W because even though they seems to be different model, they are actually the same in either of their design, machine inside and how they can perform as well as the type of additional tools they are coming with. Despite the confusion, these two are very popular among users because they are proven to give you a good result especially when dealing with pet hair in your carpet flooring.

Bissell 1650A and 1650W Design
As you can see from the example picture, Bissell 1650A and 1650W are having the same design and if the color option are the same, they will look identical. However, thanks to their decision on separating the color scheme; black and lime for 1650A and purple plus lime for 1650W, we can easily separate these two vacuums apart. As you can expect, they are made mainly from plastic material and are quite lightweight at around 18 pounds, so you should be able to move them around easily.

Bissell 1650A and 1650W Features
As you can expect from an upright vacuum, these two are boasting their motorized brush roll which is very useful when you are dealing with hairs whether it is human hair or pet fur because the company is using their Tangle-Free brush roll on both Bissell 1650A and 1650W. This brush is actually very similar with what you can have in many other vacuums but Bissell change the design a little bit and now the bristles are no longer have tight gap from each line.

The gap between bristles line on these vacuums are wider so they seems to use less bristle to allow better hair removal as opposed to tighter bristle that may also cause tangled hair and harder to remove hair roll. Just like many other vacuum cleaners, we also want to have a vacuum that not only able to give a good technology but also a dependable performance and to allow you get the best result at every cleaning session which why these two use 8.5 amps of power to provide a good suction.

According to many users who are dealing with hairs in their carpet, whether it is from human or their pet like dogs or cat, Bissell 1650A and 1650W are proven to works very well against those problems. Some users even state that they formerly even remove all of their carpet flooring in their house due to their golden retriever but the vacuum easily deal with this problem and keep their carpet clean. Read also: Bissell 9595A vs Hoover UH70120 here.

These vacuums may not cheap but compared to some vacuums that cost almost double, you can save more by choosing either of them without scarifying the performance. Another feature worth mentioning is the ability called Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System which will help the vacuum to separate the hair they took from the dirt. This feature is very important because one of the most hated thing after cleaning the house is emptying the dustbin since some vacuums bin are not good enough to promote easy cleaning.

Thankfully, Bissell thought these vacuum carefully and provide us with the feature that will make the hair taken by the vacuum to clump together creating one big ball of it and since they are clumped together, you will be able to remove them easier as well. There are so many vacuums out there with bottom emptying system and it also what Bissell 1650A and 1650W used, so when you release the door, the hair will fall into the trash bin without needing much help.

When we are talking or choosing a vacuum cleaner, the filtering or the ability to keep the taken dust so they won’t come out again into the air is very important thing to consider since some people may have a condition that may get worse when exposed to dust. However, if you choose Bissell 1650A or 1650W, you don’t have to worry because they are using a fully sealed body system to traps anything solid that they have been taken.

This Smart Seal System becomes even better when combined with another feature called the Febreze pet odor eliminator which is a type of filter they put into the vacuum to eliminate the odor that was caused by your pet so then you can have better pleasing air in your home after vacuuming. To ease you when storing or moving this vacuum from one place to another, the design has carry handle together with cord wrap to make things neater.

We know that each type of surface may need a different height adjustment to make the vacuum able to deliver its full performance and make the flooring effectively cleaned and it is such a good news that Bissell 1650A and 1650W are coming with the adjustment. There is a knob located above the cleaning head and you can rotate it to make the vacuum lower or higher from the floor; of course the low is for hard floor or thin carpet while the higher is for higher pile of carpet.

To optimize the performance, these vacuums not only use one suction side but two at both sides to create direct suction path and maximize the pickup of pet hair and debris. As for the tools, they are coming with soft dusting side, rubber fingers, LED lighted crevice tool, and powered pet brush.

Now, let’s compare Bissell 1650A with 1650W. As it has been mentioned above, both of these vacuums are actually very similar to each other and since the features are the same, the performance they can offer will be the same as well. What separates them is the only fact that 1650W is coming in purple and lime green color scheme instead of black and lime.

Bissell 1650A vs 1650W

NameBissell 1650ABissell 1650W
Features- Patented Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System for a Hands-Free Empty. Cleaning path width: 12 inch.Hose length: 8 feet.Power cord length:30 feet- Engineered for homes with pets - Tangle-free brush roll - Patented cyclonic pet-hair spooling system for a hands-free empty

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good choice if you want to look for a dependable vacuum cleaner that can deal with pet fur or hair very well. However, after considering the price, we will recommend you to get Bissell 1650A instead because it is more affordable.

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