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Bissel Turboclean vs Hoover Powerdash

Everyone tends to have their house clean from dust or unhealthy thing. It is so enjoyable and safe to see your house is clean. Beside that, it is more healthy when you live in a clean place. Many things in your house needs to clean. If you do not clean it simultaneously, it will provide health warning. You did not see it with your eyes because the bacteria, sometimes unseen. Especially, in several things when you always use it. For example, like a carpet. You did not realize that your carpet is full of bacteria. You just lying it all day without ever realize the effect of the bacteria in your carpet. What is the cause of bacteria live in your carpet? You carpet is full of dust, so that’s why, it will be dangerous, especially for your respiratory system.

So, you need to clean it as soon as possible. But how to clean it? You can not clean it by using your bare hand. Beside that, it is too dirty, it will take longer while using technology, it will waste your time just to clean the dust in your carpet. You can use a thing called vacuum cleaner to help you clean your lovely carpet, from the dust of course. With so many varieties of vacuum cleaners available, you need to consider which better vacuum cleaner that will help you to clean your carpet.

You can not choose without considering it first. From so many vacuum cleaners, I will give you two options for cleaning your carpet. First one is Bissell Turboclean. It is a vacuum cleaner made by Bissell. With high reputation of Bissell. You can consider this item. Not only Bissell, Hoover is also vacuum cleaner brand with having one of the best reputation in the world.

Hoover has Hoover PowerDash as a close competitor to Bissell Turbocean. For further explanation about those products will be listed below. Take a note and consider which vacuum cleaner is better for you and it will help you solve you and your carpet’s problem based on their features and specifications.

We will start with the vacuum’s size and weight. You need to consider your vacuum cleaner’s weight, because you need to use it to clean every side of a thing or object, in this case, you carpet. If your vacuum is so heavy, it will take a long time with extra energy to move to every side of your carpet, especially if your carpet is so big and square. See also: Bissell Symphony vs Powerfresh.

So, you can consider lighter version of vacuum cleaner for the mobility of it. Bissell Turboclean is full-sized vacuum cleaner with the lightest weight. Bissell Turboclean’s weight is only about 12 pounds. That’s pretty light for a vacuum cleaner. Hoover Powerdays’s weight is only 0.5 pounds heavier than its competitor. The size of Bissell Turboclean and Hoover Powerdash is not too different.

The dimension of Bissell Turbocan is 17.8 inc. (depth), 45 inc. (height) and 9.8 for width while Hoover Powerdash is slightly smaller than Bissell. The dimension size of Hoover Powerdash from depth, height and width is 15.2 x 43.5 x 10.1 (in inches). From the dimension comparison from these vacuum cleaner, Hoover Powerdash is slightly smaller than Bissell Turbocan.

If you already finish using a vacuum cleaner and try to put it in storage, Hoover is better because its smaller than Bissell. With this weight and dimensions, Hoover Powerdash performs more powerfully. The only downside about the dimensions of this cleaner is that the nozzle is too narrow. It measures 10″ wide, which means more passes before you can finish your cleaning. But then, the enhanced efficiency of Hoover Powerdash means that you don’t need many passes to remove stains, which in the long run provides for cleaning sessions that don’t take a lot of time.

When you try to buy something, the first thing that comes to your mind is all about the features. What featured i will get from buying this thing? So does vacuum cleaner, you need to know the features of the vacuum cleaner. Because it will help you to clean your carpet. With extra feature while the competitor does not have it, that’s a big deal to consider a good vacuum cleaner for you.

We will start with Bissell Turboclean, Bissell Turboclean has 2 tanks system. Hoover PowerDash also has 2 tanks system. What is 2 tanks system? It will separate clean water from the dirty water. It is so dangerous when clean and dirty water is mixed. It will cause a problem with your carpet. It does not help to clean your carpet, instead, it will cause your carpet has another problem you need to deal with. Sometimes, your carpet will be dirty or break the color of your carpet.

It will cause reduce your carpet’s quality. You know the end after those happened. You probably do not want use your carpet anymore. Hoover is better because it’s smaller than Bissell. Both of them have same Cord Length. Bissell Turbocan and Hoover Powerdash have 20 cord length..It is also happened with their Tank capacity when Bissell Turbocan and Hoover Powerdash are 0.5 gallons. Once again, they have slight differences in two aspects.

First, it is about Cleaning path. Bissell Turbocan has 9.5 inches of cleaning path while Hoover Powerdash has 0.5 inches more than Bissell Powerdash. Second, it is the motor power operates for these vacuum cleaner. Hoover Powerdash has powerful motor operates with 7 amps while its competitor only has 4 amps. The most motor’s power of Hoover Powerdash goes into creating the airflow and rotating the beater brush, the suction produced by this cleaner impressive. It doesn’t feature a hose or any other attachment, which helps to keep its suction power at an optimum level all the time.

As a buyer, you must expect your product is running properly, right? But, something comes unexpected for your product but you already paid for the product. That’s why you need a warranty for your product. Of course, you do not want to purchase again to get the same product, especially for a product with high price tag.

In this case, for both Hoover Powerdan and Bissell Turbocan have one year warranty for those products. So, how’s the warranty works? When you already tried either Hoover Powerdash or Bissell Turbocan, but it does not work properly or something missing from the package when it should be there. You can claim it the warranty to the company either it is refund or option to change the old product with a new one.

Here we go, this is the conclusion for both of Bissell Turbocan and Hoover Powerdash, which one is better. If we take a look at the previous explanation above, from the comparison of size and weight. Hoover Powerdash is better because of its size. With that dimension, it is not too hard for you to store Hoover Powerdash into storage and you don’t need to make any extra space in your storage only for the vacuum cleaner.

Okay, that’s for dimension vibe. But, for the mobility, Bissell Turbocan is better because it’s lighter than Hoover Powerdash. You can move your vacuum cleaner to every side of your carpet faster than Hoover Powerdash. From this aspect, Bissell Turbocan is better for the mobility while Hoover Powerdash is better to store after you using it.

We move to the next aspect, the features. If we take closer to the previous explanation, both Bissell Turbocan and Hoover Powerdash have several similarities like core length, the double tank system and the size of vacuum’s tank. But, for other aspects like cleaning path and motor power.

Bissel Turboclean vs Hoover Powerdash

- Buy BISSELL, save pets. BISSELL will donate $10 for each Power Brush Pet purchase, upon activation
- Bissell lightest upright carpet cleaner, at 12 pounds , is easy to maneuver and carry. Tank Capacity 1/2 Gallon. Cleaning Path Width 9.5 Inch
- Great for removing tracked in dirt and stains from Area rugs and entryways. 2 Tank System keeps clean and dirty water separate
- 2X More Cleaning Power than the leading lightweight carpet cleaner
- PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll delivers powerful cleaning with antimicrobial protection
- HeatForce power means faster drying. Clean Water Capacity 0.5 Gallons

Hoover Powerdash has wider cleaning path than Bissell Turbocan. Beside that, Hoover Powerdash’s motor power is higher than Bissell Turbocan with comparison 7 to 4 amps. So, from the features, Hoover Powerdash is slightly better than Bissell Turbocan. But, it does not mean that Bissell Turbocan worse choice. Aside from the motor power range, the differences are not too far.

If you want to choose Bissell Turbocan, especially if you do not mind the less power of it. From those two main aspects, seems like Hoover Powerdash is ahead than Bissell Turbocan. From the several features seem that Hoover Powerdash is better.

For size and weight, Both of them have their own unique thing. Hoover Powerdash is better at storing it into your own storage because the dimension while Bissell Turbocan is better for the mobility, thanks to its lightweight. For the warranty, both of them have a 1 year warranty. So, if you have a problem with you vacuum cleaner, do not worry, be happy. The warranty will save your money from buying another vacuum. But, remember that you cannot claim you warranty if you or your family destroyed it. So, which one is better? Hopefully, it will solve your problem to clean your lovely carpet.

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